Ring Ring Bell Episode 15 Recap

The last episode for Ring Ring Bell. I am sad to see it go but in a way I am relieved to see it go.

Xiao Xiang cries because she cannot reach Jia Kai, probably thinking that he is either ignoring her or ignoring her.


Xiao Xiang goes to the tug-of-war training ground but she doesn’t find any of the members there. She searches frantically but she still can’t find them. She calls Jia Kai and Jia Kai asks her if she is calling to apologise. She tells him that she isn’t rather it is the tug-of-war team who have gone missing. They split up to search of the tug-of-war team. Jia Kai finds them and asks them why they are slacking off. The tug-of-war team tell him that they can’t do it any more. They secretly sneaked into their competitor’s training ground to see what they could do. After they saw what the other team could do, they immediately gave up because they knew that they couldn’t win against them.


Meanwhile, Xiao Xiang finds the tug-of-war team but she hides behind a tree and listens as Jia Kai makes his speech to the tug-of-war team. Jia Kai tells them that the people who have lost all determination and are just waiting for death are the hardest to save. He asks them if they are willing to be this type of person – a loser for life. They have strived so long for their dreams yet they want to give up now. He pulls Zeng Shan out and asks her if all the blisters that has endured are fake. He tells them that even if they have a one in one thousand chance, he is stilling willing to believe in them, only if they are willing to believe in themselves. Xiao Xiang comes out and offers the team some encouraging words. He once again asks them if the believe. Xiao Xiang answers that she does believe. The team must have been very moved by Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang. Zeng Shan says that she does believe, followed by Feng Huang and the rest of the team. Jia Kai tells the team to continue practising  before leaving.


Tian Xin sees Duo Duo writing a birthday card to her mother and finds out that it is Xiao Xiang’s birthday today. Adorable Duo Duo asks her what “surprise” is. Duo Duo tells her that her Xiao Jie daddy will give her Xiao Xiang mummy a “surprise” on her birthday. She coaxes Duo Duo into telling her more about the “surprise”. Duo Duo tells her that her Xiao Jie daddy is going to take her Xiao Xiang mummy to see a house. Tian Xin calls Jia Kai and tells him that Xiao Jie seems to want to propose to Xiao Xiang. She tells him to go and win her back but he says that he isn’t going to go.


Xiao Xiang is watching the tug-of-war team train on her birthday with a sad face. She cries as she remembers the time when she found out that her dad had died. At the hospital she meets a boy who comforts her. The tug-of-war team see Xiao Xiang crying. They stop and bring out a cake to help celebrate her birthday.


Xiao Xiang goes home to find her family helping to celebrate her birthday. She gets a call from Zhi Zhi saying that she can’t come to help celebrate her birthday because she has some important assignment to do. Ke Jie comes out with a cake. Just when Xiao Xiang is all prepared to make a wish, Ke Jie tells the family that he has something important to announce. He drops to one knee and asks Xiao Xiang the question that he has asked seven years ago. He tells Xiao Xiang that she can now close her eyes and blow the candles. She recalls Jia Kai singing happy birthday to her. She tells Ke Jie that she has no way of accepting him because in her heart she already has someone that she truly loves and that is only Ren Jia Kai.


Xiao Xiang goes to blow out the candles, but she receives a kiss from…Jia Kai! Jia Kai props down to one knee and pops the question ‘Are you willing to marry me again?’ Ke Jie explains that the person who wanted to propose wasn’t him. It turns out that Zhi Zhi’s important assignment was coming to film the birthday-proposal party. Xiao Xiang agrees, of course. Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang kiss.


Xiao Xiang questions everybody trying to get the answers. She finds out that when Zhi Zhi and Xiao Xiang’s brother was questioning Ke Jie he told them that he has a reason for not leaving Xiao Xiang. When Ke Jie took them to look at the house, he was actually going to buy it so he can move out of Xiao Xiang’s place.


