In Time With You Episode 6 Recap

You Qing is washing her face when her phone rings. She is crazily awaiting for Lei Wei to call her even though she is unsure of whether Da Ren gave him her number. She dresses herself up prettily with so that if she happens to run into him, she will be in her “best state” even when taking out the rubbish.

You Qing goes to work in a cute outfit. Her boss happens to notice her super duper cute but cheap ring. She tries it on while she answers a phone call and leaves her diamond ring in You Qing’s hands. She decides to put the ring in a safe place because after all it is the price of her cheap ring plus four zeros. As she is about to lock the ring up in a drawer, her phone rings with a private number. She answers her call and brews herself a cup of coffee. Her boss asks her ring back but it is no where in sight. After a long search, it is still no where to be found. Her boss stops the search and tells her that when you want to find something, you won’t find it; when you don’t look for it, it shows up on it’s own.

You Qing calls Da Ren and vents out her anger on him. She tells him that everyday she is worrying about when Li Wei will call. He starts telling her the first few digits of Li Wei’s number “0926” but she throws he phone before yelling that she doesn’t want to know his number.

That night she has a nightmare where she is in a very messy bedroom searching for something very desperately. She hears Da Ren’s voice asking her where her self confidence and rationality has gone to. She answers him that she clearly put it in a very important place. She wakes up thinking that she will have to spend 5 years not eating or drinking to pay off 3,000,000 for the ring.


The next day at work contemplates at her office. She looks at her mug and decides “Ding Li Wei is like the coffee that I forgot to drink. It’s better not to drink, it does more harm than good.” So she goes and empties out her coffee and surprise, surprise, the ring appears. (I wonder how she put it in there in the first place…)

She returns the ring to her boss who says “A diamond is still a diamond. Even when dunked it coffee for an entire night, it is still a coffee. Try soaking a marriage certificate.” It turns out that the boss is divorced and the ring is not actually a marriage ring but a ring that she bought as a memento to her bravery. After hearing that, this makes You Qing thinking of getting a ring for herself but it is too expensive so she has to stick to admiring it from the shop’s window.

Maggie tells Da Ren that she has gotten You Qing to agree to go on a blind date with her MIT graduated cousin who looks like Bae Young Jun. He asks her what You Qing said. She tells him to make a guess. He tells her that thing that he doesn’t understand about You Qing is her love life.

You Qing is at work trying figure whether Da Ren gave Li Wei her number or not. So she creates a mind map – Maggie and Da Ren wants her to go on a blind date –>Da Ren doesn’t want her to get back together with Li Wei –> Da Ren didn’t give her number to Li Wei. Now she can peacefully pass through her days.

She goes home to learn that she has to share her room with her sister-in-law’s aunt who has come to stay in Taiwan for a few days. This includes sharing her bed. She can’t stand the snores and when she does manage to fall asleep, she dreams about her lying on a table that is being sawed in half. Worse still is when she wakes up she finds her sister-in-law’s aunt staring at her with a creepy expression.

Her mum wants to set her up with some creepy 45 year old distant relative but she tells her mum to stop setting her up with people because she has a blind date to go too.

Maggie meet up with You Qing for the blind date. Maggie composed a whole file on her cousin and kept complimenting how good he is. That is until the Bae Young Jun look-alike jackass sat down. Even Maggie realises how much her cousin has changed since she last met him. Maggie hurries off leaving You Qing with the jackass alone. So he has been on over 100 blind dates and tells the same joke every time. So he tells his joke which is comparing women to different types of balls depending on their age. A woman in her 20’s is like a football that everyone chases after. In her 30’s she is like a basketball where you don’t have to run after as much. In her 40’s, she becomes a soccer ball that everyone kicks away. In her 50’s she is like a golf ball, the further away that it goes, the better. The jackass tells her what he looks for in a woman and if she is willing to do breast enlargement to 34E, he will consider to marry her. And he will kindly pay for half of the surgery fee. JACKASS!

