Ring Ring Bell Episode 7 Recap

Oh mo! Now that they have started dating, I can hardly wait to see how it progresses. So let see…

Jia Kai introduces Xiao Xiang to work. He calls his colleagues in for a meeting while leaving Xiao Xiang wondering aimlessly with what to do. She goes in the meeting but Jia Kai shoos her away. His colleagues take to MSN to bad mouth Xiao Xiang. Xiao Xiang eventually finds herself a desk.


She takes over one of the employees’ job as the employee needed to go to the bathroom. She receives a very disturbing and threatening phone call from the Senator’s wife. She goes to warn Jia Kai in the middle of a client meeting. Jia Kai couldn’t care less about it.

It is after hours and Xiao Xiang is still at work. The senator’s wife comes in and complains to Jia Kai how horrible her life is and how fake her marriage is. She gets really anger and lets her anger out by slapping Jia Kai and messing up his office and in the process ruins some of his surveys.


Jia Kai leaves angrily and yells at Xiao Xiang to leave. Xiao Xiang calls Zheng ma to tell her that she’ll be working overtime tonight. Jia Kai goes to a bar to drink and he thinks of his mother. He remembers her saying that their happy life will end. Xiao Xiang helps to clean up his office leaving her phone a couch. She sees the ruined surveys and decides to redo them, leaving her phone behind. (Ahhhh, Xiao Xiang, always forgetting her phone.) Jia Kai receives a call from Zheng Ma wondering if Xiao Xiang is really working overtime. He tells her that they aren’t together. He starts to worry so he goes back to the office and finds it all cleaned. He also finds Xiao Xiang’s phone. He sighs and says she is foolish for doing things alone again. He goes out to find Xiao Xiang.


He finds Xiao Xiang is a tunnel handing out surveys. He tells her that he ignored her the whole day so she find her place in the company and build up her own interprsonal relationships. She starts crying and he comforts her by hugging her.  At that moment she freaks out because her heart is beating so quickly and she remembers that she cannot fall in love with Jia Kai. (So…she doesn’t like him yet she is dating him…? Don’t worry, I think you have already fallen for him. It’s just you don’t know it just yet.)

Jia Kai gets a text from Kai Li asking to meet. He takes Xiao Xiang with him. Xiao Xiang accuses Jia Kai for still loving Kai Li and is scared of facing Kai Li that’s why he is bring her. Kai Li tells Jia Kai that she still misses him very much and she needs him. She tries telling Xiao Xiang to leave Jia Kai because she is still very much in love with Jia Kai. Jai Kai tells Kai Li to stop using their memories to keep torturing him. Xiao Xiang begins to let Jia Kai go because she doesn’t want him to have any regrets. He tells Kai Li that he is in a serious relationship with Xiao Xiang.

He leaves upset with Xiao Xiang trailing behind. He pulls her into a hug so she can’t see his upset face. She calls him a fool because she knows that he is upset. He tells her that in his world there is no one as foolish as her who can give out their true feelings.


Xiao Xiang takes action and kisses Jia Kai. He responds and kisses her back. They get themselves into a really heated hot a passionate kiss. Them making out prompted another couple to kiss too.

Back at home Xiao Xiang reminisces the kissing that she had. Duo Duo asks her how was work today. Xiao Xiang tells her she was really nervous. Dou Dou tells her that she was very nervous on the first day of school too. Her buddy, Luo Mi Ou sat next her and didn’t eat carrots so Duo Duo ate them for him instead and they became good friends. Duo Duo shows her a point-exchange card and this gives Xiao Xiang the idea to create her own point-exchange card.

The next day she leaves a card on each of her colleagues’ desk. She disheartens as she hear them call it childish and she watches as they throw it away.


Xiao Xiang finds herself with nothing to do. She finally found something to do – changing a light bulb. She is changing the light bulb when Jia Kai sees and tells her to get down. Jia Kai is recalling Murphy’s Law that if he gets too close to her, she will definitely fall on him. Xiao Xiang is recalling Korean Dramas that if he comes near her, she will definitely fall on him. Her phone rings and she reaches to get it. She wobbles and falls…on Jia Kai’s assistant. The assistant has his up to protect himself, except it is in the wrong place. (Uhhhh… embarrassing much?)

Xiao Xiang pulls Jia Kai out to talk. She wants to clarify if a kiss is just a kiss. He is not buying it. She further explains that he was emotionally hurt yesterday.

Jia Kai finds two interns gossiping about Xiao Xiang. He immediately fires them.


Xiao Xiang returns to the office to find everyone gossiping about her and the fired interns. It turns out that the interns where undercover working for their competitor. They took their proposal and sold it to their competitor. Jia Kai holds an emergency meeting.  The meeting is filled with fire. Meanwhile, Xiao Xiang is waiting anxiously outside when Zeng Shan calls asking her to meet. Zhen Shan takes Xiao Xiang to visit her tug-of-war team. They all adore Xiao Xiang.

Xiao Xiang returns to the office and makes some afternoon snack for them since they have been in the meeting for four hours. When she comes in, one of the female employees start bashing at her telling her that she create this mess. The other employees soon join in. Jia Kai stops the bashing by telling everybody that her fired the interns because they were undercover, regardless if they gossiped or not. He also tells the female employee that she shouldn’t have given such important documents to interns. (So it was her who started this whole mess and Xiao Xiang got blamed for all of this!) As soon as all of this misunderstanding is cleared, everyone accepts Xiao Xiang and they eat her snack that she created.


My Opinion: 

Xiao Xiang and Jia Kai’s relationship is developing like lightning! To me it feels like they haven’t even been together for a week yet! But they are so cute together!

We also get to see more of Xiao Xiang’s character. We are seeing her grow stronger and stronger as Jia Kai helps her. 🙂

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One thought on “Ring Ring Bell Episode 7 Recap

  1. Ajax May 20, 2012 at 7:19 pm Reply

    Who plays Zheng Shan?

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