Ring Ring Bell Episode 11 Recap


It’s the wedding. Ke Jie has arrived with Ming Xin. He goes to have a talk with Xiao Xiang. She thanks him for having once been with her for so long. Ke Jie gives her his blessing. Jia Kai sees Kelly and tells her that he hopes that they can become true friends one day. The responds with we will.

The Dean arrives and gives Zheng Ma a harsh talk.

Kai Li goes and talks to Ke Jie. Her words agitates him.

Right before the wedding, the Dean comes in and informs Xiao Xiang that she is infertile because her uterus is severely damaged from the stabbing incident. He tells her to cancel the wedding immediately. Xiao Xiang insists and tells him that she will marry Jia Kai. He tells her that Jia Kai will marry her regardless if she is infertile because he feels responsible. He further tells her that her infertility will become the biggest burden in Jia Kai’s life. He then tells her that if she is going to marry Jia Kai she must keep her infertility a secret from Jia Kai so he can continue his dream of a complete family. (Why are you doing this to her? Don’t you want your son to be someone he loves? Why do you keep trying to separate them? Let them be a happy couple!)


Kelly is sitting there with  a face of a villian while cameras keep flashing at Ke Jie.

At the altar Jia Kai is asked if he is willing to that Xiao Xiang as his wife. He says yes immediately. Xiao Xiang is questioning herself whether she can make Jia Kai happy. Xiao Xiang is asked if she is willing to take Jia Kai as her husband.

Before Xiao Xiang could answer, Ke Jie has an attack – an epileptic attack. The whole wedding is brought to a meltdown.

Afterwards, Ming Xin comes to tell Xiao Xiang what happened. Ke Jie didn’t betray her and Ming Xin was just an excuse to leave her. When Ke Jie had to go for a business trip, he met Ming Xin with her abusive ex-boyfriend hitting her. Ke Jie couldn’t stand seeing this so he got into a heated fight with Ming Xin’s ex-boyfriend. Ke Jie got brain injury because of that fight. As a result, he got epilepsy.


After hearing this Xiao Xiang rushes to the hospital to see Ke Jie. Jia Kai didn’t want her to go. He tells her to put her happiness first but agreed to let her go in the end but to remember that her loves her.


Xiao Xiang arrives at the hospital. She asks Ke Jie what she should do now since she knows the truth. He tells her that she shouldn’t be here because today is the day that belongs to her and Jia Kai. He tries to push her out but she turns around and hugs him. Ke Jie pulls her in for a kiss but she pushes him away because the one she truly loves is Jia Kai. Ke Jie pushes her back to Jia Kai so she can have her happiness and not give him a tinge of hope.


Xiao Xiang realises that she loves Jia Kai so she rushes home to see him. She comes home in a happy mood to a happy Jia Kai. However, Ou Wei ruins her mood when she hears him talk about Jia Kai’s plan for a family. She recalls herself being unable to give Jia Kai the happy family that he wants. Jia Kai thanks her for coming back. With that, she leaves.

Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang goes to meet the Dean begging for one more chance. Xiao Xiang hears the Dean’s pity talk asking her to leave Jia Kai.

Feeling guilt and being unable to provide the family that he desires, she calls the Dean for a meeting. The Dean calls Jia Kai telling him that Xiao Xiang wants to meet with him privately. At the meeting she tells the Dean to use money to buy her off so she can take care of Ke Jie. She is about to take the cheque just as Jia Kai appears in front of her…


My Opinion:

Poor Xiao Xiang. Always thinking of others before herself. What about your own happiness sweetie? If you leave Jia Kai you will only cause him pain. Stay togetherr! You two have to stay together!

Aha! So I was right. They didn’t end up getting married sadly. I really hope the reconcile. Xiao Xiang, you have to tell Jia Kai. You can’t leave him like this. Can’t wait to see how this next progresses.

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