Ring Ring Bell Episode 10 Recap


Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang have some lovey dovey moments to themselves. Jia Kai informs his company that he won’t be going to work for the following two weeks. The tug-of-war team are informed that Xiao Xiang and Jia Kai are getting married. They send the couple a congratulatory video message.

Xiao Xiang finds the suitcase of baby things and reflects on how Kai Li aborted Jia Kai’s child. Jia Kai comes in and packs the suitcase away. He tells her that he will definitely try his best to be a good father. He worries whether Duo Duo will accept him.


Xiao Xiang brings Jia Kai to the market to inform her family that she is getting married. They also find out that Xiao Xiang’s sister-in-law, Yang Wen, is pregnant. Yang Wen introduces Jia Kai to the other stall owners at the market. One of the stall owners give Jia Kai a chicken to wish the couple good luck. The chicken runs away but Jia Kai managed to catch it. (Doesn’t her look hot catching a chicken?)


Jia Kai asks Duo Duo whether she wants to wear the same necklace as her Xiao Xiang mummy. Here, Jia Kai also reveals that his mother gave him his treble clef. He informs Duo Duo that he his going to get married with her mummy. He asks her if he can become her prince daddy. Duo Duo calls prince…daddy. Jia Kai smiles but then realises that Duo Duo was calling out to her Xiao Jie daddy.The four of them go for a stroll. Ke Jie gives Xiao Xiang his blessing. He also talks to Duo Duo and helps her to accept Jia Kai. Ke Jie leaves in tears.


Xiao Xiang’s family plans the wedding. Xiao Xiang goes to retrieve her ring and discovered Jia Kai especially ordered that ring for because of their special certification number. (Awwww, how thoughtful!) Xiao Xiang’s brother and sister-in-law comes in to Jia Kai’s workplace to help them celebrate their engagement. The couple eat a biscuit together. Jia Kai ends up kissing her. Kai Li tells Xiao Zhao to find Ke Jie’s medical records. Tian Xin finally accepts Xiao Xiang.

Zhi Zhi invites Xiao Xiang to try on some wedding dresses. Zhi Zhi offers to pay for Xiao Xiang’s dress. (I want a friend like Zhi Zhi!) Xiao  Xiang gets a call telling to go to the hospital for a follow-up.

You would have never guessed, but her doctor was the Dean. He pulls her out for a talk. He appears to have accepted Xiao Xiang.

Jia Kai goes to Xiao Xiang’s place. He meets Zheng Ba. He tells him that he will care for Xiao Xiang just like he did. It flashes back and Jia Kai tells he father that he is going to marry Xiao Xiang.

Kai Li gets Ke Jie’s medical records. (What good is she going to do?)

The wedding day finally arrives. Xiao Xiang is worried, nervous and scared. Luckily her mother is there to calm her down. 🙂 Thanks Zheng Ma!


My Opinion:

I still feel that this drama is progressing too fast! Everything is happening in such a short amount of time. Kai Li and the Dean are going to be the ones who are going to sabotage their relationship. Why can’t they let them be a happy couple? I really hope to see them get married but I doubt they will in the next episode anyway…

Janine looks especially pretty during weddings. She was pretty during her “wedding” in Sunny Happiness. She looks exceptional in her wedding dress here. 🙂

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