Ring Ring Bell Episode 1 Recap

I started on Ring Ring Bell some time ago but I decided to do the recap now. I took interest in this drama after I saw Janine Chang in Sunny Happiness and now in Ring Ring Love.

It starts off in the year 2003 where a young lady has just turned 20. Unfortunately, it is also the year of the CIV pandemic where wearing face masks is the being of a new trend.


The young lady goes on a lift and a young gentleman comes rushing to the lift when the young lady opens the door for him. Suddenly the lift stops working. The young lady is so scared but luckily the young gentleman is there to help get rid of her nerves.


In order to calm her nerves, the young young gentleman tells her that there is no use in crying so it is better to smile. Her draws a big smiley face with buck teeth on her mask. She also draws a big smiley face on his mask. He then tells her to look into his eyes to see her reflection.

The young lady has been rescued out of the lift however, she has fainted because of a lack of oxygen. At that time no one is willing to do CPR because the CIV pandemic has scared their compassion away. However, a gentleman still has the compassion and operate CPR on her. However, it is not all good as it seems…

No one is willing to enter the hospital filled with CIV patients to tell the story to the outside world. A photographer was brave enough to enter the hospital to bring the story to the outside world. Just before he enters the hospital, a mother tells him to give a photograph to her daughter if he sees her. Guess how might this daughter be?


Of course it’s the lady her met at the lift! That also means that this lady has contracted CIV from the man who gave her CPR. She questions the photographer why he is taking photographs at such a crucial time and she tries to stop him from taking pictures of her. He gives her the photo that her mother wanted to see and the complies by allowing him to take pictures of her. (She is still such a cutie with a bob cut!!) He also promises her that he will visit her every day during quarantine.

She has since recovered from the CIV and she returns to the fatal lift building with hopes to find the man who was by her side whilst she was trapped in the lift. She ends up finding him but she also finds out that he has a girlfriend already. 😥

The photographer, Ren Jia Kai, runs an exhibition showcasing his wonderful photographs. He invites the  lady to attend his exhibition.


She, Zheng Xiao Xiang, quickly finds herself in a relationship with the guy who gave her CPR, Wang Ke Jie, – and by quick I mean lightning speed but then again it is dramaland so anything can happen. It is late and Jia Kai thinks that she will not come so he goes outside to see and disappointedly discovers that she has a boyfriend.

He takes her through the exhibition. He was about to tell her his feelings…but he didn’t end up telling her because he knows that she already has a boyfriend. Instead he tells her that he hopes that the wishes made at the hospital will come true, “Live your life happily and happily fall in love.” She responds with “I will. You must do the same. Must live life happily. We both must live happily.” He agrees and says “We both have to live happily.” She thanks him for sticking by his promise by visiting her every day while she was in quarantine. With that, it was their last meeting.


She and Ke Jie continue to date sweetly. Ke Jie sweetly proposes to her after three years of dating during a movie which she gladly accepts. However, that was a very smooth-sailing day for the couple. After Xiao Xiang accepted the propsal, they went out to celebrate with Ke Jie’s senior and his pregnant wife. The senior’s pregnant wife planned to name her daughter Duo Duo as a nickname. On that evening, a  tragic accident occurred to Ke Jie’s senior and his wife. As a result, the senior and his wife died. The baby was born without a mother or father. Ke Jie and Xiao Xiang adopted the baby and started their lives as a family of three.

It’s now 2011 and Xiao Xiang and Ke Jie has held off their marriage because they felt guilty for Ke Jie’s senior and his wife’s death. One evening, Ke Jie said he wanted to break up with Xiao Xiang. Xiao Xiang’s mother told to go and change her name and start anew.

Jia Kai and his wife are at the legal office (I don’t know what it is called! LOL) registering for a divorce while Xiao Xiang is registering for a name change from Zheng Xiao Xiang to Chen Qi Han.

It must be fate because these two meet once again! (Y) Walking out of the legal office, Jia Kai causes Xiao Xiang to lose her new identification card and she causes him to lose his mobile phone. She quickly recognises that he was the man in the life with her in 2003! But she doesn’t want him to recognise her so she just leaves.

Duo Duo (look at her! Isn’t she adorable!? I want to squeeze her cheeks!) wants her Xiao Jie Daddy back so Xiao Xiang tells her that they will go to find her daddy tonight and convince him to come home.


They go to the hotel to search for Ke Jie but Xiao Xiang finds that he left her to get back with his ex-girlfriend. Filled with anger and sadness, she drags Duo Duo away, both of them in tears. There she bumps into Jia Kai once again. Jia Kai treats Duo Duo to some cake and helps to calm down Xiao Xiang.

Duo Duo and her mummy soon leaves the hotel room. Jai Kai went down to “spy” on them and discovers that Xiao Xiang is a strong woman and has thought things over. 🙂


My Opinion

I think that this is going to be quite a drama, but then again which Taiwanese drama isn’t a drama? Ahahaha. I really love the start of the drama but too bad there was a misunderstanding between the two or else they could have been together already. But that’s okay, because we can watch their relationship develop in this drama.

What I didn’t like about this drama was how fast Xiao Xiang and Ke Jie became a couple. I mean, really? They literally became a couple after a few days meeting each other. So unrealistic!

Duo Duo! I love her! She is so cuteeeee and such a good child actor! ❤ Oh, have I mentioned that I am already falling in love with Janine and Peter as a couple together already? ❤

I think this is a  going to be a good drama to watch! Got to keep doing recaps!

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