Ring Ring Bell Episode 5 Recap

Xiao Xiang is hiding behind the couch when her phone suddenly rings. (Uh-oh!) Jia Kai goes searching the couch for the ringing when when the housekeeper arrives to search for her missing phone. The housekeeper tells Jia Kai that she will do a better job. Jia Kai leaves to have his shower and Xiao Xiang make her another lucky escape yet. (I can’t believe she doesn’t recognise Jia Kai’s voice! Hmm…)

A medical media press conference is held by the Dean. One of Jia Kai’s uncle expresses he doubt towards the Dean’s program. Jia Kai replies that the Dean doesn’t really care about the people’s health, rather he is using this in the name of power and reputation.

Jia Kai is driving and sees Xiao Xiang holding up a sign in the rain. (Do they really have people holding signs as a job in Taiwan?) Xiao Xaing is weak and tired. She accidentally drops the sign on a passing car. The driver gets out and demands for compensation. Her boss fires her for the incident. Luckily, her saviour arrived on time and used money to whisk the driver away.


Xiao Xiang is weak from the hard work and pouring rain. She collapses into Jia Kai’s arms. Jia Kai takes her home.


Xiao Xiang is all drenched from the rain so Jia Kai tells her to change. Xiao Xiang says that she is weak and cannot move. Jia Kai tells her that he weak personally help her change. Xiao Xiang wearily gets up and waves Jia Kai away so she can change. Jia Kai goes oustide and calls his assistant to cancel his meeting so he can stay with Xiao Xiang. (Awwww, how considerate. Would you do that for me too?)


Jia Kai comes back inside to find Xiao Xiang struggling to button up her blouse. He helps her button her blouse. He stares at her adoringly for some time before noticing how messy her room is. He tells her she needs to improve on her seduction skills and then tells her that his relationship with a woman’s buttons is to unbutton them or button them up. Not before long, she falls asleep on his shoulder.


Jia Kai presumably read her a bedtime story before tucking her in bed. She wakes up wondering why he is asleep by her side. She looks at her feet and realised that her must have changed her socks for her. She then recollects her memory and realised that he fed her medicine and blow-dried her hair before tucking her in bed. She touches Jia Kai’s eyelashes while he is asleep. (There is something about eyelashes… This happened in My Princess too!) Jia Kai then wakes up.


Xiao Xiang wakes up realising that the garbage truck is here and she must take the trash out. Jia Kai commands her to stay in bed while he takes the trash out. He wraps her up as a cocoon to avoid her getting up. He also says what a strange woman she is. (Really, she is strange. Caring about the garbage at this time.) She sends him a thank you text.


Xiao Xiang goes to retrieve her last pay which is just barely half her pay as she has not passed her probation period. On the way home she gets splashed with water so she decides to go to Jia Kai’s house to clean herself up still thinking that this house is Ke Jie’s. She makes herself a really relaxing bath. Suddenly she realised that she forgot her towel…


She walks out of the bathroom naked finding a towel just as Jia Kai returns home… He sees her and she starts screaming. She then runs down to Jia Kai and hugs him remembering that he once told her that one won’t be able to see his sad face if she hugged him.


Kelly comes and sees Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang hugging each other. Meanwhile, there is a photographer taking pictures of the whole scenario. Kai Li runs out of the house with Jia Kai chasing after her. Xiao Xiang then wonders if this house is not Ke Jie’s. (About time you realised that this is Jia Kai’s house all along)


Jia Kai finds Kai Li. He tries to explain the situation to her but she won’t listen and ends up slapping her. Xiao Xiang tries to leave but she can’t because Jia Kai locked her in the house. So she calls her brother. Jia Kai and Kai Li return to find Xiao Xiang’s brother trying to break in. The two men have a fist fight. Kai Li reports this to the police, the police comes and this situation ends up at the police station.


The police officer tries to make sense of the situation. The rest of Xiao Xiang’s family arrives and assumes that Jia Kai kidnapped Xiao Xiang to have sexually contact with her. Xiao Xiang tells Jia Kai to believe her once more and he remembers the time at the hospital. Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang are eventually made to talk by themselves to make sense of the situation.

She finds out that Jia Kai moved houses about a month ago and they must have used the same moving company. She tells him that went to his his thinking it was Ke Jie’s house so she can pull off some pranks. He questions her how he knew the passcode. She tells him that she tried various number combinations that was related to them and finally guess ‘1028’, the date that she contracted CIV from him. He wants more detail but can feel that Xiao Xiang is nervous so he says that it was the date when he first met Kai Li. Jai Kai knows the truth now and can remember Xiao Xiang again! (Yeepee!) Jia Kai ends up not suing her.

After he drops of Kai Li, he goes to do some boxing to comprehend the truth that he just discovered. He tells himself that Xiao Xiang doesn’t have the confidence to tell him that she recognised him long ago. He decides to play along with her and not expose her. He then remembers Xiao Xiang naked and chokes on his own drink.

Zheng Ma takes Xiao Xiang to Jia Kai’s workplace to earn Xiao Xiang a job. Xiao Xiang gets embarrassed because Zheng Ma is doing this during a meeting in front of the other employees. Xiao Xiang then yells at Zheng Ma for embarrassing her.

Jia Kai drags Xiao Xiang out and tells her she shouldn’t have treated her mother that way. She tells him that she doesn’t want his pity and that they should stop seeing each other so she can learn to stand up for herself. With that, Jia Kai leaves.


Jia Kai’s scandal with Xiao Xiang has made headlines. The Dean is removed off the committee. The Dean sends his workers to kidnap Xiao Xiang so they can have a “talk”. The Dean tries to buy off Xiao Xiang with money. He gives her a press statement to read out. Jia kai comes bursting in at this time and tells his father to go and find him if he has a problem and not bully a woman. Xiao Xiang tells the Dean that she would use the money to buy off his insults so he can be more respectful to others. Xiao Xiang chucks the money. She storms out. Jia Kai tells his father off some more before he leaves.

Jia Kai chases after Xiao Xiang and makes an incredible stop. He drags Xiao Xiang into his car. He calms her down and gives her a lift.


At preschool/kindergarten, the kids tease Duo Duo for her mum being of the new headlines. At work, Jia Kai’s clients doesn’t want to sign-up with him because of the recent scandal.

At school, Duo Duo injures a kid after he talked about her mother being on the paper. Xiao Xiang comes and commands Duo Duo to apologise. Duo Duo refuses and runs off.

Duo Duo goes and cross the road without looking. An on-coming car comes… (Just saying, how long did Duo Duo run away for? Must be hours because it’s already night.)


My Opinion:

Finally, Xiao Xiang realises that they house isn’t Ke Jie’s and Jia Kai finds out the truth. He finally recognises Xiao Xiang! Let’s see where the story goes from her on now. 🙂

I found the naked bath scene really unnecessary. Does she really have to do that? It was such a waste of time. But oh well, I’m on the script writers.


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