In Time With You Episode 4 Recap


The episode starts with You Qing viciously scrubbing the toilet. While she is scrubbing the toilet, Cheng Ma comes in and wonders what is it that she is nervous about because she only scrubs the toilet like that when she is nervous or worried about something. She denies being nervous but really she is nervous because she had woken up to find herself with Da Ren’s arm beneath and him looking at her waiting for her to wake up. She shakes her head telling herself to get rid of that picture because she can’t allow herself to get used to that scene.

Clearly, her attention is diverted elsewhere. She gets a call and after answering her phone, she accidentally drops it in the water. Bye bye Blackberry!

You Qing goes out to get her phone repaired. The man tries to sell her a new phone but she refuses as the new phone will end up controlling her life and then betraying her. The man then advises her to find a boyfriend who is good with electronics. She rules that out because dating a guy means you have to invest in feelings and then you break up and get hurt. Is it worth it? (Yeahhh, but if you don’t date anyone, how are you going to find the right guy?) She only needs a “male friend” who is good with electronics.

Meanwhile Da Ren is over at You Qing’s place helping Cheng Ma to  rid the virus on the computer. Cheng Pa comes in when he hears Da Ren explaining to Cheng Ma that the virus might have gotten in through some strange sites, such as porn sites. Ahhh, so it was Cheng Pa who unintentionally installed it while visiting porn sites.


After retrieving her temporary phone, You Qing goes to an art exhibit featuring florescent tubes that flow up and then. Then she goes to find her boss and recommends Nic for the position of Central District Chief General Manager using the excuse that she can’t handle the amount of work. (That is so nice after what he did to her!) As she leaves, she is met with rain and she doesn’t have an umbrella once again. (I think people in Taiwan must carry an umbrella with them at all times because it rains in all Taiwan dramas!) Nic comes with an umbrella and thanks her for the recommendation. She steps out from under his umbrella and tells him that she only did it to get far away from him. She puts on a rain jacket and tells him that his ability can take him to far places. She also tells him that although he understands women very well he shouldn’t use it as a weapon because women isn’t his enemies.


Da Ren enjoys lunch with You Qing’s parents. On his way out, he bumps into her. They have a one second flashback of what happened that night. Cheng Ma notices the awkwardness between the two friends. She comes and cuts off the tension between the two as Da Ren takes his leave.

You Qing goes up to her room with Cheng Ma following her asking what happened between them two. Cheng Ma leaves as she recalls what happened that night.

They drink and talk about their old school days. He asks her why she always opposed his opinions. She tells him that she doesn’t know either but at least they agree on one thing – Ding Li Wei is a jerk. He corrects her that he thought Ding Li Wei was a jerk before she started dating him and she only thought that he was a jerk after she broke up with him. He doesn’t want to talk about Ding Li Wei any more because he is afraid she will turn again him later but she tells him to tell her anyway since she is drunk and will forget about it. He tells her that he hated her the most was when she was dating Ding Li Wei because she was a woman without any opinion, just following along to whatever Ding Li Wei said. She tells him because of love we have to compromise and consider the other person. He tells her that she is wrong; when a man falls in love with a woman, it is because they like them for their original self but when a woman falls in love, they become blind to reason and lose themselves. He tells her that men do like the feeling of new love but she is an interesting woman to hold one’s attention. However, her taste in men sucks. Da Ren just tell her not to become a vacuum cleaner of rotten guys. Well, if he is so great, then why did all the past girlfriends break up with him. He tells her that they couldn’t accept his relationship with her, his best friend.

They run out of beer so they go to stock up on some more. They go to pay up and You Qing asks him what is the “right person”. He tells her that it is someone that she can be comfortable around with. Isn’t that a friend then? Da Ren points out that you can’t sleep with a friend. They then realise they said this all in front of the cash staff. (That was so funny!)


They continue their conversation as they head back to the hotel room. You Qing tells him that all the problems occur because of the men’s ‘lower half of the body’. Da Ren points out that women want it too. You Qing laughs it off and tells to stop complaining since she has never tried to take advantage of him. He dares her to take advantage of him. She takes up the challenge and leans over with her face right above his. So close to a kiss! Then she rolls off and burst out laughing and then asks him why can’t a woman and a man have a platonic relationship between them. Da Ren tells her it is because of personal experiences. She then asks him if it is because he doesn’t see her as a woman. He tells her that she doesn’t view him as a man. She asks him once again why he said that he couldn’t possibly fall in love with her. As he is about to answer, Maggie calls. She tells him to answer his phone so that his “Da Ren Ge” doesn’t have the wrong idea.

She goes to the bathroom and asks her reflection why she is hiding in here. Her reflection replies that it is because she is jealous. But her real self doesn’t know why she is jealous. (Because you like him?)

She comes out of the bathroom and finds that Da Ren has fallen asleep while talking to Maggie. She picks up his phone and tells her that Da Ren has fallen asleep and won’t be returning tonight. Maggie freaks out about them spending the night together. She tells her that Da Ren just treats her like a guy and hangs up the phone.

The next thing we see is that You Qing has waken up to find herself sleeping beside Da Ren. She immediately bolts off the bed. He takes her home and she is just eager to leave.

At breakfast Maggie suspects that something happened between him and You Qing. She asks her if they slept in the same room. He lies that they talked all night but she breaks through his lie. He just tells her that he woke after after he slept. She then asks the most stupidest and common comparison question on earth – if she and I fell into the sea, who would you save first? Smart Da Ren answers that he won’t let them fall into the sea in the first place.

