Ring Ring Bell Episode 13 Recap

Xiao Xiang’s brother and sister-in-law originally wanted to give Xiao Xiang and Jia Kai a holiday voucher for their honeymoon but since they didn’t get married, they tell Xiao Xiang to go with Ke Jie instead. They also show Xiao Xiang a video from Zheng Ma. After watching the video, she decides to go on vacation with Ke Jie.


Upon hearing the news, Jia Kai immediately rush over to Xiao Xiang’s place only to find no one home. He waits there all night.

Morning comes and Jai Kai rush over to the school. He finds Xiao Xiang not there. He also finds out that Xiao Xiang kept her infertility a secret from everyone. Xiao Xiang’s sister-in-law tells Jia Ka that she is on vacation with Ke Jie.


Jia Kai arrives at the vacation centre searching frantically for Xiao Xiang. Xiao Xiang doesn’t seem to be very happy on her vacation. Xiao Xiang and Ke Jie arrives at a fairy floss stand. This reminds her of the time when Jia Kai was making fairy floss at her house with her and Duo Duo. Ke Jie feeds her some of the fairy floss and she says, “Why can’t I taste the sweetness? My life, would I be able to taste the sweetness in it?” Ke Jie excuses himself to go to the bathroom.

Xiao Xiang spots a blue bird kite up in the sky. She follows it. Jia Kai sees Xiao Xiang and follows her.


He follows her into the woods. He calls out her name. She turns around but looses her footing and slips. Jia Kai grabs hold of her hand just in time. He tells her that he knows everything and won’t let go of her again. She tells him that she is very tired and lets of of his hand. She rolls down the hill. Jia Kai comes after her. She tells him, “I found it,” just before she faints.

Jia Kai piggybacks Xiao Xiang to the car with a worried Ke Jie coming up and asking Jia Kai what he did to her. (Will you piggyback me too?) Jia Kai tells Ke Jie that he never believed in 100% happiness and that he will never let go of her. With that he drives Xiao Xiang away.


Xiao Xiang thinks of the blue bird story that her father told her. She wakes and a worried Jia Kai keeps asking her where she is hurt but she just keeps on staring at him. He tells her that he knows everything. She then says: “I, Zheng Xiao Xiang, want to be with you, Ren jia Kai.” He abruptly stops the car so he can confirm what she just said. Jia Kai is injured and Xiao Xiang is wondering where she can find him a painkiller. Being the cheeky guy he is, he tells her that his painkiller is kisses. (Ahahahaa, cheeky!) Ke Jie watches them as they reunite. (I kind of feel sorry for him here)

Ke Jie returns home alone. He informs Yang Wen and Duo Duo that Xiao Xiang and Jia Kai has reunited.


Xiao Xiang and Jia Kai are having a flirty fun time as she patches him up. Uncle Shen comes to visit Jia Kai.


Xiao Xiang goes to visit Feng Huang at her restaurant. She finds the Dean there and discovers that today is his birthday so she leaves. Feng Huang wants to help Xiao Xiang take revenge on the Dean because he bullied Xiao Xiang. She wipes the table and squeezes some of the dirt and grim into the Dean’s soup. She secretly films this so she can post it up on the internet. After everyone leaves, she checks the video and discovers that he didn’t drink the soup. (Awwww, all of her hard work went to waste.)


Duo Duo is playing catchy at school with her friends which she throws the ball outside of the school. She goes out to retrieve the ball and meets the Dean. He tells her to go back inside. She tells him to close his eyes and forget that he ever saw her. (Awwww, this was really really cute!) Duo Duo sees her ball. She goes to get it but she trips. The Dean sees this and immediately gets out of the car to help her. He gives Duo Duo a present to give to Miss Bean Sprout Teacher.


Uncle Shen informs Jia Kai of his worries for the Dean’s medical plans. Xiao Xiang returns and tells Jia Kai that it is the Dean’s birthday today. She asks him if he should be grateful to the Dean because he gave him a life. He tells her that his is a killer. His mother was first on the list for a heart transplant but the Dean chose not to operate on her and gave the heart to another girl.


Xiao Xiang types up a birthday wish email to the Dean on behalf of Jia Kai. Jia Kai sees this and asks why she is doing this. She takes him for a talk. She tells him to stop being angry at his father and to give him another chance. She reminds him that he mother would like to see him to do this.


The Dean is celebrating his very lonely birthday with his housekeeper when one of his opponent’s assistant came to give him a present. The Dean doesn’t even open the present and rejects it. The assistant insists and tells him to open the present first. At that time the Dean gets a birthday wish from Jia Kai. He is over the moon and accepts the present to shoo the assistant away.


Jia Kai comes up to the Dean’s house planning to wish him a happy birthday but he hears the assistant talk on the phone with his boss saying that the Dean accepted the check and is happy to work with them. Upon hearing this, Jia Kai chucks his present on the floor and leaves with an angry face. (Bad timing, really bad timing. If the Dean hadn’t receive that text message at that time, he wouldn’t have accepted the present. If Jai Kai didn’t come at that time, he wouldn’t have heard the assistant talking. Just bad, bad timing.)

Jia Kai comes to the Dean’s press conference and exposes all of his dirty secrets. The Dean admits to all of it.


At the restuarant, Feng Huang finds out some very bad information. She calls Zeng Shan and informs her that something bad is going to happen to the Dean. And something bad did happen to the Dean – he got kidnapped.


My Opinion:

I feel that this episode is a real turning point for the drama but then again, I wonder, how much more can they fit into 7 episodes? They find the Dean, discover the truth about why he didn’t give the heart to his mother, the Dean and Jia Kai reconcile, Xiao Xiang can have babies once again and then the end. I really feel that this episode is leading up to something major for the following weeks. I don’t know how to explain this, but I have a feeling…

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3 thoughts on “Ring Ring Bell Episode 13 Recap

  1. eva April 25, 2013 at 10:37 am Reply

    where do you get this videos with english subtitle??
    give me the link please

    • misscupcakees April 25, 2013 at 2:17 pm Reply

      Ahahaha, I’m not quite sure. Try viki.com! There is a large variety of english subbed shows (:

  2. Dina Arina December 7, 2013 at 3:06 pm Reply

    I love this drama  

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