Ring Ring Bell Episode 14 Recap


After hearing the news, Xiao Xiang immediately rush over to the Dean’s house worrying for his safety. She finds him not home and more worry grows within her. Meanwhile, the Dean is bring beaten up by some men. After beaten the Dean up, the men leave him there.


Tian Xin is upset and crying to Jia Kai. She asks him why he is doing that to the Dean. He tells her that it is all his doings. But still, the Dean is their father after all right? She tells him that he is cruel, really cruel and is exactly the same as the Dean. They both do not care about their relatives. She also tells him that what he did to the Dean was no different to what the Dean did to their mother. She cries as she tells him that she hates her father but in the end she doesn’t want to lose him. Just then, Xiao Xiang arrives and tells them that the Dean is in danger. However, Jia Kai tells her not to talk about it any more. He leaves running off. Xiao Xiang tells Tian Xin that the Dean has gotten himself into some trouble. She tells her that she has been to his house but he is not at home. She informs Tian Xin that if the Dean doesn’t come home tomorrow, they will have to make a report to the police.

Tian Xin is sadden by all of this and can hardly concentrate doing her job as a teacher. Duo Duo could see that her Miss Bean Sprout Teacher is unhappy so she went to create a play-dough candle for her. Duo Duo tells her that if she blows out the candle, she can make a wish. Tian Xin cries as she remembers when she was little, the Dean told her that each year on her birthday she will gain an additional candle then God must grant a wish to the person who is having a birthday. After fter having so much candles represents that the person has had a lot of wishes. That means they care becoming old. At that time, she didn’t want her father to turn into a grandfather so she wouldn’t let him wish or blow out the candles. But he still grew old. Duo Duo tells her that she didn’t make a wish that year so she still has one wish to make. Tian Xin cries as she wish to quickly find him. She really wants to see him and then tell him that she really loves him.


Xiao Xiang gets a call from Zeng Shan telling her that they took care of the Dean last night and abandoned him in the mountains near him home. Xiao Xiang is filled with worry. She tells Jia Kai but he tells her that he doesn’t want to know about that person’s things. He kisses her as he leaves for a meeting. Xiao Xiang immediately goes to the mountains in search for the Dean. He finally finds the Dean. She calls Xiao Zhao telling him that she has found the Dean. Xiao Zhao tells her that he is coming with rescuers. The Dean tells her that he never thought the person who would come rescue her would be him. She gives him water to drink and Duo Duo’s biscuits to eat. At the mention of Duo Duo, he recalls the time when he helped Duo Duo to retrieve her ball.

Tian Xin gets a call from Xiao Xiang telling her that she has found the Dean and that she doesn’t have to worry because the Dean is okay. Tian Xin is filled with joy.

The Dean calls Jia Kai telling him that he is fine and that what he did at the media conference was right. He tells him that although he is not a good father, he is proud of him. Jia Kai actually seemed to smile at this call. (Maybe he is slowly forgiving him after all.


Tian Xin takes a picture with Duo Duo and sends it to the Dean. She calls him and says, “Little Bean Sprout daddy, I want to come for dinner.” The Dean is more than happy with hearing this.

Feng Huang failed in her love life once again. Xiao Xiang tells her that there is someone worthy of her out there somewhere. The tug-of-war team jokingly accuses her of stealing all of their luck. She already has Jia Kai and her past fiance, Ke Jie, who both love her.


Jia Kai and Ke Jie both go to pick up Duo Duo. They see each other and race to the school. A battle is on! Jia Kai gets to the school first and closes the door on Ke Jie. Tian Xin expresses what love can make people do. (Yeps, I agree, love can make people do weird things.)He makes Tian Xin block him but Tian Xin disobeys him and opens the door. Duo Duo’s prince daddy gives her a present in order to bribe her. He Ke Jie daddy will let her sit on his shoulders today. Jia Kai ups the ante and tells Duo Duo that he will her for ice-cream. Tian Xin tells Duo Duo that both of her daddies want to take her home and asks her to choose herself. (Hmmm…if only she could go home with both her daddies then everything will be resolved…) Duo Duo accepts her prince daddy’s present. Hearing that, Jia Kai’s face turns from sour to sweet while Ke Jie’s face turns even more sour.


Duo Duo takes a photo with her prince daddy to send to her granny. However, Duo Duo chooses to go home with her Ke Jie daddy. This immediately drowns whatever happy mood he had before. Tian Xin tells her brother that she is going home for dinner and asks him to go. He is surprised by this by tells her not to drag him into this. Tian Xin just tells him that she’ll see him for dinner this Saturday.


Jia Kai calls Xiao Xiang while she is in the middle of looking after the tug-of-war team and tells her to immediately go to 1028, their authentication code, which is his home. She immediately rush over their. Jia Kai is wondering how he should tell Xiao Xiang to make Ke Jie move out. He tells her, hinting that she isn’t very clear with who is in her heart. She doesn’t seem to understand this. Jia Kai explodes and tells her that she is caring for Ke Jie too much. Whoops! He tells her that she heard wrong. Ahahaha! She gives him a kiss and tells him that she likes to see his jealous face before leaving to make food for Duo Duo.


Xiao Xiang, Duo Duo and Ke Jie are having dinner. Xiao Xiang pours herself and Duo Duo some milk. Ke Jie then purs himself a cup of milk but Xiao Xiang remembers that Ke Jie didn’t drink milk when they were together. Ke Jie remembers how Ming Xin made him drink milk because it is healthy for him. Ke Jie shrugs and drinks it any way.