You Qing is watching a drama in the dark when a weird phone call comes in. She tells the speaker on the other end that he should imagine himself as the main lead in an idol drama. After she hangs up, she imagines the umbrella scene with Nic once again, except they are speaking in Korean. (Interestingly, Ariel can speak Korean herself)


At work Maggie is upset because Da Ren didn’t tell her about his promotion, especially that he has to change location and they can’t see each other 24/7. He tells her it will be better for them. Okay, so now they are officially dating and You Qing is lonely. He walks her home hand in hand and she make him promise to call her twice and send her a text at least once a day. (Okay, he won’t be able to breath soon!) She wants to spend the night with him but he doesn’t not so he tells her that she wants to get home before his mother falls asleep to tell her about his promotion. She calls him and tells him that he has been weird after the Taichung trip. She gives him a goodbye kiss before he leaves.

Night falls and Da Ren goes to find You Qing and ask her if she wants to know the answer. What answer? He pulls her in for a kiss. She pushes him off and as he is about to confess his feelings, she tells him that if he says it out loud, they can’t even be friends and “I can’t ever love you.” Da Ren wakes up. Turns out that it was all a dream. (In the preview it seemed so real! I thought it was real too!)

The next day Da Ren goes out to console with his newly single friend, Zhao Mei Nan. He tells him that he knows that he is unsatisfied with just being friends her so he should go and get her back.

At work You Qing finds a cup of coffee and a note from Nic saying that this is the last cup of double mocha and that if he loved women, she would surely be the one. She is about to call Da Ren but since he hasn’t called, she isn’t going to take the initiative to call first. (Well, Maggie would certainly have called by now.) Instead she calls her mother asking if she is cute and if she will find someone to love her. She hangs up instantly and then tears up.

At home Da Ren sees his mother with her actor friend, Uncle Bai. He wonders if he and You Qing will be friends that his mother and Uncle Bai when he is 50.

Da Ren goes to help Mei Nan to pick up his ring which he dropped in the gutter. Mei Nan’s girlfriend comes out and walks off while Mei Nan is still trying to pick up the ring. Da Ren tells him that what he wants is him and tells him to chase after her.


After a long day at work, Henry’s ex-ex-girlfriend invites You Qing out for dinner. At the restaurant, they find LaLa eating alone becauase Henry is on a business trip. So the three have dinner together.

Meanwhile, Da Ren is cooking an egg fried rice which he promised Maggie. You Qing’s brother calls and thanks him for upgrading his mother-in-law’s tickets. Maggie gets ticked off and says how lucky You Qing must be to have a friend who even takes care of her family. He asks her if she wants to switch places with You Qing then. She says no, of course because she wants to be his lady, not his lady friend.

Back at the restaurant, the three girls talk about Henry. They talk about his weak points but You Qing also talks about his strong points. She tells the girls that ending a relationship doesn’t mean the guy was bad or that she was bad, it’s just that they didn’t match. After dinner they go singing and drinking.

Da Ren sees her list of what she wants in a man. So what she looks for in love is not feelings but meeting all of her criteria. As Da Ren leaves, she gives him her house key. He accepts it and is about to leave but she won’t let him until she gets her goodbye kiss. He kisses her on the forehead but she doesn’t accept and pouts her lips. He kisses her lightly on the lips but she still doesn’t accept it and pulls him in for a more heavier kiss. He reacted as though he doesn’t want the kiss, which he doesn’t.


He walks home and sees You Qing and her friends in a drunken state. Without knowing it, he still bumped into her. They haven’t spoken for a few days and he wonders if she is happy.

The three of them wake up in You Qing’s place. You Qing learns from her mother that her neighbours had complained about her drunken behaviour. She apologises but doesn’t pay attention. Her mother grabs her attention when her mother tells her that she asked the neighbourhood association to introduce a guy to her.

Da Ren goes to the same art exhibition that You Qing went to. He talks to a imaginary You Qing.


You Qing goes to get back her phone from repairs. She learns that she hasn’t been receiving any calls or messages because she didn’t know that her phone’s ringtone was set to a song. The man asks him about her male friend who is really good with electronics. She is still mad at him because she is too busy with pursing his new relationship.

She realises that Da Ren hadn’t forgotten about her. She finds out that he has called her several times and messaged her numerous times telling her to contact him and apologising for the night at Taichung. He invites her to hang out which she greatly accepts. He calls immediately and realise that they must be close by because she can hear his voice. She looks and sees him across the other side of the fountain.


My Opinion:

Da Ren finally admits that he likes her, but in a dream. He confessed to her, but also in a dream. When is he going to confess in reality? Why does it have to be in a dream. In the preview it looked so real but when I watched the episode, it turns out to be a dream. Drama previews always try to deceive people!

I don’t think that Maggie loves Da Ren all that much. I think that she just wants someone to fit her criteria. I really don’t feel any spark between our second female lead and our male lead. They more I see Maggie throw herself at Da Ren, the more I want to kick her away. She just flaunts herself at him. Can’t she see that he isn’t into her? She makes it so obvious that she wants a kiss but Da Ren is reluctant to give her one. Just leave him and you can find yourself a man who truly loves you.

Da Ren knows that deep down he loves You Qing but he doesn’t have the guts to tell her so he is forcing himself into a relationship which he is no feelings towards. Come on! Man up and tell You Qing how you feel so you can be happy.

I can’t wait to see the next episode because our second male lead appears! Right after when our gay assistant disappears. I will miss the assistant’s smiles.



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