Ring Ring Bell Episode 4 Recap

Xiao Xiang laughs the situation off by asking him if he thinks that that is what the girl from the lift would say. (Arghhhhh, just admit it. You are the girl!) She tells him that he will probably won’t recognise  her since it’s been 8 years and she would have changed. He agrees and says that she’s probably right he hadn’t really thought much about her since he started talking to Xiao Xiang about this. Just as Jia Kai is about to leave, Xiao Xiang ran up to Jia Kai to give him a hug and says that that is probably what “the girl” would do. He thanks her for the hug. After Jia Kai leaves, she thanks him for giving her the courage and strength to live on.

Jia Kai and his father who is the head of a hospital meet…not for some father-son bonding time but for some serious business. His father asks him if he had been busy because he needed to make a reservation to see him. Jia Kai responds with “Isn’t that our family rule? Before when I wanted to eat with you and mum I had to go through your secretary to make an appointment.”  Getting on business, his father asks him why he threaten Chen Li Wei, the senator, when doesn’t even need the money. Jia Kai doesn’t respond. His father then asks he helped the child. Jia Kai said that a child got injured at Tian Xian’s workplace and he happened to be on site. He father said that he should not have gotten involved and let the lawyers handle this.

Jia Kai didn’t respond and walked out. Before he left he gave more detail about Duo Duo. He also told his father that if he still believed in the four characters on the wall – Patients are family members –  then Duo Duo would have already become his relative. With that, he left.


Zhi Zhi helps Xiao Xiang to prepare for an interview. During the whole time Zhi Zhi keeps cursing Ke Jie. Xiao Xiang tells her not to say that in front of Duo Duo. Xiao Xiang helps to make her cursing nicer by replacing it with the word “meow”. Xiao Xiang goes to her various interviews but she didn’t have much luck closer to finding a job. In one interview, they were only interested in those who had connections. In another interview the interviewer found that she talked too much while he was flirting with another candidate. She cursed and said “meow”.

There are news of Kelly going out with another man on the newspaper. Ou Wei brings the paper and shows Jia Kai. Jia Kai couldn’t care less until Ou Wei tells him that the Dean summoned Kelly to meet him.

The Dean tells her not to take any more pictures of her and her new man. He also told her not to expose their divorce. Jia Kai arrives and tells his father that Kelly is no longer his wife and that he has no control about what she can and cannot do. Kelly tells Jia Kai not to say these words to his father. Jia Kai just let it be and takes Kelly away.

Jia Kai gives Kelly a ride. Kelly requests for a half an hour nap just like the old times. She also finds a pillow in the car which was Jia Kai’s first present to Kelly.


On the way to another interview, Xiao Xiang meets another woman who is searching for the same job as her. They glare at each other and they race up the stairs to get in line first.  he other woman arrived first and she does a victory dance before she realises that there are already a huge line of people staring at her.Xiao Xiang lines up behind her. Xiao Xiang drops some paper. The lady bent down to pick up the paper but she ended up ripping her pants  doing some. Just when everyone laughs at her, Xiao Xiang helps her cover it up and get another pair of pants. The two quickly become friends, and they go out to talk. The woman, tells her that her family is going bankrupt and that’s why she needs a job. Xiao Xiang tells her that she needs a job because because of Duo Duo. Xiao Xiang invites her out to lunch, but they find that they have the same job interview. Both of them rush to the workplace to see who arrives first.


Jia Kai looks at her and remembers Kai Li telling him that since she was the one who started the relationship he can’t be the one to end it. Jia Kai also remembers the first time that they met. Jia Kai was a pianist short for his event. At this time, Kai Li offered to play the piano. As Jia Kai remembered this time, he also had a flashback of his mother playing the piano. After Kai Li played the piano, she requested her pay to be donated to an orphanage. Jia Kai went to visit the orphanage. They see each other and Kai Li forgets about playing the piano. Then they played hide-and-seek with the kids. Jia Kai and Kai Li went to hide together. There Kai Li tells Jia Kai that she likes him. She asks him whether he likes her. He responds with “I would like to start liking you.”

Jia Kai also remembers the time when Kai Li success produced her first movie. He remembered her saying that this was both their work since he helped her with the promotion and the funding of the movie.

Kai Li wakes up and sees Jia Kai staring at the jumbo screen and asks him what music video he was watching. He tells her that he was watching their music video as the images flashed across his head like a music video.

Jia Kai focuses on the screen when he sees her up on screen. Xiao Xiang and her newly found friend are competing in a foot race carrying a bucket of blue water in order to get a job. Xiao Xiang steps on a rock and trips. This also causes her friend to trip spilling blue water all over herself. (Awwwww, poor Xiao Xiang!) Xiao Xiang remembers that words of inspiration that Jia Kai gave her at the hospital so she gets up and continues on the race. Her friend chase and hold her after she trips once again.