Xiao Xiang’s brother tells Zhi Zhi that after Xiao Xiang and Jia kai reconciled, Ke Jie still continues to live with Xiao Xiang. Zhi Zhi is shocked by this.


Jia Kai oversees Xiao Xiang fixing up Ke Jie’s messy hair. Jia Kai’s jealously kicks in and he calls her and asks her if Ke Jie can’t comb his hair by himself and needs her to do it. She hangs up and goes in her house. Jia Kai goes in to find her and tells that in order to put them at ease, they should go and get registered for marriage. Xiao Xiang declines and tells him that she wants his father’s approval for their marriage.


After Duo Duo has gone to bed, Ke Jie asks Xiao Xiang to do a puzzle with him. Confused, Xiao Xiang asks him puzzle? Ke Jie tells her that when he was living with Ming Xin and was missing… Duo Duo, Ming Xin thought of doing a puzzle was a good idea to draw his focus away. He remembers doing puzzles with Ming Xin. (Yeps, he is falling in love with Ming Xin. I hope they end up together. I want them to have a happy ending too.)


Jia Kai sees a photo of Xiao Xiang and wonders what she is doing so he decides to call her. He is in a happy mood until he hears Ke Jie talking in the background saying, “Xiao Xiang, thanks for keeping me company. It’s late. You must be tired. let’s take an early break. ” (JEALOUSY!) She tells him that he is boring. They were just games and chatting.


Tian Xin and Kai Li are walking at the shops. Tian Xin tells her that she is going home. Kai Li apologises but doesn’t explain in detail. She just tells her that certain matters were her fault. Kai Li asks if Jia Kai is going home too. Tian Xin is choosing a present for her father. She calls Jia Kai and asks him if he needs her to help him choose one as well. He tells her that he is not going to go. She tells him not to be so stubborn and that this is a good opportunity to reconcile with him. He tells her that there is no reason to reconcile with a person like him. Just then, Duo Duo and Ke Jie call Xiao Xiang. They invite Ke Jie for dinner.


Jia Kai arrives and the intensity between the two man can be felt. Xiao Xiang is searching for her hot pot and the two man rush over to help. Ke Jie tricks Jia Kai that it is in one of the cupboards while he goes and get the hot  pot. Jia Kai asks Ke Jie if he is happy that he found the hot pot? Jia Kai’s anger is building up. Ke Jie just triggers it to explode by saying some things to Jia Kai. His anger finally explodes and he punches into the door near Ke Jie. Xiao Xiang tells him that he has gone overboard with this and makes him leave. (Really, he has gone way overboard. If her trusts her, he would believe her.)


The next day at school, the kids are given a topic to tell a story about – ‘What not to do’. Duo Duo tells how her prince daddy and Ke Jie daddy got into a fight and that is something not to do. Meanwhile, Miss Bean Sprout Teacher thinks about her dinner yesterday with her father. Her father even got some food especially for Jia Kai prepared but sadly, Jia Kai didn’t come to eat.

Jia Kai and Ke Jie are in a physical fight when Xiao Xiang return. He wants Ke Jie to leave. He makes Xiao Xiang make a decision – either Ke Jie leaves or she leaves with him. Xiao Xiang has decided that she is not leaving and that Ke Jie is not leaving either, Jia Kai is the one leaving.


Xiao Xiang’s brother and Zhi Zhi have a talk with Ke Jie. They tell him to leave Xiao Xiang. He will only burden Xiao Xiang and Jia Kai’s happiness. He tells them that he understands but he doesn’t want to. He takes Zhi Zhi and Xiao Xaing’s brother to a house. He tells them that in a few days it is going to be Xiao Xiang’s birthday and that he is considering to buy the house.

Xiao Xiang expresses that Jia Kai is really too much. Does he really need to throw such a big tantrum? Zhi Zhi asks what kind of boyfriend can accept their girlfriend living with their ex-boyfriend. Xiao Xaing once again tells her that she is over with Ke Jie. Zhi Zhi tells her that Ke Jie still likes her. She expresses Ke Jie’s plans to her.

Jia Kai is sitting in his car remembering his times with Xiao Xiang.

Xiao Xiang finds Duo Duo’s angle wings and wand. She remembers her times with Jia Kai.

Jia Kai is at the shops and sees a pickled vegetable. He remembers how Xiao Xiang wouldn’t eat it because they were born from “the same root”. Jia Kai smiles and eats the pickled vegetable.

Coincidentally, Xiao Xiang and Jia Kai call each other at exactly the same time.


My Opinion:

Might I say, this is the most blandest and slowest episode in the drama. I could practically guess what is going on with each scene. Nothing much really happened in this episode. All that happened was some cutey scenes between Xiao Xiang and Jia Kai and Jia Kai growing temperamental. Arghhh, I feel like I wasted an hour watching this. Hopefully the next episode with be better. I want it to be more fast-paced with more action. I guess it can only go slow for now since everything happened so quickly in the first 12 episodes. Really, what more could happen in the next seven episodes?

Ohhh, I just wanted to say that Kai Li isn’t playing much of a supporting role in this. All she is … is well … Jia Kai’s ex-wife. Not much is happening with her role. I can only hope that she is going to end up as Ou Wei’s partner.

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