Ring Ring Bell Episode 2 Recap

Xiao Xiang returns home to her family with Duo Duo. She tells them that she ended up not changing her name. Her mother then asks what happened yesterday when she went to  find Ke Jie. Xiao Xiang refuses to talk about it so they ask Duo Duo instead. Duo Duo tells them what happened yesterday and about the lady in Ke Jie’s hotel room.

The family – it’s a FTLY family! I swear, if one person from the FTLY family is in the drama, then the rest are in it too! – start bashing about Ke Jie and saying how badly he treated Xiao Xiang. Xiao Xiang’s brother and sister-in-law start having a mini argument over the situation before her mother tells them both to shush up and that she will find Ke Jie to have a chat with.


Jia Kai goes to work where we find out that he no longer works as a photographer anymore. He is a boss of a public relations company. He calls his best friend, Ou Wei (FTLY’s family is here!) to work at a photographer for a charity function at his little sister’s kindergarten/pre-school. Ahahhaha, Ou Wei is not going to get paid for this because Jia Kai said he is giving him the opportunity to do some “charity work”.

One of Jai Kai’s senator client who cheated on his wife is featured on the news. The news anchor slips from pretty bad words while on air – how unprofessional is she! And it’s confirmed, the whole FTLY family is here! Jai Kai is pleased with this result because he knows that the attention will be drawn away from his client.

The news anchor is actually Xiao Xiang’s best friend, Zhi Zhi. Zhi Zhi receives a call from Zheng Ma saying that she will tell everyone at the market to call the news department to support her. Zheng Ma then tells Zhi Zhi that Xiao Xiang has been dumped by Ke Jie. Zhi Zhi lets out her anger and frustration by using some pretty bad language which causes her to be demoted.

Zhi Zhi and Xiao Xiang are at the gym when Ke Jie calls Xiao Xiang. He tells Xiao Xiang that he has already called the moving company to move his thinks. Xiao Xiang said that she would help to him to pack his stuff. Zhi Zhi is not happy about her decision and she tells Xiao Xiang to hit on some guys at the gym. Xiao Xiang said that she does not like any of the guys at the gym. Then she sees a familiar face…Jia Kai of course!

She finds him at the swimming pool – WOAHHHH! Peter has such a fit body! Look at his musclessss! She thanks him for comforting her at the hotel last time. She also tells him that she found his found. However, he said that he doesn’t need it. She said that last time he said that there was some very important stuff in there. She insists on giving him back his phone and the two debate on how to give him back his phone.

Xiao Xiang: I got your phone back.

Jia Kai: I don’t need it anymore.

Xiao Xiang: You don’t want it any more? If you think it’s a hassle, I can deliver it to your hotel.

Jia Kai: No need.

Xiao Xiang: It was you last time who said that there was some very important stuff inside. I went to all the trouble to get it back.

Jia Kai: Okay, okay. Then I’ll call express delivery. Give me your address.

Xiao Xiang: Address? No need. We aren’t even that close. Or how about you tell me your hotel room number? I can deliver it to you.

Jia Kai:  No, no, no… I’m not even that close to you. How can I give you my room number?

Xiao Xiang: Why are like this? I’ve already been inside. Forget it. Okay. Forget it… How about this, where will you be tonight? I will deliver it to you.

Jia Kai: Do you deliver to anywhere, not doing a mission?

Xiao Xiang: No, no, no… DHL

Jia Kai: Okay, I’ll be at NO.Z tonight.

Xiao Xiang: Num…where?

Jia Kai: …ber Z

Zhi Zhi: Night club


Jia Kai and Ou Wei meet for drinks. Ou Wei asks Jia Kai why he got a divorce with Kai Li. Jia Kai explains that he asked her and she agreed. It then flashes back to a conversation between Kai Li convincing him to stay. During that conversation, Jia Kai said that he was very disappointed with her. She said that his words really hurt her and she nearly died because of those words. Jia Kai then said “That’s because you did not get my consent before killing my…” Kai Li then forcefully kissed Jia Kai but he pushed her away.

Jia Kai shouts everyone drinks and gets really wasted. Xiao Xiang was reluctant to come to the night club but Zhi Zhi dragged her along. She returns him his phone and they have a conversation together. He tells Xiao Xiang that she should be glad that she broke up with Ke Jie because she is free now. He congratulates her by giving her a kiss. (Awwwww, how cute! He must be really drunk! Ahahahhaa) Xiao Xiang is in shock! ( I would be too!) Ou Wei comes in to lighten the situation and gets slapped – the slapped was meant for the wrong person. Whoops! – and explains that Jia Kai is drunk. (Duh! Who doesn’t know that?) Jia Kia then says that he remembers…

Jia Kai: I remember you now. I remembered we made a promise to live  a good life.

Xiao Xiang: You recollected all of this?

Jia Kai: For better or worse, poor or rich, healthy or unhealthy, I will love you forever.

Xiao Xiang got a little disappointed at this because she thought he remembered the promise they made 7 years ago but she was wrong… Seeing that he is upset, she tells him of the story about a blue bird that her father once told her. She said that when she was little, he father said that everyone has a blue bird that belongs to them. It will never leave you. “So if you accidentally see it, that’s because you suddenly fell down. So you see, your blue bird is here.” Ou Wei just stares and is like what is going on?

