In Time With You Episode 11 Recap


You Qing is in a mess thinking over what Maggie just told her. While singing with his former-classmates, Da Ren cries, oblivious those those around him. You Qing asks herself “Why? Why didn’t I think of this answer? Have I thought about this answer? Yes, I did think of this answer but it was just a thought. The problem that brought about this solution was never established. Now I finally know the problem-free, answer-free Cheng You Qing and Li Da Ren has always been a problem.” You Qing continues to cry her sorrows. Li Wei looks after her.

Da Ren went to puke and when he came back, there was a present waiting for him – a girl dressed by as Sailor Moon.

You Qing wakes up to find her niece and nephew playing in her room. She sees her niece playing with some Sailor Moon-like cards. She tells her niece and nephew that in the past she wanted to be Sailor Moon.


You Qing’s alarm rings reminding her that Da Ren’s flight is at 9am.

Da Ren says his goodbyes to his mother and sister. He reminds Uncle Bai again what he promised him.

You Qing is debating where or not she should go and see him.


Da Ren gets wished good luck from his former colleagues. He turns around guess who he sees? The person that he has been hoping to see all along – You Qing. He walks towards her and the first thing she does is give him a good punch. He asks her what he didn’t tell her this time. He told her what time he is departing, his address in Singapore, his Singapore number; so what is it that he didn’t tell her? He didn’t tell her that he loves her.

He pulls her into a hug and says sorry as she cries. She pulls away from his hug and in a voice-over she says “Impossible. This way I will lose my best friend. So let me be an ostrich sticking my head in sand.” So I got worked up for nothing because it turns out that it was all You Qing’s imagination. Dear director, Stop making me get my hopes up.


In reality, Da Ren goes to sit down waiting for her to turn up. She calls her and he immediately perks up looking for her. She tells him a lie – that she overslept because Li Wei made her watch a late night movie and that she knows that he won’t blame her because their friendship is strong enough. He tells her that it is alright since he is used to her putting above friend. Actually, she did turn up at the airport but she doesn’t have the guts to face him. She tries her best to stay calm, telling him that she knows that he will be her friend till the very end. She asks him if he knows that he is her best best best friend. He tells her that of course he knows. She ends the conversation with “I don’t have to say anything and you know…so…I won’t say anything in the future… Goodbye, good friend….” After she hangs up, in an voice-over she says to Da Ren, “Goodbye, forever. Take care. In this world…I will never be able to find a second person like you.” Da Ren wipes away his tears as he takes the battery out of his phone.

He walks past her unknowingly as she hides behind a pole? In another voice-over to Da Ren she says “My Dear, please forgive me for not having the courage to look at you. My dearest you, please believe me, friendship is much more enduring than love.” (My heart just broke for him there)


She turns down her job opportunity, telling her boss that she is actually not that ambitious towards her career.

At work there is a mini shoe parade but You Qing’s mind is floating elsewhere. So Nic comes to fix her heart problems. She tells him that her “good friend loves her” so how could she go to Singapore. She tells him that she feels awkward. He explains that since Da Ren doesn’t know that she knows, so what has she got to be awkward about. However, the problem is that she knows everything. He asks her if if Henry still loves her, would she feel awkward seeing him. She tells him no because she doesn’t love him. So bingo, there she has it. She gives a rare job opportunity insists on keep a distance from him. The answer is obvious that she loves him but she denies it, knowing that she is afraid to love him.

Suddenly she imagines herself alone in the room with nothing but Maggie’s words jumping around in her head.


Da Ren arrives in Singapore, greeting by one of his new colleagues.

Da Ren unpacks a picture of You Qing. Suddenly, he has a craving for beer – not any beer but Taiwanese beer – so he goes to buy beer finding it a hell of a lot more expensive than in Taiwan. He then goes wandering off into Singapore somewhere when his mother calls asking him how he is settling into Singapore. He tells her that it’s alright, it’s just that he is lost. No need to fear because he tells him mother that he is sure he will be able to find his way. He eventually ends up in his apartment, drinks beer and gets depressed. Da Ren voice-overs “I have began a new chapter of my life” while he draws a house on his window.


You Qing voice-overs “And so, I resume the life that I was once accustomed to.”

You Qing finds out that Grace, a girl that she dislikes, has been promoted to the position that she declined.

You Qing is out at dinner with Li Wei. She orders a whole heck of food. Li Wei, noticing something was wrong with her, asks her what’s wrong. She explains that it is for celebrating her not going to Singapore. Not buying it, he asks her what happened since she is suddenly wearing her wig and insisted on going to Singapore. He tells her taht something is definitely up with her, ever since she left Da Ren’s farewell party. Ticked off, she leaves.

