Ring Ring Bell Episode 3 Recap

Duo Duo is crying as she is climbing up the ladder. As she is about to take another step, her hand slips and she falls. Xiao Xiang finally got in contact with Miss Bean Sprout Teacher and she is informed that Duo Duo is missing.

Xiao Xiang is waving frantically for a taxi. She spots Jia Kai and jumps into his car. Jai Kai is confused with what is going on. She tells him to take her to the kindergarten/preschool. He asks why and discovers that Duo Duo is missing. He rushes to them to the kindergarten/preschool.

Miss Bean Sprout Teacher, Ren Tian Xin, finds Duo Duo. Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang immediately come rushing over. They bring Duo Duo to the emergency department.

At the hospital, Xiao Xiang is clutching onto Duo Duo’s angel wings and magic wand waiting to hear that Duo Duo is alright. Tian Xin informs her that she contacted her family and Ke Jie.

Ke Jie come rushing into the hospital with a stern face and Ming Xin rushing behind. He is pressuring Xiao Xiang asking her why she didn’t come to pick Duo Duo up. She tells him that she got lost while taking a bus ride. She told him that Duo Duo is emotionally hurt with his departure but he doesn’t care and just says that these are all her excuses to hold on to him. Ming Xin agrees saying that these are just excuses to cling onto Ke Jie.

Xiao Xiang’s family come rushing in. They too blame Xiao Xiang for the accident that occurred. Zheng Ma told Xiao Xiang that she is wasting her time talking to Ke Jie. Ke Jie then says that if Duo Duo is going to be a burden to her, then she should give her to the orphanage. (It’s Duo Duo, it’s a child, it’s a life. How could you say that!?)


Jai Kai stops the tension and tells them that they should be quiet since it is Duo Duo who matters. Just when everyone is blaming and doubting Xiao Xiang’s ability to take care of Duo Duo, Jia Kai tells her that he believes in her, that he believes that she is Duo Duo’s good mummy but she needs to start believing in herself. (Awwww, sweet as!) He then turns to Ke Jie that since he abandoned them, he should keep away from them in the future. Even Xiao Xiang’s brother agrees and said to click ‘like’ by pressing a thumbs up on Jia Kai’s shoulder. (HAHAHAHA, I loved that part. Click ‘like’, so Facebook and 21st century! I would click like too!)

Jia Kai finds Xiao Xiang in the hall and tells her that Duo Duo is not in danger any more. Xiao Xiang wants to go and see Duo Duo but Jia Kai advises her that she should go after Ke Jie leaves.

There Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang talk. She thanks him for helping her before. Xiao Xiang tells him that she blames herself for the accident that happened to Duo Duo’s parents. She said that she doesn’t have the right to be Duo Duo’s mummy but Jia Kai questions her asking who has the right if she doesn’t. She tells of how she and Ke Jie were unprepared to be parents but they became Duo Duo’s parents out of guilt. She even blames herself that maybe she jealous of Ke Jie to leave everything behind so that’s why she forgot to pick up Duo Duo.

Jia Kai flashes back to when he was little and when his father left him and his mother. He remembers the impact that it had on his mother. Jai Kai further ruined his toy car and requested his mother to fix it. Jia Kai then hid himself in a closet. His mother found him and told him that she too would like to escape from everything.

Jia Kai offers some of his confidence to her and tells her to use this confidence to start anew. He tells her to get back up and fly like the blue bird. He also tells her that wounds will heal and he shows her the bite mark that she created has disappeared. He reminds her that to fulfil her wish to protect Duo Duo she must clear her state of mind. It is 7:55pm and he tells her that he will give her 5 minutes to transform from a weak Xiao Xiang mummy to a brave and strong Xiao Xiang mummy. She tells him that she is not Cinderella and cannot just change on the spot. He commands her to close her eyes and relax while she thinks about the time at the night club. She wonders how he could remember the story about the blue bird if he was drunk. Time’s up. He reminds her to smile and she mutters to herself that it is not all that simple.