They go home in a taxi. Suddenly the song Bo Peep by T-ara comes on and Jia Kai starts dancing along with the music. Ou Wei records this situation down and tells Xiao Xiang that Jia Kai isn’t always as cool as he seems.

They drop Xiao Xiang off but Jia Kai comes running after her calling her baby. He tells her that this isn’t there home. She then tells him to look closely and tells him that she is not Kelly. She tells him that he has to let his emotions out and let himself feel better. He says that he can’t, you have to smile even if you’re not in a good mood for those who love you. Xiao Xiang tells him that no one loves her. Jia Kai then says that someone will fall in love her if she keeps smiling. They hug, Jia Kai said that he would pay anything for a real hug. 🙂 This scene is captured by a lady passing by. (I have a feeling that this lady is going to use it to sabotage her or something…) Ou Wei tries to pry his friend off of her but they get entangled in a group hug.

Ke Jie meet with the Zheng family. He apologises to them for what he did to Xiao Xiang and said that he cannot reconcile with her. He said that he is sorry for not cherishing Xiao Xiang. Ming Xin comes to pick up Ke Jie. Zheng Ma slaps Ke Jie. Zheng Ma says that she will not slap this woman, referring to Ming Xin, because the right to educate her belongs to her parents. Zheng Ma also says that even if she has to break Xiao Xiang’s legs, she will not let her go with Ke Jie. (I hope she stays true to her words)

Today is the kindergarten/preschool charity event but Duo Duo cannot be in the performance because she does not have an outfit. Luckily, Uncle Cake comes to the rescue. He calls Ou Wei to tell him to bring some new costumes. He gives her a pair of angel wings and tells Duo Duo to be an angel/cupid instead of a magician.

All the mothers are saying that it will be their child up on stage. Duo Duo comes out to light the Christmas tree and makes her wish out loud. She wish her mother would stop crying. 🙂 (Duo Duo is so adorablee!) The mothers are jealous when Duo Duo comes out on stage. The lady who captured some pictures of Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang gets annoyed and shows the other mothers that it was Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang hugging. (Seriously, why are these mothers so huffy puffy for? It’s just a hug, nothing else. And I wonder how did she capture such a good picture when she was so far away from them? LOL, dramaland!)

Xiao Xiang went to explain but one of the mothers tripped her over. She got up but she slipped over some punch. Luckily, her prince charming came to her rescue. Her carried her to the bathroom and commanded her to change into the dress or else pay for the mess and commotion that she caused.

Jia Kai transformed her into a princess for the performance. But as one of the little kids said “How can she be a princess without a  prince?” Now this is where the Bo Peep video comes in handy. Xiao Xiang borrowed Ou Wei’s phone and used the video as “blackmail”. Her prince appears and invites her for a dance. He tells her that she needs to be careful not to step on his feet.

After the performance, she apologises for forcing him on stage. He explains to her in a very very very mathematical way that if she spreads her life out, three hours occupies a very some amount of it. He said that she doesn’t have to pay for the mess she caused but she still wondered what she could give him. Hmmm…she tells him that at least she lets out her emotions in a healthy way and implies that she doesn’t lie to herself unlike him. She thanks him for letting her be a princess and letting her be happy before she leaves.

After she leaves, Jia Kai reads Xiao Xiang’s wish. “Duo Duo, mummy’s baby, I’m sorry. Our family got ruined buy mummy really really loves you. I will always protect you. Xiao Xiang mummy will definitely do her best.”


Xiao Xiang is at home packing up Ke Jie’s stuff and reminiscing the times with Ke Jie. The moving company comes and says an address which Xiao Xiang takes note of. She finds the honeymoon money that they had been saving up for. She texts Ke Jie and asks him to meet.

She gets there and waits and waits but Ke Jie never shows up. He is secretly watching her. Eventually he calls Xaio Xiang and tells her that he doesn’t need the money. He raises his hand and stokes her from afar. Xiao Xiang saw Ke Jie and left to chase after him leaving her phone behind.

Ming Xin comes to Ke Jie’s aid. He asks Ming Xin to help kill Xiao Xiang’s love for him. They “kiss” infront of her. She throws the bag of money on the floor but then picks up then money and donates all of it to charity.

She gets on a bus remembering how she and Ke Jie used to ride on the bus together. She falls asleep and when she gets off the bus she is lost. Then she discovered that she is late to pick up Duo Duo. She was about to call the kindergarten/preschool but realised that she lost her phone.


Duo Duo is waiting alone at school and Miss Bean Sprout Teacher cannot get ahold of her or her family members. Duo Duo thinks that both her Xiao Xiang mummy and Xiao Jie daddy has abandoned her so she runs away and climbs a ladder to see her real mummy and daddy in heaven.


My Opinion:

I think that we are being to see more chemistry between Janine and Peter. We all know that Ke Jie left Xiao Xiang for a reason. Hmmmm… I wonder what that reason is. I know that he doesn’t want to leave her but he must have a very good reason for doing so. Xiao Xiang is a strong character, however, she has a very weak spot for love. And Duo Duo! I just can’t get enough of her! She is so cuteeeeeee!

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