She wonders around and end up at the Japanese restaurant. She opened up a can of beer and then realised that she forgot her wallet, again. She really has to break her habit of forgetting her wallet. Anyway, the chef tells her that it is okay since her boyfriend guess earlier that it would happen so he left $2000 with him before he left for Singapore. Touched by this, she cries as she tells the chef that he is not her boyfriend but best friend. (Let him be your boyfriend already! Dump that Li Wei guy!)


You Qing returns home to find Li Wei sitting with her parents. Her parents immediately leave, giving them space to talk. They sit down and he asks her if she has been drinking. He remembers Da Ren telling him about how when she needed to talk, a beer allows her to vent out her problems. He apologises and makes her vent out her problems. She tells him that her boss promoted someone who she does not get along well with to brand manager. His way of comforting her is telling her to resign. He tells her that she really can’t be planning to spend her whole life selling shoes right?

Suddenly Da Ren is there-but-not-there having comforting her. He tells her that they really don’t understand her because they don’t know that she is very serious and hard-working towards her job. Li Wei then tells her that she doesn’t need to be that serious at work because after she resigns and can’t find a job, he will give her salary. Da Ren tells her that having her own salary allows her feel a sense of accomplishment, right? Li Wei tells her that she doesn’t need to put up with the humiliation just to keep the job and suffer in silence because she has him. Da Ren tells her that he will always be supportive of her and to do her best.

She tells imaginary Da Ren not to worry because she promise him that tomorrow will be better. He tells her that this is that Cheng You Qing that he knows. Li Wei then pulls her into a hug relieved, thinking that her depressed mood is because of the job and not Da Ren. She thinks to herself “I may be able to lie to the whole world but I can’t lie to myself. Indeed I am depressed. It’s because I can’t bear to lose my best friend.”

You Qing invites Maggie out for a drink because she wants to get to the bottom of what Maggie told her that night. She doesn’t want a misunderstanding to be her relationship full of awkwardness. Maggie tells her that if she doesn’t want her friendship with Da Ren to be full of awkwardness then she should take it as a misunderstanding. You Qing tells Maggie to stop joking around and just tell her what she wants to know. Maggie asks her what right she has to demand answers from when she can’t even face Da Ren. She then asks Maggie if she knows how much she hates women like her. And then some more blah blah blah blah. Maggie ends the conversation by telling her that on behalf of the moon, she is going to punish her for her hypocrisy. (I thought that was nicely said coming from Maggie.)

You Qing is left at the airport watching couples and categorising each couple into different relationships. Lost in time, she finally realises that she left a client waiting in the office. She rushes back and find that the client has been dealt with by Grace.  She gets a scoldinf from Grace for her way of dealing with things.

You Qing vents out her anger drinking and screams out Lin Da Ren.

The colleague, Ling Kai introduces Da Ren to his best friend Ping An. The Singaporean best friend are a mirror of Da Ren and You Qing’s friend. They too, like each other but they don’t know it. They take him on a tour around Singapore. Ling Kai gets two popsicles, one initially intended for Ping An, but after he saw her getting close with Da Ren, he gives the popsicle to Da Ren instead. The two friends then go fighting for the remaining popsicle. While they are fighting, Da Ren imagines You Qing coming over to give him a bite of her popsicle. Turns out that it is not for him, but for Li Wei. So he has to witness them being all lovely dovey even in Singapore.


While Da Ren is on a boat, he meets a girl that he knows, Huang Hai Yan. She introduces herself to the pair of friends as a girl who pursed Da Ren but whom he wouldn’t accept.

The four end spending the night together. Da Ren smiles and tells Ling Kai and Hai Yan that getting involved in a relationship with a good friend would be messy. Ping An gets jealous when Ling Kai gets close to Hai Yan. Da Ren takes a picture of Ping An. She asks him if she is unfeminine like that. He tells her that she looks cute like that. She asks him if he has a girlfriend. He tells her presently none as he thinks of You Qing. Ping An then jokingly says that she will be his girlfriend then. When Da Ren doesn’t reply, she tells him that she has a boyfriend already. He points to Ling Kai but she replies that her boyfriend is Jerry Yan.

Da Ren gets introduced at work and a note is passed around saying the new manager is cute.

Li Wei takes You Qing a comtemporary art gallery owned by one of his rich friends. He tells her about the job opportunity and how it is much more relaxing than her current one. She tells him that using connections to get her that job will hurt her pride and it would mean admitting defeat at her job.