Zheng Ma is worried sick over Duo Duo. Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang return and Zheng Ma is yelling at Xiao Xiang for causing this accident to happen on Duo Duo. Jia Kai chimes in and stands up for Xiao Xiang saying that Xiao Xiang is giving herself a hard time over this. Zheng Ma is shocked at first but then gets into her weird comedic ways and start asking him whether he liked fruits? Apples? Banana? Guava?Pears? (LOL? That lady is like that in every drama! Hahahaha!) Zheng Ma then asks him about his family which includes a father and a younger sister. She also asks him about his love life and whether he has children. (LOL, she always make the serious situations light-hearted) Xiao Xiang jumps to stop her mother from asking any more questions by asking him to send Miss Bean Sprout Teacher home.

Xiao Xiang overhears Tian Xin praising Jia Kai for the way he spoke to Ke Jie. Here she learns that Tian Xin is his younger sister and remembers that the girl who hugged him 8 years ago was Tian Xin. (Ahhhhhh, so now you know! You should’ve asked 8 years ago!) Xiao Xiang comes out from her hiding spot and tells Tian Xin that Duo Duo won’t be coming to school for the next few days. She also notice the siblings making eye contact with each other.

Duo Duo wakes but she won’t talk 😦

Jia Kai drops his sister off and asks her when she will return home. She says that she will return home when aliens land on earth. Tian Xin realises that he only refers to his father as ‘Dean’. (I can only imagine what a broken family relationship they have.) Jia Kai realises that his phone is missing. He uses his sister’s phone to call Xiao Xiang and criticizes her for taking the phone back after she returned it. She tells her that Duo Duo woke up but is not speaking a word.

Xiao Xiang found Zheng Ma at the fruit shop. Zheng Ma calls Jia Kai and asks him whether he will make a large order of fruits. Jia Kai said that he suggested it to some people but Zheng Ma just asks him whether he would like to take an order. She asks him if he would like 30 or 40 boxes. He said he’ll take whatever so Zheng Ma raises the ante by suggesting 50 boxes. He ended up ordering 30 boxes.

Xiao Xiang is ordered to deliver the fruits but little does she know that the person who ordered it is…Jia Kai! Jia Kai’s employees are surprised by the weird behaviour of their boss. Xiao Xiang met Ou Wei while delivering the fruits and realises that this is Jia Kai’s company. Ou Wei gives her a picture that he took of Xiao Xiang, Duo Duo and Jia Kai at the charity event. (They look like a family!) She also learns from that Jia Kai has spent the past few days studying psychological books at a nearby hospital by overhearing Ou Wei and Jia Kai’s conversation.

Jia Kai talks to one of the doctors who helped him through the psychological trauma when he was a young kid to see if he could help Duo Duo.


Xiao Xiang goes to the library and sees Jia Kai studying so immensely so she decides not to disturb him. She sits across and secretly watches him. She writes him a note and soon falls asleep. Jai Kai finished his research and woke up to find a sleeping Xiao Xiang. He went up to her and found the note:

“If the way I sleep is ugly, quickly wake me up. If I’m not snoring, drooling, grinding my teeth, making weird noises or disturbing people, please flip. Where are the wings of my green bird and Dou Dou going to fly to? Regardless of the result, I am sincerely greatful to you. I wish this page…quickly flip over.”

As Jia Kai quickly flip the pages, he finds a bird flapping it’s wings at the bottom of the book. (Awww, cute drawings! If only I could could draw that…) He smiles and then flicks her forehead to wake her up. He asks her how can she sleep in a library and leaves her to pack up.

