In Time With You Episode 7 Recap


You Qing gathers with her colleagues around a box of discounted food. She voice-overs to Da Ren wondering how long she can be on display for. The she realised that everything has an expiration date – shoes, clothes, food, make-up. She wonders if people have expiration dates too.

She goes home and the news is reporting that men in their 30’s are considered as being ‘Golden Bachelors’ while in contrast, women in the same age bracket are considered as being old. Her parents eye suspiciously while she tells them to look elsewhere.


At work, You Qing receives a huge bouquet of roses from Li Wei. The card attached reads: “Saw a group of Ba Yi dancers at the temple for two hours. Then, as before, it started raing. I was at the place where I met you for the first time. Until the lights were put out, I laughed. I really liked the unexpected surprise for this date this time.

-Wei “

She didn’t know what to do with the flowers so she carried it with her receiving glances from other people. Da Ren called her to help him on his proposal that he has to write. They plan to meet a convenience store since they haven’t eaten anything yet. Not wanting him to get any wrong ideas – ideas such as her getting back with Li Wei – , she rids of her flowers by giving it to her brother-in-law telling him to give it to her sister and have a romantic night together.


She watches him from outside the window and mind-comments “This Li Da Ren is very handsome. If we never knew each other or if we didn’t changed from enemies to friends then maybe our ‘never’ can be changed to ‘fated love’. Sad. Really Sad.”


They work away at his proposal. She takes off her heels, looks at her and then brushes some of her hair to behind her ear. (Awww, so cute!) This time Da Ren mind comments “This Cheng You Qing is the best looking. So good looking that you never get sick of. Sadly, why does being familiar make saying ‘I love you’ so difficult?

Da Ren goes for a toilet break when her sister calls her wondering if her husband is having an affair. She tells her about her husband going to Taouyuan. And then at 8’o clock, he received a call from someone called ‘Mei Mei’. You Qing tells her that that ‘Mei Mei’ is her. She then starts complaining about how he suddenly gave her roses, because surely he must have done something wrong to give gifts to his wife. You Qing tells her that she was the one who gave him roses to give to her. You Qing explains that Li Wei gave her the flowers and she didn’t know what to do with it so she gave it to her husband to give to her just as Da Ren comes back from his toilet break, overhearing the conversation.

You Qing looks up and notices Da Ren’s presence so she quickly hangs up. He sits down and asks her if she is making any progress with Li Wei because he remembered that she hated receiving flowers. She tells him that it is still the same.

Li Wei keeps bombarding her with flower bouquets after flower bouquets. She tells him to stop sending her flowers but he replies that she he will when she agrees to meet with him. She replies to him to keep on sending. He send one, she’ll throw it away.

Da Ren goes to a family dinner with You Qing. You Qing’s brother points out to his mother-in-law that Da Ren was the one who helped with the tickets. She thanks him and then wonders when he and You Qing will get married. Her sister spills the beans that Ding Li Wei is pursing after her again.

At home she gets a questioned by her mother and brother, Cheng Guang Qing. Her mother approves of them getting back together but her brother that tells her that she better not accept him because he is a “dog who eats shit and so he can’t change.”


Tao Tao finally returned home after being out all night. Da Ren goes to open the door for her only to find Uncle Bai tumbling in. It turns out that Uncle Bai unwittingly fell asleep on their porch after doing some morning exercise. Da Ren invites him in for breakfast but receives a cold reception from Li Ma. Uncle Bai explains to Li Ma that he has been waiting for a call from her but he never received one.  After hearing his explanation, she tells Da Ren to set up an extra bowl. Da Ren and Tao Tao quickly finish their breakfast both who has to suddenly leave for work and school respectively.

After the kids leave, Uncle Bai tells Li Ma that everything was a show – the kids at the theatre suggested that he put on a show for Li Ma. He explains that he hadn’t fallen in love with anyone else. She asks him about the Beijing star. He tells her that there was a Beijing star, except the star was a man. She hurriedly leaves to the sink telling him that he will never forgive him. He tells him that he thought that no matter what happened, as long as he explained it to her, she would forgive him. Even Da Ren told him that he should do this. As he takes his leave, he admits that the whole time that he was lying to her he was sad so he stayed home alone everyday. After hearing this, she invites him to stay for tea which he agrees to.

It turns out that Da Ren and Tao Tao were listening to the entire conversation from below the kitchen window. Tao Tao tells Da Ren “I have no idea why even though they are not doing anything, my heart still beats so fast.”

Da Ren runs into Maggie at work. They are able to smile at each other. They catch up and she tells him that she has been poached by another company. He asks him if she is going to transfer. She is undecided yet because she has to analyse the men in that company who are of a marriageable age. He gives her the advice that “Love needs a bit of resistance. So let nature take its course.”

