My Opinion on Fated to Love You (Korean) Episodes 13-20 (Final)

Fated to Love YouAfter what has been quite a long stretch, Fated to Love You finally ended its run. FTLY was a drama that I had high expectations for even before the drama started filming. I immediately perked up to the idea of it since I whole-heartedly enjoyed the original and I haven’t seen a Korean drama of this genre. I had quite high expectations for it since it is a remake of a drama which I really love. It might have been billed as a remake but it is so much more than just a remake. It forged realistic characters and really brought the storylines alive in way that was filled with charisma. While it does not stand out as a stellar or original drama, what I ultimately enjoyed the most about was its ability to establish itself as being more than just a mere remake. Continue reading

Ladies’ Code’s RiSe Succumbs to Sustained Injuries and Passes Away

Ladies' CodeIn more sad news, RiSe passed away this moring at 10:10am (KST) from injuries sustained in the same car accident which took away fellow Ladies’ Code member EunB only days ago. RiSe sustained a severe cranial injury but operation on her had to be halted due her falling blood pressure. She has been in a coma ever since the operation. She fought hard for five days but ultimately, she was unable to fight through her injuries. She passed away with her family and labelmates right beside her until she drew her last breath. She was only 23 years old but passed away way way way too early. Together, with EunB, the two are in a better place and will definitely be able to rest in peace knowing that they have countless fans, friends and family who will forever remember them for the good they have done. Continue reading

K-Ent in Mourning as Ladies’ Code Member EunB Loses Her Life in a Car Accident

Ladies' Code Being a k-pop celebrity might scream fame and glory on the forefront but in order to create that vivid appearance, there comes a lot of planning and behind-the-scenes action that we don’t get to see. While many people assume a nine to five office job, k-pop celebrities live a very hectic and frantic life with numerous jobs and events to attend to. Sadly, earlier today newbie girl group Ladies’ Code was involved in a tragic car accident which took away the life of 22 year old EunB (picture above) and leaving two of her bandmates RiSe and Sojung in a critical condition. The other members Ashley and Zuny and two of the group’s stylists also sustained physical injuries but nothing can compare to the emotional injuries that they will have to face. Unfortunately, the driver of the van also passed away. Continue reading

Smile Wen and Jay Shih Discover Japan as Bai Xue and Ren Wei

Jay Shih and Smile WenIn A Good Way might have ended four months ago but the love shows no sign of dying down. IAGW has made an impact not only in the drama world for being a standout drama but it ultimately has changed the lives of the cast involved, primarily for leads Kristen RenLego Lee, Jay Shih and Smile Wen. Prior to IAGW, people would barely bat an eye upon the mention of their names but now they have become household names. IAGW has really helped to shoot up their careers but more than that, IAGW allowed them to create some everlasting friendships which grows stronger day by day. I absolutely enjoyed IAGW and the ride that I had with it was an amazing one. It has become one of my favourite dramas and my love for it is still very much there. I’ve been paying attention to ever little bit of IAGW news, especially regarding that of the so-called movie which probably won’t be seeing the daylights any time soon. I would have loved to see a more definite conclusion to the open ending but it did wrap up nicely which is one of the best thing that any drama can do. I’m sad that that there won’t be a movie to tie up loose ends but sometimes, I guess it is best to be left open-ended. Continue reading

Aaron Yan and Puff Guo Reunite for Dance MV of No Cut

Aaron Yan Aaron Yan is one workaholic! He has not given himself a break in the last three years, accepting job offer after job offer. It’s been less than a week since the trainwreck Fall in Love with Me concluded, but after 20 so weeks of intense filming, he is charging along with his album promotions as well as undertaking overseas promotions for FILWM.

Over the past three years, Aaron has been working really hard and as a result, he has achieved some pretty ground-breaking career milestones. At the end of 2012, he released his first full album Memorial Day, working as a solo artiste since Fahrenheit‘s disbandment. That achieved an overall positive reception, marking his transition as a solo singer. Last year, he starred in the ratings winner Just You alongside Puff Guo and their chemistry together created a new ship which lots of fans were happy to board. Soon after that, he accepted FILWM starring alongside Puff’s bandmate Tia Li and now, less than a week after that trainwreck of a drama concluded, Aaron is again up and running promoting his second album split into two mini albums titled Drama and Cut. There’s no stopping Aaron because on the 24th of this month, he will be holding his very own ceilidh.