As they walk, Xiao Xiang asks him if he found anything useful that he can use. He tells her he is not sure because he wants to be as accurate as possible and he hates being inaccurate. To prove how he likes his accuracy to be, he asks her what is the representation of pi (π) and she replys with 3.1416. He says that it is not precise enough and recites it to 26 decimal points. (Seriously, how can he remember that!? He must have a really really good memory) He tells her that even though we do not have a 100 percent answer, it does not mean we do not get closer to the truth. She then wonders what is his head (I wonder too!) He then also tells her that the heart cannot be totally predicted but we can get as close as possible. She repeats what he just said and he wonders whether she is a an echo or a parrot. She declares herself as a learning freak instead. Just at that moment, a car quickly zooms pass. Jia Kai quickly holds Xiao Xiang close to get her out of the way.  (They were so close that their noses touched! I swear, they should have just kissed!) He pinches her nose before he walks off.

Ke Jie gets a call from Tian Xin saying that Duo Duo has been discharged and asks him to visit. Ke Jie tells Ming Xin that he feels guilty about what he did and that it would be better if he left them.


Xiao Xiang tells Miss Bean Sprout Teacher that Duo Duo is not ready to be back at school yet but she tells Xiao Xiang that it was Jia Kai who wanted to see them. She said that Jia Kai has a way to help Duo Duo.  Duo Duo sees Jia Kai climbing up the ladder and starts crying.   Xiao Xiang is frantically telling Jia Kai to get off the ladder. Jia Kai asks Duo Duo what’s up there. Duo Duo doesn’t answer so he continues climbing. Duo Duo eventually tells him that he can’t go up there. He asks why because he just wants to go to where Duo Duo want to go. Duo Duo explains that Zheng Ma said that her biological parents are up in heaven. She wanted to see her real parents because her Xiao Jie daddy doesn’t want her any more and wanted to send her to the orphanage. Xiao Xiang told her that no one is ever going to send her to an orphanage and promises they pinky promise they won’t leave each other.  Duo Duo also promises to not climb up the ladder again and she takes off her angel wings.

Ke Jie who was on the side watching the whole scene was about to leave without saying good bye to Duo Duo but Tian Xin convinced him to. Ke Jie says good0bye to Duo Duo. Duo Duo said that shes hates him. Ke Jie apologises for making her and mummy sad. He asks her if he can come see her again and promises that she will always be his precious daughter. She agrees and promises not to hate him anymore.

Jia Kai covers Xiao Xiang’s eyes and tells her that memory is the most magical spell and to keep this memory well. She thanks him for helping her find her new self and her dearest Duo Duo. He leaves since he has solved the issue but Xiao Xiang comes after him and tells him she want to thank him. He asks her how is she going to repay him. She answers with marry me but we all now she is joking. On the serious note, she invites him to dinner but he declines.

The sentor’s wife held a press conference explaining the affair that he had. The senator requested for Jia Kai to help him resolve this issue immediately. Jia Kai has a speech and offers it to the senator for NT $5 million but the senator hesitates so Jia Kai eventually raised the price up to NT $7 million which the senator reluctantly pays up. After Jia Kai leaves, he opens the speech and finds that it is only a few words long. He gets angry and throws it away. The senator went to sweet-talk with his wife but she wants a divorce. Jia Kai throws from photos of the senator’s wife’s father at her and he is more willing to not have a divorce. As the senator and Jia Kai leaves, Jia Kai charges another NT $5 million for the photos.

Jia Kai returns home and receives a call from his father’s secretary saying his father requested to meet him. Jia Kai declined this by saying that he has a dinner appointment. He microwaved his dinner but got frustrated and couldn’t open it. He remembered Xiao Xiang’s dinner offer and decided to take her up on it. He tells her that he will be over this evening. He hangs up before she can even reply.

Xiao Xiang tells Duo Duo that the “prince” is coming over for dinner. Duo Duo squeals in delight. (I would too!) Duo Duo cleans the house while Xiao Xiang frantically prepares dinner.


