In A Good Way Episode 22 Written Preview

The stills are making me really anxious about the future for our OTP! Both Jia En and Liu Chuan are looking pierced in the heart! Regardless of how smooth-sailing their relationship has been, the future has never been concrete for the them and this whole journey that they are going on right now is about setting in place their future. What they are going through right now is a test regarding their relationship. Relationships aren’t just merely about two people. Aside from their feelings for each other, there are number of external and contextual factors that affect their progress. There are some things that have already been set in place and are just waiting for the right time to blossom, just like the treasure that Liu Chuan’s grandfather left behind. Although we don’t know what the treasure may be but one thing for sure is that this will have a definite impact on the OTP’s future, just don’t separate them and my heart will be at ease.

The very first still was found on IAGW‘s FB page and it looks like there will be some man-to-man talk with the guys! That, I look forward to. Maybe that will be Ren Wei taking a few steps forward in moving on from Jia En? I really hope so, but I don’t want to see Ren Wei just stuck in a pot hole of trying to reach for something out of his reach. Ren Wei deserves to be happy as much as any of his friends do. I want to see him smiling happily when he looks at Jia En and not putting on a fake smile filled with pain. He will be able to find his happiness, I’m sure of it!  Continue reading

In A Good Way Episode 22 Video Previews

Recently, I looked back through some of my In A Good Way posts and it is actually quite astonishing to see how far the drama has come since we first encountered it 21 eps. It’s crazy to say the least to witness the growth in each of our characters as they progress one year at a time through their uni life. It was only just 21 eps ago that Liu Chuan and Jia En”s lives got intertwined together. It was only 21 eps ago that Ren Wei saw Jia En nothing more than a friend. It was back in ep 9 that Bai Xue took the first step in confronting her feelings by confessing to Liu Chuan and it was only just a few eps back before that that Ren Wei was frantically trying to pursue Bai Xue. It’s hard to believe that we will have to part with these characters who we have grown so attached to following their every move week after week for almost half a year. During these 21 eps, the development that our characters have taken have been nothing short of great and there will definitely be some extraordinary adventures for us to witness as the drama winds down.  Continue reading

My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 21

With the episode extension, In A Good Way undoubtedly slowed down a bit but it totally picked it up this ep and is leading the way to finish line on the forefront. It is an understatement to say that the writing is incredible because what we have in front of us is a story that has been beautifully crafted with meticulous attention to detail. It has been something that has been well planned from the start and just as well executed. It’s actually quite amazing to think about all the little details that have been present since the start and see what has crafted. The treasure that Liu Chuan’s grandfather left behind for Liu Chuan is not just a treasure for him but the entire gang. The treasure and freedom is waiting at the end but what’s more valuable than that for them is the journey that they go through to search for it. They have been through a lot in this search and they have changed a lot since we met them 20 eps ago. During this time, they have found some lifelong best friends and they got to realise just where they want to head in the future. The journey is probably the greatest treasure of them all. It is invaluable and something that they will only get to experience once. The cost that some have put into this cannot be matched up to anything tangible, and that is entirely what the drama is all about. Continue reading

Witch’s Romance Drops Comedic Long Preview

This year is the year for Korea’s noona-dongsaeng romances. There were quite a lot of noona-dongsaeng romances last year but this year the age gap is growing bigger and bigger, not that there is anything wrong with this. Witch’s Romance is a direct remake of Taiwan’s hit drama My Queen except the age gap is extended here with the leads Uhm Jung Hwa and Park Seo Joon sharing a 19 year difference compared to the 8 year difference that Cheryl Yang and Ethan Ruan shared in MQ. Coincidentally, this 19 year age gap is the same age gap that the noona-dongsaeng leads are sharing in the popular, ratings hit cable drama Secret Love Affair And that has stirred up a lot of talk online. The two are very different dramas. Other than having the similarities of a noona-dongsaeng relationship and being a remake (SLA is a remake of Japanese film Tokyo Tower) the two dramas are completely different from one another. WR is light-hearted whereas SLA holds a much more serious dark tone. But let’s not get into a comparison here. Hehe.  Continue reading

In A Good Way Episode 21 Written Preview

Ep 21 is almost here! And it’s all about the treasure that Liu Chuan’s grandfather left behind for him. It might have been left for him but it is no longer just his treasure to find. Finding and chasing for it is all leading up to freedom for the entire Treasure Hunting Club committee. This is no longer just a task that affects Liu Chuan but it is also something that means a lot to the rest of the club members. I love that the club is very close-knitted and how everyone is pitching in to find this treasure. Their friendship is adorably sweet and it is just so nice to see how they interact with one another. It is something that is very real and something that is portrayed very well in the drama. I’m going to miss this watching this friendship when this is all over. I’ve been saying a lot of parting words today with IAGW when in reality it still has three more weeks left. I must stop and look on the bright side. We’ve got to treasure this while it lasts because IAGW will definitely go down as one of the best idol dramas ever ever ever.  Continue reading