Of course, she finds out that the boys were fighting it fake. The boys even filmed the time when Jia Kai forced Ke Jie to move out so they can have proof to show Xiao Xiang.


Jia Kai jokingly tells Xiao Xiang that when she becomes Mrs. Ren, she cannot look at any men for longer than five, no three seconds. Ke Jie tells Jia Kai that it was right to listen to him. Ke Jie says that he is the one who understands Xiao Xiang the most, but the one who she loves the most is Jia Kai.

Xiao Xiang has still got to work out when the two guys became friends. It started when they both went to pick up Duo Duo. Ke Jie told Jia Kai his plan to put on a show for Xiao Xiang to see. When Jia Kai asked him why he was helping him, Ke Jie said that he is not helping him but Xiao Xiang. Ke Jie tells him that it is because he understands Xiao Xiang the most. When happiness was within Xiao Xiang’s reach, she backed out because she thinks that she is always a secondary dish. Ke Jie tells him that if their plan works out, he needs to promise him not to make Xiao Xiang upset and not to make her cry. Jia Kai tells him that these are nonsense. Ke Jie tells him some things about Xiao Xiang that he does not know:

  1. Xiao Xiang likes to arrange surprises so even if he knows, he cannot expose her.
  2. She is most afraid of caterpillars, so he must remember to avoid walking under trees after it rains.
  3. She has a very justice feel so when they have to pass the traffic lights, he cannot cross the red lights.
  4. Sometimes for losing weight, she will not eat. So during those times he must remember to put back the 2 kilograms on.
  5. Before sleeping, Xiao Xiang likes to light candles so he has nothing to do, he must prepare more of them so she can sleep better.
  6. Xiao Xiang is very savage, so he must finish all of the toothpaste before throwing it out. He cannot waste it.


Xiao Xiang finds out that Kelly took part in this too. He jokingly says to Xiao Xiang that she never hugged him once during this plan. She gets angry and goes back to the house and tells him to not come over. She then turns and runs to him for a hug. (Awwww, I can’t ever get sick of them kissing or hugging!)


Kelly is happy that Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang has found their happiness but she knows that Xiao Xiang would want the Dean’s blessing before they get married. Kelly goes to find Uncle Shen to find out the real reason that Jia Kai won’t forgive the Dean. Kelly shows Jia Kai the letter that his mother had written before she died stating the real reasons that the Dean didn’t operate on her. Kelly tells him that after receiving the letter, she truly knew how hurt the Dean was because it was his wife, Jia Kai’s mother, who refused the heart and rejected the surgery. In the letter, Jia Kai’s mother says that she knows that even if she accepts the heart and the surgery, she will only extend her life shortly so she rejected her only chance of survival. She wanted his father to the heart to save someone who needs it more than her. After that surgery, the Dean wouldn’t operate on any one before he couldn’t save his beloved wife. All long, Jia Kai thought that the Dean sacrificed his mother for fame. He misunderstood and hated the Dean for so long. (Okay… but that still doesn’t explain why he was so cruel and wanted Kelly to get and abortion, why he was so mean to Xiao Xiang – wanting to split her up with Jia Kai or why he would hold a media conference with an inaccurate thesis)

Jia Kai comes to apologise to the Dean but the Dean tells him that he has no way of accepting his apologise after all that Jia Kai has done. Jia Kai runs away sobbing while Tian Xin chases after him. The Dean made Xiao Xiang stay because he has something to say to her privately.

Xiao Xiang stays behind with the Dean. He tells the Dean that Jia Kai already knows the real reason as to why he made the decision that year and why he wants his thesis to work. The Dean tells her that he asked  to stay behind because he personally wants to see his future daughter-in-law. He tells her that regardless of his relationship with Jia Kai, he wants her to be Jia Kai’s wife. (Oh, so now he wants her to be Jia Kai’s wife huh?) He apologises to her. She doesn’t accept the apology and tells him that she wants to do a trade – she wants him to forgive Jia Kai. They see Jia Kai and Tian Xin return. He tells Xiao Xiang that after all the sufferings that Jia Kai has given him, he just wants to make him suffer a bit in return. He asks Xiao Xiang how can he not forgive his son? Xiao Xiang and the Dean hug.