Duo Duo dresses up beautifully and tells her mummy that she has to be beautiful too. Xiao Xiang realises that it has been a long time since she had gotten dressed up. Duo Duo finds her a pair of heels that she doesn’t remember having.


The prince comes with a present and is welcomed in by Duo Duo. He compliments Duo Duo saying she is beautiful. Duo Duo asks him why he didn’t say that her mummy was beautiful too. He thinks and then says that she is beautiful.

Jia Kai watch as Xiao Xiang serve food to Duo Duo and reminisces his childhood where he had to eat alone with only servants to accompany him. Xiao Xiang asks why Jia Kai isn’t eating. He said that he only doesn’t eat fake food, toxic food, food made with ill intentions, expired food, and the food that Xiao Xiang makes. Xiao Xiang laughs and says luckily I bought all of these. Jia Kai says the food is really nice and asks her where he can buy them. Xiao Xiang refuses to tell him because the food is made by her of course.

After dinner, Xiao Xiang scoops ice-cream while Duo Duo and Jia Kai open the present. They need scissors but they are in a drawer that Xiao Xiang refuses to let him go to there because there is a photo that he took of her when she was 20.  Jia Kai is curious to know why she is blocking his way. She notices that their distance is close so she let goes of his face afraid he will recognise him. Jia Kai mentions that he always felt something odd about her. Xiao Xiang thought he remembered what happened 8 years ago. Instead, to Xiao Xiang’s relief, he asks about her name. She responds and says that Xiao Xiang is her real until but she was going to change it until she lost her new ID. Jia Kai says that he likes this name better. 🙂

Duo Duo’s present is a fairy floss machine. Duo Duo asks the prince to come over everyday so she can have ice-cream and fairy floss everyday. Jia Kai says that if he comes over everyday, he will become a fat pig.

Xiao Xiang takes out a camera to capture photos. Jia Kai offers to take it and she says that he’d be better at it anyway.

After Duo Duo sleeps, Jia Kai asks how she knew he liked photography. Xiao Xiang was stumbling for an answer but he answers his own question by saying Ou Wei must have told her right? Xiao Xiang answers yes.

Xiao Xiang: Why did’t you continue photography? It’s okay. If you don’t want to talk about it then forget it.

Jia Kai: During the epidemic eight years ago, I did a series of photo about people confronting death and departure. But after that I couldn’t take up the camera anymore. I couldn’t face the image on the camera because it reminded me of the painful painful memories. Except for one girl, a lucky girl who recovered. When I first met that girl it was in an old elevator. By chance we met again at the hospital. It was such an odd fate and I felt something for her, but before I could tell her how I felt a boyfriend suddenly appeared.

Xiao Xiang: Don’t tell me that you had fallen in love with her from the first meeting.

Jia Kai: Maybe, a little bit. She was a carefree girl with a brilliant smile.

Xiao Xiang: *Smiles*

Jia Kai: Ahhh, yes that smile. That smile looks really nice. Let me capture it for you.

Xiao Xiang: Wait, what would you tell that girl if you met her again?

Jia Kai: We made a promise to live a good life.  I haven’t done this, but I hope that she has. I’d ask her if she’s happy and if she’s had a good life.

Xiao Xiang: I have. I have worked hard to live a good life. Thank you for remembering me. Even though I have someone important in my life now, I have never forgotten you.


My Opinion:

Wow, the ending. She actually told him! You go girl! Through the entire episode I thought she wouldn’t tell him but I am glad she actually found the courage to tell him. You two still love each other! I hope that they can actually hit on from this. They belong togetherr!

I found Duo Duo’s scenes really touching. Or maybe it’s just me with crying kids. 😥 They move my heart! Duo Duo, you are so cute! I love how she calls Jia Kai “prince”. It’s really cute!

The scenes that Peter and Janine have a really cute. I really hoped that during the pi scene they would kiss. They were so close! They were about two centimetres from kissing! Arghhh! Can’t wait to see more of them.

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