Our male lead comes and tells the jackass that he can use his half of the surgery fee for a mental examination, a facelift, spot removing treatment and classes on manners. The jackass stands up and demands to know who Da Ren is. Da Ren says to the jackass that he is a person who knows how good You Qing is and that him, the jackass, isn’t a person who can match even a little bit.


You Qing storms out. Da Ren trails her home mirroring the old high school days. Arriving at her house, Da Ren calls out to her. She asks him what he is going to say, that he cannot love her? He pulls her into a hug (aww, cute!) and tells her “Do you know how great you are? Do you know in my eyes 99% of the men can’t match you. Do you know, Actually I— ” (CONFESS ALREADY! TELL HER YOU LOVE HER!) But You Qing interrupts and says “ I know. I know this isn’t the way a friend loves, but sympathy. Thank you, but I don’t need it.” She leaves while he is clearly disappointed? Upset? I can pinpoint his expression.

She goes home and her mother asks her about the blind date. Even her sister-in-law’s aunt asks her about the blind date. She goes in the bathroom to avoid the question…but her sister calls and asks her about the blind date. Then she receives a phone call that could possibly be Ding Li Wei.

Da Ren goes home to find his mother upset and crying. She tells him that is must be because of the Autumn weather. He suggest that maybe Uncle Bai should come over to talk with her. She then tells him the real reason why she is upset. Uncle Bai is dating his Beijing co-actor. He tells her that it must be a misunderstanding because she is the only one in Uncle Bai’s heart. She tells him that he told her that it was love at first sight. He advises her to go and get Uncle Bai back. (That would be useful advice for yourself! Go and get You Qing back!) She sighs and tell him that there are many things that if mistaken, will be too late.

He must be taking this advice in very well. Maggie sends him a text message apologising for the disastrous blind date. He calls her asking to meet.


Once he arrives at Maggie’s place, she starts apologising but he isn’t giving any reaction or talking. She tells him not to stay silent because it is scary. She tries to kiss him but he turns his head away. He tells her that he has something to talk to her about. She tells him to talk about it and goes to get herself a cup of red wine. She obviously knows that it is coming, but she doesn’t want to face it. He admits that he loves Cheng You Qing and she drops her bottle of red wine. “I’m sorry. … I’m sorry because I’ll only be more sorry towards you because, I love You Qing. I thought I wouldn’t fall in love with her. I didn’t want to love her. I already have an arrogant mohter, and an arrogant sister. I just didn’t have the confidence to love the arrogant Cheng You Qing. But this could ‘possibly be the law’. I don’t want to. The more I love her. So I, —”

She stops him because she doesn’t want to hear about how much he loves You Qing. He tells her that he likes her but he doesn’t love her. She asks him why he doesn’t love her. He explains that love is not about who is better than who. He apologises but she doesn’t accept his apologies. She tells him that he is despicable for using her to determine his own love and is no better than her jackass cousin. He asks her if she loves him or is just because she fits his criteria? Love isn’t about meeting conditions, especially if you are talking about marriage, without love, it won’t last. She tells him that just relying on love won’t make it last either. He tells her that even so, he doesn’t want to regret it. He then gives Maggie some very good advice “Maggie, you can dislike me and hate me but there is some advice that you must listen to: don’t get into romance for the sake of getting married, you must face your feelings directly.”

He leaves and goes to the swimming pool near You Qing’s house. He calls her, ready to admit his feelings but she cuts him off before he can even say anything. She tells him that Le Wei has asked her out for a date. She rambles on about Le Wei, not allowing him to confess. He tells her that that she obviously didn’t learn anything if her heart fluttered again. He warns her that he won’t keep her company for the next five years.

The aunt comes in and You Qing drops the call, but not ending it. He hears they aunt telling her that she shouldn’t go outside because there is a man sitting on a bench at the swimming pool. You Qing realises that it must be Da Ren so she immediately goes outside to see that he has left.

