Ring Ring Bell Episode 8 Recap

The female employee who the meanest to Xiao Xiang feels guilty for what she did. Luckily Xiao Xiang is a very forgiving person and she forgives her. Jai Kai asks Xiao Xiang where she got the apples and she replies that she found them in the fridge. This scares all of the employees. Jai Kai said that it was okay to use because a client gave it. Everyone eats with relief.


Jia Kai is reading through the surveys that Xiao Xiang did (Yes! Xiao Xiang’s hard work did not go to waste) when his assistant comes in and tells him that their opponent, Ao Dou, will not use the model that they were planning to use. Looking through the surveys, Jia Kai realises a new trend. His has an idea on mind that he is not ready to expose yet.

Xiao Xiang has been pressured by the tug-of-war team to meet Jia Kai. Oh, by the way she became the tug-of-war team’s senior because she has such a good love life. He was hesitant to ask Jia Kai but she got the courage to ask him and he agreed to it. They arrive to a bonfire dinner. The tug-of-war team start to called Jia Kai “Senior’s husband.”

The tug-of-war team call for Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang to french kiss. With the help of one of the juniors, they kiss. 🙂 During dinner Jia Kai calls Feng Huang over and draws her a treble clef. He tells her the most important woman in his life gave him the treble clef telling him. The person who gave him the treble clef is actually his mother but Xiao Xiang doesn’t know that. He jumps to conclusion thinking that it must be Kai Li. Zheng Shan also mentions that if they lack the funding to compete overseas and they must lose weight.

On the way home Xiao Xiang thanks Jia Kai for being friends with her friends. Jia Kai said that he doesn’t want to be friends with them, that he has thought of a use for them to create the next wave of profit for the company. (That’s mean! Just using people.) Xiao Xiang recalls the treble clef story. She gets off the car telling him to go find “the woman he loves the most”. She walks off and Jia Kai leaves in the opposite direction.

Jia Kai’s assistant uses Tang Ai Wei’s medical records to blackmail her to not work for Ao Dau. He calls Jia Kai and tells him he had settle the matter.

At the fitness and slimming centre, they present their proposal saying they should use the tug-of-war team instead of Tang Ai Wei as the spokespeople as the world want to see normal people not models. However, the client still insists on using Tang Ai Wei. Jia Kai’s assistant shows a video of Tang Ai wei’s manager saying that Tang Ai Wei has no intentions to make a come back at this time unless it is a charity event. After hearing this, the client decides to use Jia Kai’s proposal.

Jia Kai asks his assistant, Xiao Zhao, how he managed to settle Tang Ai Wei’s manager, he tells him that he got some information through some friends.

Jia Kai interviews the tug-of-war team getting them to be the spokespeople for the fitness and slimming company. Jia Kai plans to post the video online and make it go viral. Xiao Xiang is asked to be the tug-of-war team’s nanny. She refuses and angrily says to Jia Kai that she thought they gave him inspiration and that she didn’t expect him to push them out as targets. Through a video call, the tug-of-war team thanks Jia Kai for making them the spokespeople for the fitness and slimming company because they can help them lose weight and they can earn money to go overseas. After some heavy words from Jia Kai, Xiao Xiang goes to be their nanny.

On her way to the tug-of-war team, she sits down and rethinks. She realises that what Jia Kai is actually helping the tug-of-war team reach their dreams. She also realises that she is agitated by the “woman that Jia Kai loves the most.” She then receives a call from a stranger asking where she is. She tells them exactly where she is. Then some people came and kidnapped her. (So silly, why would you tell a stranger where you are?)

Xiao Zhao is having a hard time with the tug-of-war team – they are making him do arm wrestle! He calls Jia Kai wondering why Xiao Xiang is not here yet. Jia Kai is worried about Xiao Xiang. He calls her but she cant be reached.

He goes to Xiao Xiang’s house hoping to find her there but he had no such luck. Zheng Ma tells him how good at art Xiao Xiang was when she was little. She tells him that her snobbish principal would not let her enter into one of the art competition because she had a smelly market smell on her. (What a mean, mean principal!)

After Jia Kai’s talk with Zheng Ma, he gets a message from the mastermind of this revenge scheme, the senator’s wife. (Why kidnap Xiao Xiang? She is innocent.)


Jia Kai makes his way to rescue Xiao Xiang. The senator’s wife want to personally see Jia Kai delete the photos that he used to blackmail her. Jai Kai tells her that he has already deleted them but she wants to personally see him delete it. So she has Jia Kai tied up as well. Then she releases a bomb and tells him that he has five minutes to reconsider his choice. Xiao Xiang tells Jia Kai to leave but he doesn’t of course.She also tells him that she loves him. Jia Kai unties himself with some broken glass. He quickly unties Xiao Xiang too. With about 45 seconds left on the bomb, they don’t leave. Instead Jia Kai tells Xiao Xiang that he actually recognised who she was. He tells her to hand her life’s future over to him. They flee just before the bomb explodes, barely harmed.


After they are flee, Jia Kai admits to Xiao Xiang that he has already fallen in love with her. He then recites their promis, “We must live well. We must love well. We have to be happy.” With that they kiss and then hug. (Awwww, I loved that moment! I just realised that the title has a blue bird! It coincides with their blue bird story.)

As they are driving home, a car stops in front of them. It is the senator’s wife again, coming to take her unfinished revenge. Jia Kai strongly tells her that he has deleted the photos. The senator’s wife is crazy I tell you! She goes to stab Jia Kai. Being the person that Xiao Xiang is, she pushes Jia Kai out of danger and she ends up getting stabbed instead.

Jia Kai rushes Xiao Xiang to the hospital. Xiao Xiang says her last words before she undergoes surgery. Jia Kai pleads for her not to die.


My Opinion:

Such an unrealistic episode. This will only happen in dramaland. The bomb and stabbing scene was totally unnecessary not to mention unrealistic too. I laughed so hard during the stab scene when I am supposed to be feeling sadness. LOL, But it was such an ending to the episode. Xiao Xiang is not going to die. She is strong and I believe she will survive through all this. She has to. She has Jia Kai, Duo Duo and her family waiting for her.

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