She asks him if his heart ever thumped for her. One look at him and she tells him that she no longer wants to know the answer. So instead she asks him what area of You Qing that makes his heart thump. He tells her “There’s a lot. It’s often. Too many to mention one by one. She nods in acceptance and asks him what is the progress between him and You Qing. He admits that there hasn’t been any progress. Maggie gives him her bit of advice, “Love sometimes needs to be shameless. Or else heart thumping would be in vain.” (Great advice! You should really listen to it. Somehow after their break-up, I feel as though our annoying Maggie has grown up and isn’t as annoying any more. She even gives great advice!)

He smiles at her for giving him such a good piece of advice. He asks her if she has accepted his apology. She jokingly says that he’ll have to wait for her to get married so that he can be forgiven. (Somehow when she said this line, her voice sounds like it has matured. LOL)


You Qing makes an urgent shoe delivery to an actress because the shoes that the actress got was a size too small. She quickly rushes over to the hotel to make the delivery. It turns out that our second male lead is a stalker. She watches her from behind and sends her a text ‘guessing’ that she is wearing pink high heels. She denies it even though she clearly is. (I would be freaked out that someone is stalking me)

So the diva actress is making a fuss that a pair of shoes could delay her shoot so she refuses to wear the shoes. The actress tell You Qing telling her to tell a joke which is one of You Qing’s weak points. So she gets mocked from the actress that she doesn’t even know what time her drama airs at. You Qing is finally able to make the actress wear the shoes after she praises her feet.

You Qing is watching the shoot when her phone rings at the most inappropriate time – when there is a kiss scene. So as a result she gets kicked out from watching the shoot. Li Wei sent her a message mocking the diva actress. She realise that he must be nearby.

She runs out of the building wandering where he is. Suddenly it starts to rain and Li Wei comes out, pulls him coat over You Qing, rescuing her from the rain. She starts to leave but he pulls her back and wonders why they have so much fate with rain.

In a flashback we go back to where You Qing and the stalker met – at the temple that he waited at for her to turn up. She was practising her performance out in the rain when he comes out to shield her from the rain.

Back in the present, Li Wei tells her that she is cute but she angrily replies that her clothes are really expensive. He says to her “My suit isn’t cheap either. But helping you block the rain, it’ll proudly sacrifice itself. Today, you have worked hard.” (That was a beautiful quote in that situation.)


So You Qing gives in and goes to his place to change out of her drenched clothing. In the bathroom she talks to her reflection again. She asks her reflection if she knows what this place is. Her reflection replies that it is the most dangerous place in the world. She asks her reflection what is she doing here. She replies that she wants to test how ‘superior’ her ‘martial art’ is right now. Her reflection observe that there doesn’t seem to be another woman living here. Li Wei interrupts her self-to-self conservation by knocking on the door saying that he left some clothes for her.

He made her some warm milk which she was reluctant to drink at first. He then starts to blow-dry her hair. She tells him to stop and demands that he stop touching her hair. He then asks her if she minds him changing his clothes. She tells him to do what he wants. So he starts to change…in the kitchen. (Who does that?)

So she takes her chance to make her leave but is blocked at the door by Li Wei. Oh, and we get to see his toned body and his tattoo that covers his back and arms. He starts to kiss her hair but she tells him not to. He asks her what about her neck? He kiss her neck and then her lips. She gives in and kisses him back but the memory of Da Ren telling her that she lying to herself that she isn’t over Li Wei jerks her into reality. She slaps him and leaves. She wanders the street reflecting on what has happened.


Da Ren comes home to find out from his sister that it is his birthday today. She is surprised that no one gave him a birthday wish, including You Qing. He checks his e-mail and Facebook hoping that he would have gotten something from You Qing but nope, nothing. Da Ren made three birthday wishes – “First wish is that the woman I love will be healthy and happy… second wish… third wish…”


You Qing wakes up and realises that yesterday was Da Ren’s birthday. As Da Ren is leaving for work, You Qing comes singing with a birthday cake. He reminds her that his birthday was yesterday. Cheeky You Qing tells him that she was very tactful yesterday , letting Maggie have him for the whole day. As they are eating the cake, she pulls out his birthday present which is a pen. He tells her that he thought she forgot about his birthday because she was so busy. She tells him that it is not possible. As he attempts to tell her that he has broken up with Maggie, he gets interrupted when she receives a call. He leaves so she can confront what needs to be confronted. The call is from Li Wei who tells her that he wants to start again before hanging up. She screams at the phone that she won’t go back to the ‘bad grassland.’ Da Ren overhears her screaming.

You Qing goes to work to find Li Wei waiting for her. He tells her that he is here to pick her up from work but she dejects him telling him that she can go home by herself.

The next day at work she gets a call from the diva actress’ assistant apologising for the diva’s behaviour. Li Wei climbs up with her in the very tight space…

Da Ren praised at work. His superior tells him that they are thinking of promoting him to become Airport Manager at the Singapore airport.