The father and son make up and hug. Xiao Xiang voice-overs and says, “Jai Kai once said that he was willing to give up everything to swap for a sincere hug. At this moment, I believe that we are fully happy.”


Xiao Xiang and Jia Kai are out on a date with Duo Duo. (How cute!) Xiao Xiang thanks Jia Kai. She tells him that in the past she never had much confidence in herself because she was never the main course, only the secondary course. Jia Kai tells her that he needs to thank her because he likes her too much.

The tug-of-war team are competing in the competition with confidence.

Kelly is enjoying her life, spending her time with the kids at the orphanage.

Xiao Xiang’s brother and sister-in-law are happily getting through their pregnancy and they tell Zhi Zhi to quickly find herself a man and get married.

Ke Jie ends up with Ming Xin.

The Dean is having a great relationship with his daughter Tian Xin.

Back at their date, Jia Kai tells Xiao Xiang that he knew that when they were stuck in the elevator, she had already fallen in love with him. It turns out that they had already fallen in love long ago. He was the guy that she met at the hospital when she was little! (Awwww, so cute!)


Xiao Xiang voice-overs that she has finally found the one that she loves – Jia Kai.


The family are making preserved vegetables together. The drama ends with a kiss from Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang.


My Opinion:

Bye bye Ring Ring Bell! I loved Ring Ring Bell, especially with all those cheesy moments with Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang. It definitely was a different love story to what I expected at the beginning. I really didn’t know how they will fall in love once again except that they will fall in love once again. It’s different from Autumn’s Concerto because she didn’t leave to hide from her other half, rather she allowed Jia Kai to grow and fall in love with her.

This drama is cheesy, very cheesy but I love it because it’s cute. This is probably the drama that I have seen that has the most kissing scenes. Not that I am complaining, but this drama is hot!

As much as a like this drama, I was really displeased with the ending. I did not like how Jia Kai and Ke Jie planned the whole plan. I just don’t get it and think it was unnecessary. Maybe it is just me with this feeling, but this ruined the drama for me. I like the beginning and the middle but the ending just went downhill. I still like the drama though. 😀

As a few dramas, it leaves me with questions. Half way though the drama, we just find out that Zheng Ma is gone. She vanished like thin air and never returned. She was on vacation for a very long time! Where is Zheng Ma? And Ou Wei, everyone gets their beautiful love story but where’s Ou Wei’s one? I would have been happier if her could have ended up with Kelly. What about the tug-of-war team? Did they win the competition? What about Xiao Zhao? Did he get rehired? And what about Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang? Did they get married? Can Xiao Xiang get pregnant? Is Ke Jie still holding up?

I have grow with each of the characters. I have watched as Xiao Xiang grow to become a confident lady, seen Jia Kai lovely body (ahahahaa!) and watched him find his one true love, witness Ke Jie let go and become a man who is willing to become a friend, seen Kelly find her gentle and considerate side, watched the Dean fill his heart with love from his children, seen Zhi Zhi become a better friend.

This drama tells of a beautiful love story! 😀 I will miss Jia Kai/Peter and his absssssss!  Bye bye six pack! And I will miss the adorable Duo Duo!

I am happy because this is the first time I have finished a full drama recap! 😀

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2 thoughts on “Ring Ring Bell Episode 15 Recap

  1. syera April 18, 2013 at 4:26 am Reply

    Hi, thanks for the recap. I’m it from ep 1 due to my curiosity about the full story (only watch few eps at the TV). There are some typo, but still thankful for your hard work 🙂

    • misscupcakees April 18, 2013 at 9:53 am Reply

      Hi, thanks for reading! Yeahh, I think that was one of my very first recaps. 😛

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