Zhi Zhi is covering the news there and is commanded to get an interview from Xiao Xiang and her friend. Zhi Zhi was reluctant to do the interview but her boss threatened her with firing her. Xiao Xiang puts on a brave face and says: “Duo Duo, sorry! Mommy failed again, but in the past someone told me to that no matter what obstacle comes my way not to give up and to never bow my head down to reality, lose my passion for life, or lose the courage to embrace this world. Mommy, was embarrassing and fell down, but Mommy didn’t give up. Even though I’m embarrassed and failed I still didn’t give up. I instead finished the race for those that love me.”

Jia Kai is watching this from the large screen and puts on a smile while Kai Li say how stupid Xiao Xiang acted on the interview. Jai Kai then offers to take Kai Li to work but she declined because she didn’t want any more reports.

Afterwards, Zhi Zhi go to look for Xiao Xiang. At first, Xiao Xiang’s friend was reluctant to let them talk alone but she allowed them to after some hot glares at Zhi Zhi. Zhi Zhi tells Xiao Xiang how sorry she was for betraying her and she should have not listened to the producer. Xiao Xiang said that it’s alright. She said that she didn’t want Zheng Ma to see her own daughter fall so she had to pick herself up and finish the race. Xiao Xiang said that she is just glad that someone got the job.

Jia Kai calls Xiao Xiang and tells her to look up at the sky. She asks why and he said that when you are tired to let the blue bird take you up to the clouds for a rest. He tells her to be a better Xiao Xiang. Xiao Xiang teass him for being so nagy.

Xiao Xiang wanders the streets and tells herself that tomorrow will be a better day. She sees a loving couple and gets jealous. (HAHAHA!) She also sees a sign to the suburb that Ke Jie moved to. She rings the bell but there is no one home. She then starts guessing the passcode to the house. She start guess numbers that are important to Ke Jie. In the end she guess “1028” which is the date she met both Ke Jie and Jia Kai.

She enters and finds unpacked boxes. She also looks in the shoe cabinet glad to see only one pair of slippers. She then imagines him wandering the house. Xiao Xiang then decides to make him suffer. She opens of the boxes and finds a tool box and takes a spanner to do some work on the basin. She also makes some overseas calls. Just as she is about to leave, she is stuck because Jia Kai tries to enter at the same time! (Uh-oh! Uh-oh!) Luckily, some kids passing by kicked a soccer ball towards Jia Kai. He went to retrieve the ball and return it to the kids just in time for Xiao Xiang to make her lucky escape. Jia Kai sees Xiao Xiang from a distance but he does not recognise her.

Jia Kai returns home to find he remote out of place and he blames the housekeeper. When he goes to the bathroom, he gets splashed with water and he blames the housekeeper. (Awwww, poor housekeeper, having to take the blame for Xiao Xiang) He calls his assistant and tells this fire the housekeeper. His assistant tells him that the housekeeper really needs this job. After Jia Kai thinks about how hard Xiao Xiang is looking for a job, he decides to keep the housekeeper.

Xiao Xiang tells Duo Duo the story of Cinderella. Duo Duo takes the picture of her, Xiao Xiang and Jia Kai to help her better understand the story. After Duo Duo has fallen asleep, Xiao Xiang picks up the picture and takes a good look at it.

Xiao Xiang helps her new friend, Zheng Shan, cover her shift. (Awwww, what a nice friend! And how quickly did Zheng Shan find a job?)  Xiao Xiang is exhausted and tired but she tells herself that she must not big up so she can buy Duo Duo some new shoes. (Awww, how thoughtful!)

Ou Wei comes to visit Jia Kai. He said he did some photography for Kai Li and he shows them to Jia Kai. Jia Kai takes a look at them.

Xiao Xiang returns to Jia Kai’s house once again still thinking that it is Ke Jie’s house. (Girl, aren’t you afraid you’ll get caught?)  She tells herself that Ke Jie isn’t part of her life any more. She finds a suitcase, opens it and discovers that it is filled full of baby products. She thinks that Ke Jie left because Ming Xin is pregrant. (Or is she? ) She takes her anger out by jumping on the bed.

Unluckily, Jai Kai returns home. (Uh-oh! What now?) She hears the TV and realises that he is back. She quickly closes herself in the closet to avoid being found. Jai Kai comes in the room to do some push-ups. She peers out of the closet finding herself swooning over those muscular arms. Jai Kai goes to take his shower. Greattt, Xiao Xiang can make her escape now. But no, the door bell rings. Xiao Xiang quickly hides behind a couch while Jia Kai come rushing down with only a towel wrapped around him. (Aha, nice body!) He was about to go back to the bathroom but decides to sit on the couch where Xiao Xiang is coincidentally hiding behind, and watch TV instead.


My Opinion:

Ohhhhh, this episode is building up tension. Every time I see Xiao Xiang sneak into the house I have a feeling that she is going to get caught. Urgh, I feel for her! I love her braveness when she fell but she pushed herself back up. 🙂 So brave.

This episode is quite good. You can really see Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang’s growing love for each other even though they don’t really feel it just of yet. Can’t wait to see how it progresses on!

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