In Time With You Episode 1 Recap

I know, I know, In Time With You has already finished airing and I am doing recaps now. LOL, but who cares, at least I am watching it. ūüôā The first episode was great, but a bit hard to understand with all of the flashbacks. That’s okay, I’m just glad to see Ariel Lin back on screen in a refreshing role to her previous ones. I’m also glad to see Bolin Chen! I didn’t know him before this drama, but I must say, he is really cute!


We are opened to a horrid dream/nightmare – whatever you want to call it – which Chen You Qing relates to Lin Da Ren that there are always something against them. In this dream/nightmare of hers, she is chasing after a man at an empty department store until she sees that it is a creepy werewolf man, she turns around and runs away from it. It turns out she is running away from “time”. When the werewolf leaves, the empty store is filled with people. She walks around the store musing that every little girl wants time to pass by faster so she can grow old enough to possess their first pair of high heels in her life. She sees a pair of sneakers and puts it on remmebering how comfortable they were when she was 17. A school girls comes and calls her “aunty” before taking her pair of sneakers back. You Qing wakes up from her dream/nightmare annoyed at being called “aunty”. She goes back to her dream/nightmare and find that the girl has morphed into her at that age.


At work, she is the district¬†chief¬†of a shoe department. She is well respected by her colleagues and she respect her colleagues but she is not afraid to voice her opinions. At a meeting, she voices criticises on of her colleagues, saying how it is not going to work and is not suitable of 17 years old. Once back at her office, she checks her calendar and realises that today is her 3oth birthday! 30th, the age of going old. She calls her mother (the Fated To Love You mother who is everywhere these days! I hope the other FTLY cast is here! Though, I doubt it) and asks her why she didn’t mention anything this morning. Her mother kindly reminds her that she didn’t want to celebrate her birthday past her 27th. Of course her best friend Lin Da Ren, who was also the vice-captain of their class, is not going to forget that she is growing old. He wishes a Happy Birthday on behalf of their class with a class photo attached. She smiles as she¬†reminisces¬†back to those old days. Her class was oddly divided; there was 16 girls to 15 boys so she always won all elections. She reads on the e-mail. Da Ren has sent her ¬†“50 Signs of Premature Aging” (nice birthday e-mail! Make girls feel older on their birthday) She replies to his e-mail.


She goes to get herself some water and overhears her colleagues gossiping about her. The colleague who she criticised, LaLa,says that she must be targeting her because she is dating her ex-boyfriend, Henry. The two colleagues leave when they see her. Another of her colleagues come and mention that she is Henry’s ex-ex-girlfriend. You Qing goes to the beauty department to get her birthday discount. The salesgirl¬†recommend¬†her some anti-aging products.


She wanders to the shoes department and finds a woman trying to refund shoes that she has already worn. The lady also happens to be having another problem on her hand because at the same time she is arguing with an airline manager (who happens to be Da Ren) because he daughter cannot board the plane because of excess baggage. She doesn’t reason and keeps bragging about her husband’s position and all of the travelling she has done. Finishing the argument on the phone, the lady gets back to her shoe problem. She keeps trying to return the shoes. However, You Qing’s manager, who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend, comes and deals with the customer himself. He mocks at You Qing telling her that her bad temper will stop people from loving her.


Da Ren is a sweet man who takes his work seriously and is patient. He helps the girl because she has missed her flight because of her unreasonable mother. He kindly explains that the rules there are for safety reasons not because the airline wants to make money. He checks his e-mail and and smiles as You Qing tells him that she is at the prime of her life. She also tells him that she doesn’t need his blessing because she is God’s gift to the world.

Da Ren calls her inviting her to dinner. He teases her age, asking her how many of the 50 symptoms she has possessed. While talking, she spots her ex and asks Da Ren why he said that he could never fall in love with her. He is a bit taken back by the question but jokes and asks her what number symptom that is, she forgets the recent things but remember the past so well. She ends the conversation by saying “Thank God you won’t fall in love with me.”


In a flashback, the boys are worried that the girls’ vote will out rule them once again. (Hmmm, I wonder where the democracy is. Don’t people have their own opinion?) The boys imagine the girlish uniform they will have to wear on Sports Day if the girls win so they come up with a solution to make them win – writing a love letter to one of the girls to make her vote the boys’ way. The next day is the voting. Da Ren wants a bulldog as the mascot for the Sports Day while You Qing wants a cat for the mascot. After so reasonable arguing from You Qing, the voting is a blind vote. For the very first time, the boys win. Throughout the whole voting process, Da Ren is aware of You Qing even though he doesn’t agree with the plan.

You Qing is suspicious that one of her friends is the traitor. She finds out that Lu Xing Di is the traitor because of a love letter. She confronts her friend for betraying their unity but her friend calls her a bully for using the majority to harass the boys.¬†¬†Xing Di tells her that she finds her egotistical and arrogant. Why do they always have to win? What do they get after they win? Why does she always think she‚Äôs right? Why does she disregard everyone else‚Äôs feelings? You Qing admits that she is controlling and arrogant but she ever since Xing Di got bullied by all the boys in the class, she made up her mind to never get along with those boys. So all of the girls bounded together to become stronger. Xing Di’s betrayal hurt her after everything she has done for her. She throws the love letter back at her and tells her that their friendship is over.

Meanwhile, Da Ren has overheard the entire conversation. She follows her home. Just as she is about to get into her house, she notices him there. He starts to ¬†tell her something but she cuts him off and asks him if he wants to say that the pain of defeat is terrible. But that wasn’t what he wanted to tell her. He tells her that he thinks that she is a great girl. She is taken back by this but before she could say something, Da Ren tells her not to misunderstand his words and that he cannot fall in love with her. (Well I think he already has!) She sarcastically thanks him before entering her house.