The next day You Qing wakes up to a pained neck. Her mother makes her sweep up the leaves in their front yard. She accidentally locks herself out of the house. And at her most unattractive state, she meets Li Wei. She realise that she is in an attractive state and runs away in the opposite direction. Li Wei comments that she is still as adorable.

She catches a taxi to Da Ren’s place who helps to pay the taxi fare. Da Ren laughingly asks her what’s wrong. “Did you have a fight with her mum? Are you sleepwalking? Or are you suddenly missing me?”

He gives her a lift. She complains that all she wanted was to let Le Wei to see her in her best state so that he can know that she is doing great and is happy. They continue to argue. She tells him that she is disappointed in him because the first one she turns too for comfort is him and instead of comforting her he’s mocking and misunderstanding her. He tells her “I’m also disappointed in you, I thought that after five years Cheng You Wing has finally grown up and would finally not live for someone else.” She demands to be let down. He lets her go and drives on telling himself that he won’t turn back but he does anyway. When he goes back, he finds that she isn’t there any more. (She is probably among the trees or she is a fast walker.)

She gets a text from Li Wei asking to meet. She ponders for days what to do.

Da Ren’s mother has a talk with him. She notices that he is depressed and asks if they broke up. He tells her that they had a fight. She asks him why and he tells her that every time he meets her love problems, he feels like he doesn’t know her. His mother asks him isn’t her love problems him? Obviously his is in another world because she is talking about Maggie and he is talking about You Qing. He leaves and she figures that it must be You Qing who he had a fight with.

Days pass by and the two continue their lives going to work.

Finally, her sister-in-law’s aunt leaves because she is returning to her cheating ex-husband’s side. You Qing finally gets her bed back! Yippee! She finally replies to Li Wei saying 4pm at their usual place.

Meanwhile, Maggie is still bothering Da Ren sending him texts asking if he has any regrets yet and that she is waiting for him. Da Ren texts her back saying ‘Remember, you are not the other choice, you should be his only choice.’

Walking past a park, she sees her past self with Li Wei. She sees Li Wei covering up a lie by kissing her and another occasion where she is crying because of him. Walking, she realises everything that she has learnt in the past five years. She then receives a message from Da Ren which makes her cry out of kindness and happiness.


She stands in front of the shop with the ring that she couldn’t afford. She makes her decision to say goodbye to it. Da Ren comes soon afterwards. She says that he is slow. He tells her not to complain because he took half a day off for her just because she said she had to take something important from him. She opens up her arms and they hug. So cute! She tells him that she just made a very rational, confident and brave decision – she is completely parting ways with ‘him’. Who? She tells him that it is the ring.

Meanwhile, Li Wei is waiting at the usual place for You Qing but she never turns up because she is out at dinner with Da Ren. She smiles at Da Ren and think that in the past five years, she has suffered and been dejected.  But right now she is very good, very great and very happy because she has Da Ren. Even though he won’t love me, but she knows that compared to anyone else he treasures her the most. (He does love you silly! And you love him!)

Although You Qing never turned up, Li Wei smirks and says “Very good You Qing… I’m back.”


My Opinion:

So finally, Da Ren breaks up with Maggie. I know that Maggie knows that he doesn’t love her but he is just avoiding it because he fits her criteria. He should have broken up with her earlier. But in a way I feel sorry for how Maggie feels about love because of what her mother experienced. But love is love, and that can’t be forced. I also feel bad for Li Ma and Uncle Bai. I hope they end up together.

I’m just glad that our two leads know what they are feeling for each other. Although Da Ren’s feelings are more obvious but You Qing is showing that she loves Da Ren in more than just a friend way. Too bad it is bad timing once again because You Qing is going to have Li Wei back. Well, IMO, I think he should just tell her already so they can get a move on! 14 years, 14 years! You have loved her for 14 years. Just tell her already!

Okay, I am ready for the next episode!

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