Ring Ring Bell Episode 6 Recap

Xiao Xiang’s family and Zhi Zhi are having a meeting about Xiao Xiang’s issue. (Clearly, this meeting was held in the afternoon)

Xiao Xiang sees Duo Duo and being the heroine mother she is, she rushes out to save Duo Duo. She didn’t really need to though because the car stop just in time. Duo Duo tells her mother that she hates her because she had her pictures taken and is all over the news.

Back at home, after Zheng Ma has calmed Duo Duo down, she yells at her daughter for getting those picture taken and ruining her reputation. She makes her kneel in front of her father. (Hmmm…I wonder how it is news worthy. It’s not like Jia Kai is a celebrity or anything. Or maybe it is news because of Kai Li.)

Kai Li was interview and she gave her blessing to Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang if they really loved each other. Jai Kai knows that Kai Li is only using this as a promotion form her new drama. Kai Li tells Ou Wei that she said what she said at the interview to mislead people so that no one will like Jai Kai. (That’s quite mean. Jia Kai doesn’t even like her any more. She should just let him be free.) Jai Kai comes and bash out at Kai Li for what she said at the interview all for promotion. He also warns Ou Wei not to fall for Kai Li’s schemes. He also tells Ou Wei that they have a scheming and fake relationship.


Xiao Xiang is putting Duo Duo to sleep. She tells Duo Duo what really happened and that the prince was just protecting Xiao Xiang mummy. Duo Duo then blows on Xiao Xiang’s injured knee. (How thoughtful!)

Xiao Xiang calls Zhi Zhi and asks her whether she should hold a press conference. Zhi Zhi warns her not to. However, she ignores her warning and holds a press conference anyway.

Zhi Zhi goes to Jia Kai’s workplace and tells him that Xiao Xiang is holding a press conference. Jia Kai immediately rushes over to the press conference.

Xiao Xiang starts explaining to the reporters what really happened but the reporters don’t believe her and just rambles on with questions. Xiao Xiamg bravens up and tells about her fairytale. She dances, face away from the audience and starts crying. She tells herself that what she is doing is protecting Jia Kai.


At that time Jia Kai arrives. He watches her from the back telling her story. She tells the reporters that she likes him, except she was rejected by him that day. She turns around and start crying. The reporters call her crazy and an assortment of names. Then Xiao Xiang’s prince comes up and says “Anything can happen. The more impossible they are, the more interesting they are to me. Including falling in love with Zheng Xiao Xiang.” Then he pulls her into a hug and calls her stupid. (Okay, that totally contradicts what Xiao Xiang just told the reporters, and unrealistically, no one questions it. However, it is so cute! *Squeal!*)


Kai Li is angry that her plan backfired. (Aha! That’s what you get for using these schemes!) The Dean wonders what he should do next. Xiao Xiang returns home to a congratuation party. She tries to explain to her family that it is not real but they don’t listen.

It flashes back to after the press conference. Jia Kai pushes her down to a swing and says in the perfect English accent, “Sit and listen.” (Ahahahaha, I love his English! So hot!) He squeezes her cheeks and then says, ” When we fall in love, we cannot give up on love.” She tells him that it is impossible for him to fall in love with her.

Jia Kai: We, who don’t love each other, won’t hurt each other. The people that we thought we were in love with have already left. Isn’t it? We both just ended a relationship and are hurt. We don’t have the energy to fall in love.

Xiao Xiang: That’s why I don’t want to.

Jia Kai: But we can heal each other. Zheng Xiao Xiang, be my companion. We’ll get along very well.

Jia Kai: *He hugs her* Just stay like this in the future.

Xiao Xiang just leaves.

The two are at home and Xiao Xiang wonders whether what he said was real.

Xiao Xiang takes Duo Duo to school and finds a group of mothers protesting to remove them from the school. The mother whose son got injured by Duo Duo pushes Xiao Xiang down. Xiao Xiang goes to take Duo Duo and decides to quit the school as all the mothers are protesting against her.

The prince comes right on time. Knowing that Duo Duo doesn’t want to leave the school, he gives her some very useful public relations communication advice. Duo Duo goes back and says a final good bye to each of her friends. Her friends are moved by this and tell their mothers not to kick Duo Duo out. The mothers agree to let Duo Duo stay.

Tian Xin sees his brother all cute with Xiao Xiang so she pulls him away to have a chat. She asks him whether he still cares for Kai Li. He said that he wants Kai Li leave both legally and from his feelings. He also tells her that his life changed a lot since meeting Xiao Xiang. Tian Xin strongly believes that Kai Li and Jia Kai will reconcile one day.


Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang leaves. Jia Kai holds Xiao Xiang close but she pushes her away. They spot a paparazzi so they hid and he starts taking pictures of her. Jia Kai wants to take her to work but she hesitates until he tells her that he’ll lose clients if she doesn’t come.


He takes her for a makeover. She is transformed from having curly hair to having wavy hair and from an alright wardrobe to having a great wardrobe. Jai Kai is impressed with the change. He takes her to work.

She requests to be dropped off so she can walk to work herself.


He walks behind her. He calls her and tells her to take this as a vacation. Jia Kai leans in close while Xiao Xiang closes her eyes hoping for a kiss. Jia Kai backs out and asks her why she closed her eyes.


Jia Kai convinces more that they should start dating. Xiao Xiang toughens up and agrees to start dating him. They begin dating by a shake of hands. However, Jia Kai isn’t satisfied with that.

He tells her that two people shouldn’t start dating by shaking hands. He pulls her close and kiss for real this time. He walks off saying I am very sure our dates will be very interesting. (OMGGGGG! What a cute way to start dating! Muwahhhh!)


My Opinion:

At first I thought that their relationship would turn out as a forced/contract relationship as with Sunny Happiness. Wow, was I far from that? Their relationship started because they lost their other half so they can be each other’s half. These two are an adorable couple! I love how they are always doing things for the better of the other half. So cuteeeeee! I can’t wait to see the coming eps!

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