Ring Ring Bell Episode 12 Recap

What more can happen after the unsuccessful wedding? Poor poor Xiao Xiang!.

It turns out that Jai Kai has been listening to the meeting all along. Xiao Xiang leaves with the cheque. Jia Kai says to his father, “Are you happy now? You proved once again that a person’s heart can be bought over. As your son, with your blood running within me do you only want me to learn about despicable and cold-heartedness from you?” before running after Xiao Xiang.


She tells him she needs money, a big sum of money. He says the Xiao Xiang that she knows is not a greedy person and not to use her sympathy to replace love. He then pulls her in for a kiss. She tells him that she got muddled up with why she walked into the church with him. She breaks up with him but he doesn’t want that. He tells her that he will do whatever he can to take care of her and her family. She then asks if that includes Xiao Jie. He then asks her what she took him ask. She replys as a partner, a vacation partner. He slaps her. She thanks him for the good bye kiss and  returns the necklace and ring to him before leaving in tears.


She goes to the seaside where she tears up the cheque. She cries out loud how much she loves and misses him already. Jia Kai goes and drinks and rejects a girl who tries to flirt with him.


Jia Kai’s employees wanted to give him a newly-wed surprise so the decorated the office in a wedding theme. However, considering that Jia Kai didn’t get married, the employees rush to remove everything that would remind him of the wedding. They get news that Jia Kai is about to arrive so they go out to clear the exterior. (Hahaha, I love this scene how the music switches from fun and happy to intense and moody.) Jia Kai arrives and the employees realise that they did not clear out his room. He enters his room and sees a heart with him and Xiao Xiang hanging on the wall. He smashes his cup at it.


Xiao Xiang turns up at work to resign. Jia Kai watches from afar as see leaves. He thinks about the time when they were both trapped. He goes to chase after her. As with all dramas, he misses as she boards the bus.


Xiao Xiang finds Ke Jie and asks him to take her back. She tells him that she has decided to love Jia Kai by leaving him. She also tells him that she cannot be a complete woman but doesn’t give all the details. Ke Jie accepts her and they hug. Jia Kai sees them hugging and even go as far as trying to run them over. (Ahhh, the irrational things that love can make you do.)


He drives Xiao Xiang away. She gets off of his car. He comes running after and kisses her. She pushes him away. He chucks money at her and offers to buy her body. She walks away in tears while he walks away upset. He secretly calls a taxi for her.


Ke Jie leaves Ming Xin and moves back in with Xiao Xiang. It is awkward between them and Ke Jie tells her that he thinks that they need some time to get used to it. Ke Jie drops Duo Duo off at school but Tian Xin is not to happy to see him.

Jia Kai almost fires the tug-of-war team. He vents out his anger by making them run laps.


Tian Xin goes to tell Jia Kai the truth about why Kai Li got an abortion. He does not have much of a reaction to this. Meanwhile, Kai Li is waiting downstairs for Jia Kai. Before she could go and talk to Jia Kai, Xiao Zhao exposes what she did to Ke Jie at the wedding while Jia Kai overhears the whole conversation.


This shocks Jia Kai. He goes up and punches Xiao Zhao and gives Kai Li a lashing. Jia Kai drives off with Kai Li chasing after him. They stop abruptly in the middle of a deserted road. (Seriously, why do they always car races in the lonley roads of Taiwan. Every time I see car races, the road is always deserted.) He yells at her and tells her that he already knew of this secret that Tian Xin had been keeping for her. We find out that the Dean wasn’t the reason why she got an abortion. She got an abortion as soon as she knew the child was going to be unhealthy. She only used the Dean as an excuse in front of Tian Xin. He tells her that he didn’t expose her because it was her darkest kept secret. (Okay, that doesn’t make any sense. You chose not to expose her because you didn’t want to expose her darkest kept secret yet you let Tian Xin feel guilt for hiding this secret.)

Jia Kai leaves and Kai Li cries as she remembers not getting adopted. She remembers as another girl used her to get adopted. (That little girl was such a bitch there. )

Jia Kai vents out his anger by boxing. Xiao Zhao comes to apologise for everything that he did and that he has put his resignation letter on his table. Xiao Zhao did one last good deed before he leaves – he tells Jia Kai the real reason Xiao Xiang left him. He tells him that as he went to steal Ke Jie’s medical records, he saw Xiao Xiang. He got curious and went back the second time to steal Xiao Xiang’s medical records. He tells Jia Kai that Xiao Xiang is infertile. (So you are a human unlike the Dean and Kai Li.)


My Opinion:

Woah, what are a moving episode. I hurt as Xiao Xiang said each and every one of those words to Jia Kai. I can only imagine how much it is hurting her. I can totally feel the emotions that Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang is feeling. Xiao Xiang and Jia Kai better reconcile in the next episode.

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