In A Good Way Episode 21 Video Preview

It’s heartbreaking to think that we have less than a month left with In A Good Way but at the same time it is very satisfying to see the characters chasing after their dreams and taking steps towards to freedom. This fight has never been so intense for Liu Chuan. He, who is not just fighting for himself but also for Jia En, is chasing for something that he has been desiring his entire life. Freedom has also been something that has been restricted in his life and it wasn’t until he he met her that he realised just how much he desires it. Furthermore, he finds that his grandfather left him a message of freedom and all this just makes this fight all that much more intense and gives him that passion to really push through with it. But this fight for freedom is not just his fight. It is the entire treasure hunting club’s fight and they are going to fight until the very end together because that’s the meaning of friendship.  Continue reading

My Opinion on Cruel City (AKA Heartless City)

This was one cruel cruel cruel and heartless city indeed! Every ep of Cruel City (AKA Heartless City) was deliciously intriguing, filled with noir and above all else it was filled with lots and lots of intensity. I started this and then I left it on halt for a while before resuming it and essentially marathoning through the remaining eps. Despite all the stops and starts that I had with the drama, every time I resumed it there was always something about the drama that kept me wanting to stick around. Everything in the drama worked perfectly well together, though most credit would have to go to the sensational writing. This was a really well-written drama and best of all was the consistency from it. I loved the pacing of it; it was fast paced but very consistent from the start right through to the end. CC went above and beyond my expectations delivering a drama that was just so damn good. Continue reading

Hot Favourite G.E.M Tang Comes Runner-up on I Am A Singer

It comes to no one’s surprise that hot favourite G.E.M Tang would come out on top after having managed to remain as a front runner for the entirety of the professional singing competition I Am A Singer. In fact, she managed to bag home the most first and second place-getters during competition’s run, scoring a total of. She might not come out as the winner but she came marginally close scoring 24.95% of the votes while the winner, Han Lei scored 28.31%. But she came out winner in her own rights. She won a lot of fans in the process and more than that, she gained greater recognition for her singing abilities. She bet out a number of seasoned singers and pulled out some spectacular live-performances. Her singing was pitch-perfect and she really knows how to stage mesmerising performances. She didn’t come this far by luck. She puts her everything into each performance and you can really feel that as you watch them. G.E.M is well-deserving of her achievements and I just can’t wait to hear what she has in store next! Continue reading

My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 20

This ep was very much a page out of our day to day lives and how this is captured on-screen is just very cultivating and warm in ways that don’t scream out warmth. In A Good Way is heading down its finally streak and with it being extended to 24 eps, it has undoubtedly paced slower than previously. However, that does not mean that it has dropped in quality or consistency, in fact it has in many ways allowed for a better story to be told. Despite the extension, the drama is definitely not heading down the draggy lane and is making great use of this extra time at hand to further develop the various relationships, though I would like a bit more pace between the shy Xiao Wei and Ri Qi. The current pacing is definitely slower but IAGW is still just as good as what it initially started off as and you just can’t help but continue to love with more with time. This extension means more IAGW warmth and that’s not something that you can say no to. Continue reading

In A Good Way Episode 20 Written Preview

I really believe that every happening has its own reason. Nothing happens without reason and when it does happen, there is something behind it that pushes it to happen. Even if you don’t like what is happening, you can only push through with it because you can only change the future and not the past. It is a matter of taking into your hands and shaping it to be apart of your journey, whatever that may be. Regrets might come but at least you can have the comfort of knowing that it was your decision and no one else’s. Ren Wei might be regretting it not confessing to Jia En but it was a decision that he made which he now has to stick by. He might have regrets regarding but it is a decision that he made with his own hands. If this is where he wants his life you head, he can only look at himself and blame himself for the decision. It only happened because he allowed it to happen and no one can change this but himself.

Liu Chuan’s freedom has been quite limited, his freedom has been tied down by his father’s directions but that is not what he wants. He wants to be free, to have the ability to do what he wants and the ability to live his life his way. This is why he is going to take matters in his own hands and really fight for his freedom. And it was Jia En who has given him the strength for this fight. Liu Chuan is a strong guy but Jia En just makes him stronger and braver. He is not going to give up until he fights for it and fighting for it is what he is going to do.  Continue reading