Back in the present, Da Ren is leading his colleagues and dealing with the issues of the airline. The new trainee, Maggie, arrives (She looks like Cheryl Yang a lot to me) and is eager to learn. He suggest to her to go the bathroom first because they won’t be able to get a break until all the problems are solved. He leaves her to it but she keeps on staring at him and they share a smile. Clearly she has a liking for him already. Meanwhile, You Qing is a busy busy woman. On a taxi ride, the taxi driver tells her that he has cancer. He tells her the regrets in his life and what he will miss out on.


Moved by the taxi driver, she decides to clear up all the “what-ifs” in her life because she doesn’t want any misunderstandings. She goes to LaLa and tells her that he design is a beautiful design but that does not mean it is a good design. She explains that her attack was not personal. At the photocopier, her friend¬†surprise¬†her with a birthday cake. Before she could even finishing sing the birthday song, You Qing blew out the candles. Her friend tells that her classmate Lin Da Ren was right that she is really hard to handle. Lin Da Ren, the classmate that she was destined to meet but not fated to be with. In another flashback, You Qing finds out that Da Ren is attending the same university as her. She remarks that she has to be in the same class as him for another four years. This annoys the heck out of her that she starts to go the wrong way. In class, Da Ren introduces himself and mentions that he and You Qing attended the same high school. You Qing is asked to describe him. The take turn to describe each other.


At the airport, Da Ren meets one of his old professors, Teacher Cao. The professor wants Da Ren to help him check into a flight that has starting boarding. He asks Maggie to check if there are any¬†vacant¬†seats left. He hints to her that he doesn’t really like him. (I don’t like him either, he looks like a creep.) In yet another flashback, You Qing gathered a list of female names to file Teacher Cao for sexual harassment. You Qing learns that some of the female students have withdrawn their complaint because they are afraid that Teacher Cao won’t let them pass their class. Teacher Cao tells her to drop out of this class because she won’t pass. Full of fury, she stalks home with Da Ren following her once again. He tells her that he thinks that she is cool but she tells him that she doesn’t need his opinion. She leaves while watches her go in and says I cannot love you.

Back in the present, Maggie is left to deal with Teacher Cao. When he is told he can’t get on the flight, he demands to see Da Ren but Da Ren is making plans with You Qing. The teacher is put on a later flight.


You Qing has just finished making her dinner plans with Da Ren when her pregnant friend calls and tells her that she has gone into premature labour. She rushes over to help her friend while leaving Da Ren waiting all night, until the restaurant has closed. He took-away all the food waiting patiently for her. She finally arrives and they sit at a bench eating and talking.


You Qing is eating and is looking for something. Da Ren pulls out a bag of pepper and he asks her why she doesn’t say “why are you so good to me?” She tells him that she already knew the answer to that from her mum’s dream. In her past life she was a brave warrior who saved his life so in this life, he is repaying her. She scoffs that even her mum can sense the imbalance in their relationship. She tells him that friends should be good to each other. Besides¬†doesn’t¬†she treat him well? He gives her a present containing two square-headed lions. He explains to her that the lions are very¬†similar¬†to her because they often feels out of place. When he sense that she doesn’t like it, he tells her that it took him five attempts to buy the lions that aren’t even up for sale. She tells him that she will try to enjoy it.

He asks her why she asked him that he can’t possibly love her. She tells him that Henry said that no one would dare to love a woman like her. Continuing to eat, she asks him doesn’t he think that she is not terribly¬†feminine¬†or delicate? Da Ren takes out a postcard of a Chinese architecture’s work. He explains to her that the architecture¬†was able to create a piece of work that is now considered one of the three treasures of the Louvre. Like the square-headed lions, she is the most distinctive of them all. This leads to them bickering about imperfection.

She reads his postcard who his passenger gave him to thank him for helping him. She tells him that she is certain that it is nice to have him around. Then he comes up with a bet – whoever gets married first before 35 gets $20,000. You Qing raises the ante to $100,000. He accepts and tells her not to get her hopes up because he has his share of admirers.


Back at home, You Qing asks her mother if giving birth to her was hard. Her mother tells her giving birth to her was easy but raising her was hard. She reflects that she misses her 17 year old self but is starting to like her 30 year old self. She dreams of kicking Teacher Cao.

At work, Maggie asks Da Ren how he is going to repay her for taking care of Teacher Cao. He says that he will treat her to a meal. He watches her from a distance and imagines that she is You Qing. He says to himself that “Even though though I am not¬†aggressive enough, there are some women who still think I am handsome. In the whole world, perhaps only you who can’t see it.”


My Opinion:

This recap took me three hours to write! My longest time for a recap but it was worth it. This drama is actually quite cute. A guy crushing on a girl. I think this is going to be a wonderful love story. ¬†Though I must say there are a lot of flashbacks. I don’t mind it, it’s just annoying in a way.

Ahhh, it’s so cute. Da Ren is crushing on You Qing but she doesn’t feel anything. I can’t wait to see how they develop and fall in love with each other. This is different from the normal Taiwanese dramas, it is much deeper and meaningful. I can already feel the chemistry between the two main leads. I can’t wait to see how the second leads develop.


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2 thoughts on “In Time With You Episode 1 Recap

  1. jessshynn October 30, 2012 at 1:03 am Reply

    hello, may i know where did you watch this drama with english subs ?
    or do you have any links to download this drama with english subs ?
    really love your recap .
    thanks a lot !

    • misscupcakees October 31, 2012 at 8:58 pm Reply

      Hi there! You could try watching in on, or you could just google “ITWY watch online eng sub”. Hope this helps!

      && many thankss!

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