At work Li Wei gives her a tablet which contains the inventory which he got from her boss. He knows that she is too lazy to read the user manual so he made her a simplified version of the manual. So tells him to stop doing these things. He tells her that he wants her to get used to feeling that it’s good to have him around. She refuses because she has been dependant on him before but he wanted his freedom. He pulls her into a strangle hug and tells her that he won’t ever leaver her again by giving her his passport. She wonders what to do so she calls Da Ren who is sleeping but he tells her to give him half an hour and he will be there to talk.

She asks him if she was to get back with Li Wei, would he despise her. What business is it of his to reject? She remarks that if he didn’t want her to get back together with him, he shouldn’t have given Li Wei her number. He asked if she didn’t know how to reject him. She replies that she rejected but he makes her unable to resist. He tells her that he taste in men is very bad. This makes her question why he can accept his “not bad” and she can’t give Li Wei another chance. She says, “I’m already 30 years old. It’s already been 2 years since someone has properly loved me. No one has said they love me. I have never been wild with joy. Then he appears and everyone starts to be envious and admire me. What should I do?” He tells her that she is just another conceited girl and doesn’t need his approval. He starts to leave but she calls out to him “You must take responsibility. You’re the one who pushed me into Li Wei’s fire pit.” Da Ren thinks to himself  “If I were willing to take responsibility for you for the rest of your life, then would you be willing to love me?” but instead he tells her that if she wants him to congratulate her, then he can’t do it.

At work, there is a crisis where the computer broke down. You Qing is resisting to use Li Wei’s tablet so she calls Da Ren instead. He isn;t answering his phone because he is rejecting his promotion because he has to take responsibility for someone. (Awww, that is so adorable!) She gives in and ends up using Li Wei’s tablet. She calls Li Wei telling him to meet at 7:30pm at their usual place.

When they meet up she asks him why he went to Greece and Tibet. She starts to ask something but he asks her why isn’t she asking him why he came back. He answers his own question with “Because Cheng You Qing is here. Because distance made me understand what is regret. Because I love you.” She cries and he pulls her in for a hug.


Li Wei is taking her home. Da Ren calls to ask her where she is. She lies that she is still at work and is going home now. Da Ren is going to her because he, most likely, was about to confess to her. Li Wei asks her if that call was from Da Ren. She tells him that she won’t allow anyone to change her relationship with Da Ren. I guess he won’t be confessing any time soon because he saw that she and Li Wei were holding hands. Disappointed, he tells the taxi driver to make a U-turn because his friend is home after all. 😦 Bad timing, bad, bad timing! I feel so sorry for him!

That night she calls him but he doesn’t pick up because his is too upset. (I noticed that his ringtone changed) Poor Da Ren even ends up getting sick.

You Qing runs into Maggie who is buying a pair of shoes. They start talking. Maggie tells her that she is thinking of resigning. Really? Da Ren hasn’t told her about it. Maggie tells her  that they have broken up. Maggie realises that she doesn’t know what it. She says “Da Ren Ge is really slow. No wonder you two always have unexpected mishaps. […] We broke up because… To punish Da Ren Ge, this secret I’ll let you slowly find out by yourself.” (Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, can you do a good deed and tell her already?)

She calls Da Ren asking why he didn’t tell her that he has broken up with Maggie. She finds out that Da Ren is sick and goes over to treat him. She even makes him chicken soup.

Li Ma, Tao Tao and Uncle Bai enter the house wondering who made that delicious soup. You Qing tells them that it is for Da Ren.

Before You Qing leaves, Li Ma gives her a painting of an orchid explaining that she got the inspiration when Da Ren came home with dropped spirit. She tells her that it was because he had a fall out her.

You Qing comes home to find her parents looking at the orchid Li Wei sent her.


My Opinion:

I finally realised how much You Qing like to talk to her reflection. It’s cute and very creative. I would talk to my reflection too, except it can’t talk back to me.

I am so pissed with the timing. Just when Da Ren is about to confess his feelings, Li Wei has to appear. Not that I hate Li Wei or anything but I want You Qing and Da Ren to get together already! Come on Da Ren, get yourself together and tell her how you feel. Or you will miss out your chance forever.

Li Wei is hot! Hot in both a hot body and using this to get his woman! He’s personality is so different from Da Ren’s. He will pursue his woman while Da Ren is just sitting watching as his moments pass by. Sometimes I really want to shout at Da Ren and tell him to go and tell her already. Li Wei is charming. I love his smile!

Our two leads are aware of their feelings for each other but I think they are just afraid to cross the friend barrier because they don’t want to lose their friend. I just want them together already.

I can’t wait to see the next episode. It seems as though You Qing will find Da Ren’s confession letter.


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