At work You Qing finds out she has been switched to the merchandising department by Grace. This has made You Qing’s decision a whole lot easier. So types up her resignation letter and leaves it on her boss’ desk.

LaLa tells You Qing that Grace her own issues that she can’t let her son know. She tells You Qing that Grace has been lying to her son saying that his father is on business overseas when he is death and how she pretends to writes letters to him from his father. Worse thing is that she witness her husband’s death herself. She tells her not to take everything to hardly since Grace is actually a nice person, it’s just that is intentionally acting tough to stop herself breaking crumbling into pieces.

You Qing has dinner with her boss who tells her that her switch to the merchandise department was planned by her. She wants to rotate You Qing to all of the departments in the shortest amount of time so she can quickly promote her to Manager of Taiwan. Grace was initially going to be Manager of Taiwan but she volunteered to be Manager of South-east Asia instead because she doesn’t want her to split her up with her boyfriend.

You Qing drops the bomb-shell to Li Wei that she is not going to quit her job any more. Li Wei is not happy. He tells her that she is too competitive and obstinate and that even his boss could tell that about her. She asks him isn’t the one that he loves is the current her? He tells her that she is all about work. He asks her if he something was to happen to him and she was busy at work, what would she choose – work or him? She doesn’t answer and he strongly asks her if she has to consult Da Ren before making her decision. Oooo, anyway, he reminds her that he is going to Malaysia tomorrow and he will give her time to think it out.


You Qing is out eating when she gets a call from Li Ma asking her to switch a light bulb because Li Ma is scared of heights, Tao Tao is afraid of electricity and Uncle Shu is out on a show trip. Li Ma feels bad because Da Ren doesn’t have the fortune to have You Qing. Li Ma then gives her some good advice about Grace.

You Qing apologises to Maggie. She gives Maggie a pair of shoes and asks her for a favour – if she knows any stewardess friends flying on the US route.


It’s Henry and LaLa’s marriage day. However, LaLa is mad at Henry for losing the rings. So You Qing and Grace are sent to find the rings in the couple’s hotel room. You Qing freaks out as she finds out that Li Wei’s flight has occurred an accident and made a rough emergency landing. Grace helps to calm You Qing down and tells her to call the company as she does the same thing.

She has thought of someone to call – Da Ren. Happy to see her pop up on his phone but then the mood changes as she tells him what happened. One call from You Qing and Da Ren is a mad dasher seeing what he can do.


Da Ren quickly runs back to his office, calling people and organising people to find out what happened with the plane. On his way to the airport, You Qing calls. He tells her what he found and soothes her.

You Qing makes an immediate decision to fly to Singapore. Da Ren is surprised to see her there at Singapore. They are told of the rescue helicopter. You Qing goes to wait anxiously for Li Wei to arrive. Li Wei comes out with a few scratches and an injured arm. Turns out he is not only a survivor, but a saviour too, saving other people. She tells him that of course she would choose him over work. Li Wei takes this as the perfect opportunity to propose to her which she accepts.

Li Wei announces to the world that he is getting married and Da Ren’s heart just broke. (I honestly don’t know how much more his heart can break and how much further depressed he can get.)

Grace goes home to give her son a letter from his “father”. There was also a present to him from his “father”. Together the mother and son open the package. The son got a batman and Grace got a Sailor Moon figure. So this present is from You Qing.


Li Wei and You Qing return to Taipei to find a crowd of reporters wanting to interview Li Wei. You Qing takes this chance to slip away and make a call to Da Ren, not Da Ren’s Singapore number. She doesn’t reach him so she leaves him a message thanking him for helping her and loving her.


My Opinion:

Okay, so You Qing has finally determined her feelings for Da Ren but she is afraid to fall in love with him. Makes no sense, but anyway, she knows that is not what she really feels yet she agreed to Li Wei’s proposal. Maybe she is unsure of her love for Li Wei or maybe it was just happened at that time so she has no choice but to accept. I don’t know, but it is going to be bad for Li Wei when she rejects him. HAHA!

Da Ren, Da Ren, Da Ren! I really don’t know how much more his heart can sink. Each time I see him, it is just a sad depressed face. I want to see him happy. This is all You Qing’s fault!

And what Da Ren said about You Qing is true, she is an arrogant girl. She wants everything her way and sometimes I even feel bad for Li Wei. Or maybe it’s just Li Wei who loves her too much. But then I don’t think it’s true because he makes her angry and then goes all lovey dovey on her.

I just want You Qing and Da Ren together already.

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