Continue reading

My Opinion on Fall in Love with Me Episodes 14-20 (Final)

Fall in Love with Me See, I thought Fall in Love with Me had already went down to worse but these seven eps proved so otherwise. At least it ended with a happy ending, but the ride was just crazy. Actually “crazy” cannot even describe the amount of makjang absurdity that this drama got itself embroiled with. It was non-stop crazy, with one following on the other. FILWM started out purely as a fan drama to pair up Aaron Yan and Puff Guo after their successful pairing in Just You but Puff had other agendas and so Tia Li ended up taking the role as Aaron’s leading lady. It was just as well because I don’t think that even Puff and Aaron’s cutesy chemistry would have been able to ride through this trainwreck. FILWM was lacking in so many ways but somehow it managed to keep going for 20 eps, 20 long and draggy eps. FILWM was not set out to work and it clearly didn’t and as much as I love Aaron, he just wasn’t enough to sustain this drama. Continue reading

George Hu’s Leading Lady in Upcoming Daily Drama Love Cheque Charge is Yuan Ai Fei

Happiness Voucher The upcoming SETTV dramas are all sounding pretty good and definitely much better than its current line-up. Next cab off the rank to follow the current daily Tie the Knot will be Love Cheque Charge (AKA Happiness Voucher) and all is sounding pretty good except for the official English which I’m just having urks against. It just sounds so disjointed and unbalanced, not to mention that it once again features the lexeme “love”. I’d much rather prefer the alternative title but we get what we get. Anyways, ever since George Hu was confirmed to lead the drama, talks where on whether his leading lady will be his rumoured girlfriend and frequent co-star Annie Chen. At last came the confirmation that it won’t be. Instead, his leading lady will be Yuan Ai Fei, a relative newbie. I’m just glad that his leading lady is not Annie again this time around because their clichéd and overhyped pairing will totally drive the drama into overkill for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love them together and they send lots of sparks onscreen but the air that surrounds them just sends their pairing into overkill sometimes. It’s nice that we’re getting a different kind of air with this pairing. We’ll also get to hear George do some singing since he will be singing the ending theme song for this drama. Continue reading

Say Again Yes I Do (AKA I Do²) Ready to Take Over Fall in Love with Me

Say Again Yes I Do During these past two years, SETTV has been inundated with a really bad Sunday-night drama line-up. All dramas after the popular Miss Rose went down as crazy and illogical. King Flower was actually quite decent and one that I enjoyed but not only was there a ludicrous makeover but also down the track there was a male lead switcheroo and well, that doesn’t quite fit your typical drama format (well, IMO anyways). Then came Love Around which was sane, but oh-so-bland and boring! After that came the trainwreck that was Déjà Vu and then we had the half-way-second-male-lead-switheroo-plus-psychologically-impaired-mess of Fall in Love with Me. These dramas were mess after mess, wreckage after wreckage and crazy after crazy. I’m just hoping that the follow-up drama Say Again Yes I Do (AKA I Do²) does not follow this horrible, horrible fate of its predecessors. Dearest Drama Gods, Can we just have one decent drama that does not head down this atrocious trajectory, pretty please? Continue reading

My Opinion on Fated to Love You (Korean) Episodes 9-12

Fated To Love You Usually when I watch dramas, I go into it without much pre-knowledge except for maybe a few lines of the synopsis. I’m not really one for spoilers because I like being hit with the element of surprise so I usually restrain myself from reading or watching anything too spoiler-y. Maybe it is because I have seen the original but for this current airing of Fated To Love You, I have constantly been stalking forums and the official website for every single update about it. These four eps were intense to say the least. A looooot happened in a four eps and in real time, this all happened in a few mere weeks. Weeks, not months but weeks and when you think about it, the different relationships were bubbled and burnt at an uncontrollably fast pace. It’s the closing of one chapter for the fated story, but this is just the start of a new beginning. It will be fate that draws the OTP together once again because they are just fated and meant to be together. Continue reading

George Hu, Chris Wang, Lego Lee and Lin Yo Wei to Headline Upcoming SETTV Dramas

SETTV I’ve been meaning and wanting to write up this post for quite ever since I read about it but just didn’t have the time to until today. Out of all of the drama networks in Taiwan, SETTV undoubtedly produces the best dramas in terms of quality and ratings, though their dramas are usually hits or misses as evident with the current Sunday drama Fall in Love with Me which has gone beyond crazy and ridiculous. I am just at a lost for words with just how cray-cray it has gone. But it has produced some pretty stellar dramas including the nostalgic hit In A Good Way which only ended three months ago. I am still missing it heaps and waiting for that movie to put a final closure to the opened-ending! SETTV dramas sell on their idols and at their recent press conference, it brought out the four male leads George Hu (Love AroundLove, Now), Chris Wang (Love Family, Love Me Or Leave MeInborn Pair), Lego Lee (In A Good Way) and Lin Yo Wei (Two Fathers) to promote for its upcoming dramas.  Continue reading