Ring Ring Bell Episode 9 Recap

Jia Kai apologises to Zheng Ma for not bring back Xiao Xiang safely. Zheng Ma tells that Xiao Xiang is strong and will survive. Xiao Xiang has lost a lot of blood. However, the A blood in the blood bank is not enough. Luckily Jia Kai has the same blood type so he goes and donates. Zheng Ma prays to Xiao Xiang father to protect Xiao Xiang.

Jia Kai goes out to but Zheng Ma some food. Along the way he sees a girl praying for her brother to be well at a fountain. She throws some money in but they miss each time. Jia Kai gives her more coins so she can keep trying. He then prays to God that Xiao Xiang will be well. “Xiao Xiang was sent by you to be an angel that loves me. So please, please, don’t take her away.” He throws in a coin but it misses. He then throws in a whole bunch of coins.


Xiao Xiang miraculously survives. One of the doctors who performed the surgery infromed the Dean that a relative of Xiao Xiang is Jia Kai. Jia Kai informs the senator’s wife that Xiao Xiang has survived. She is relieved of course and comes to apologise to Xiao Xiang. Xiao Xiang tells her that she won’t forgive her unless she forgives herself first.

The senator’s ex-wife, Zhuang Jin Hua, reveals to the public what a bad husband Chen Li Wei has been. She also admits to her wrong-doings by surrendering herself to the police. (She finally got some sense into herself!) Jia Kai also brings some sense into himself as he chooses to lose Chen Li Wei as his client.

Xiao Xiang is discharged from hospital and is brought to live with Jia Kai to recuperate. Ke Jie is also at the hospital with Ming Xin. Ming Xin picks up some medicine. (Is it for her or Ke Jie? Hmmm….)

Tian Xin sees that Xiao Xiang is already moving to live with Jia Kai and is worried for Kai Li. She comes and whisks Jia Kai off to Kai Li’s birthday party. Tian Xin feels that Jia Kai should be with Kai Li.


Jia Kai wants to leave but Tian Xin insists that he wish Kai Li a happy birthday since he is already here. Kai Li pulls Tian Xin over for a talk. She asks Tian Xin what she said to Jia Kai. Tian Xin says that Jia Kai should know of the compromises that she made. Tian Xin also tells Kai Li the progress that Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang are having. After her talk with Tian Xin, Kai Li grows frustrated and gulps down two cups of wine. She then goes and dance with one of her admirers, Steven. As she dances, she flashes back in time when Dean tells her to abort the child because the child will not be a healthy child.

The Dean tells Kai Li to abort the child with Tian Xin over-hearing the entire conversation. Tian Xin gets upset with this and she tells her father that he is unfit to be her father. She also tells him that she hates him. The Dean slaps Tian Xin. Kai Li then tells Tian Xin that she can’t let Jia Kai and Dean become enemies so she will abort the child instead. (She is unfit to be a mother. How can she do that? The child is innocent. It’s a life!)


Back at the party Steven is very perverted. He is touching Kai Li all over the place. Jia Kai and Ou Wei can’t stand this any more so they stand up for Kai Li. Ou Wei punches Steven. Jia Kai speaks up to Steven. He even punches one of Steven’s bodyguard too. Kai Li then pulls Jia Kai in for a kiss but he pushes her. Jia Kai leaves and tells Tian Xin once again that his relationship with Kai Li is over.

Kai Li vents out her anger and sadness to Ou Wei. She asks him to help her forget about Jia Kai. Ou Wei goes in for a kiss and she kisses him back. She then realises what she did and pushes him away. She tells him that she only wants to use him to forget about Jia Kai.

Xiao Xiang wakes and finds Jia Kai playing the piano. Jia Kai proposes to her. She doesn’t reply straight away because she wonders whether he is acting out of guilt. He tells he isn’t acting out of guilt rather he found his other half after nearly losing her. She accepts with tears in her eyes. (I would be bawling out if Peter said that to me! Yes, yes, yes! I will marry you Peter!)


He carrys her princess style to the bedroom. They get close and personal with each other. Xiao Xiang gets nervous with Jia Kai sleeping next to him but she ends up falling asleep.

Kai Li was about to tell Xiao Xiang to let go of Jia Kai but she finds out that Ke Jie left Xiao Xiang because he is sick and does not want to burden her. Kai Li calls someone to investigate Ke Jie.


Jia Kai is patching up Xiao Xiang’s wound. They have an intense flirting with each other before Jia Kai can’t handle it anymore. He leaves for a shower. Xiao Xiang sees Jia Kai’s naked body and she tells him that she thinks that they are even since he saw her naked. (HAHAHAHA, this scene was so hilarious!)


My Opinion:

Woahh! Xiao Xiang and Jia Kai’s relationship is developing so quickly! He has already proposed and this drama is not even half way there yet! I can’t imagine them going out for more than a month yet… I know that there will be more mishaps and misunderstandings in the coming episodes which will interfere with their relationship. I don’t want that to happen but I guess it has to. Let’s see what’s to come.

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