In Time With You Synopsis

Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin) is a woman with a stable and successful career as a shoe department store manager but lacks in her love life. On her 30th birthday, she received an email on “the symptoms of premature aging” from her best friend Li Da Ren (Bolin Chen) of 14 years. They have dinner and he make a bet with her that the first of them to get married between them before the age of 35 will pocket $100,000. So they start to look around for their potential other halves.

However, the two friends constantly have doubts about each other’s potential other halves. Qing often says that the girl that Ren finds is not right for him while he is unsatisfied with the man she wants to marry. During Ren’s relationship with his colleague Maggie (Andrea Chen), he admits to her that he has been in love with Qing the entire time.

Ren brings up the confidence to tell Qing his true feelings butis  always missing out the opportunity to do so. While Qing is single, he has a girlfriend; while he is single she reconciles with her ex-boyfriend, Ding Li Wei (Sunny Wang).

Qing’s quest to find her other half is not an easy task as she is constantly surrounded by unsuitable candidates including a gay assistant, Nic (David Hsu) and a cheating ex-boyfriend. She realises that the only man that could love her despite her ill-temper and stubbornness is her best friend. However, the problem between them is that they promised to that they were not or will ever be romantically attracted to each other…

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