In Time With You Episode 9 Recap

So I think this is the first episode that continues off where it last ended. The other episodes all had some random beginnings.


As soon as Li Wei leaves to take his call, Da Ren and You Qing go back to fighting for the envelope. He doesn’t want her to see the content but she knows that the content is about her so she is more than eager to see it. She comes to the conclusion that he has written a complaint to Teacher Meng which he plays off of. He tells her that it is a complaint and it must be her guilty conscience or else how would she have the confidence to have this kind of self knowledge. They continue to fight over the envelope and end up tearing the envelope into two pieces. She quickly keeps her piece before Da Ren can take it back.

Li Wei comes back and the mood is sour. Li Wei becomes the middle man between the two friends. The two friends keep on throwing remarks at each other. Li Wei makes conversation by saying how he admires their friendship. You Qing says that the conditions in this friendship is because someone decided to be the “fool”. Da Ren remarks how she likes to be the “female lead”; “centre of the world” and how everyone must be her “supporting cast” to carry her anger and sorrows and how you can never ignore her requests. After hearing this, You Qing is no longer in the mood to eat so she demands to have her food on take-away.

After sending her home, he asks her about what happened at the restaurant. So tells him that it is a matter between herself and Da Ren. He makes her tell him because he is the “outsider” in all of this, which he is. She tells him that she accidentally found out that he wrote a complaint about her in high school. He takes his opportunity to tell her to break off all relations with Da Ren. She strongly tells him that she is not a girl who falls in love and forgets about her friends. He still thinks that there is “something” going on with the two friends or else why won’t she want to marry him? She just tells him that he hasn’t proposed yet. He smirks, telling her to just wait.


Da Ren deletes a message on his phone and then starts playing on his ukulele. We hear him singing the song the got ripped by by him and You Qing.

You Qing is trying to figuring out what is on the paper. Unfortunately her piece of the paper only contains the end sentences. All she could make out was that he was calling her arrogant. Meanwhile, Da Ren stuck his ripped piece of paper onto a non-ripped piece of paper and wrote out the missing words. His mother and sister comes in one by one and the both innocently get a scolding from him. Li Ma wants to repaint the house. She and Tao Tao start quarrelling on colour choices. Da Ren comes out and slashes out at the two women yelling at them is it that hard to occasionally get along with each other. (Fierce Da Ren!)


Work isn’t going too well for Da Ren either. He has to re-do his his proposal. He feels that everything has come crashing down at him at once.

“Frustrated, I’m really very frustrated with myself. I don’t know why I’m being mediocre and unambitious. I’m frustrated not knowing what is there for me to fight for? I randomly get angry. Frustrated that I was defeated, that I’ve been rejected. Other than these things…I feel…that there is an even deeper frustration about to break out.”

He decides to have a chat with Li Wei.

He starts telling him that he and You Qing weren’t actually close in high school and the story behind Lu Xin Di. He then explains that the statement ‘egocentrism’ is unfair towards her to Li Wei.

“I know she is arrogant. That’s because she works hard enough and allows me to experience her difference. But at the same time, she feels inferior because she realised she is different from the others.

In this world no on can understand. So sometimes you must be her mirror to let her see the real Cheng You Qing. She needs someone to constantly remind her of her weak points and at the same time remind her how good she is.

But don’t change her completely. Let her keep the habits that she is already used to. Because those small things is what makes her Cheng You Qing.

She likes the feeling of her heart palpitating. However, she also regrets it. I know you are an expert in what you do but don’t use strange techniques on her. Just use your heart sincerely.

She regularly needs chats. Sometimes with a can of beer, she can be more mature.

When she has things she can’t think through and doesn’t want to talk, she would hide in a book. During this time, please don’t bother her. Wait until she has calmed down, until she has absorbed all the nutrients. She will again mysteriously appear in front of you. “

Li Wei tells him not to tell him how to love his own girlfriend. He doesn’t want to care about Da Ren but how could he not care when his is his girlfriend’s good friend who is in love with her. Da Ren finally realises why You Qing never got his text. He tells Li Wei that he is disgusting and reminds him to remember that he must cherish Cheng You Qing well because the enemy is always at his right or left.

As he leaves, Li Wei tells him that he and You Qing are getting engaged. He tells him that engagement is not the end. When Li Wei tells him that he can skip the engagement and directly get married, Da Ren tells him that marriage is also another beginning.

Henry proposes to LaLa with giant balloon. Henry’s ex-ex-girlfriend asks her if she is envious. Henry’s ex-ex-girlfriend tells her that she isn’t envious even though she clearly is.

Cheng Ba has to take care of all the household chores because Cheng Ma is at the hospital. You Qing tries to understand what love is so she speaks to her father. She tells him that she didn’t know that he loved her mum. Cheng Pa explains what love is in reference to Cheng Ma.

At work, Henry bugs her for being jealous of his earth-shattering proposal which she despises of.


You Qing visits her mother in hospital and learns that Da Ren has come to visit her. You Qing wonders how Da Ren would know that she was admitted to hospital since she didn’t tell him about it. Her mother thought that You Qing was the one who told him but then she remembered she posted it on Facebook.

Li Wei comes to visit Cheng Ma with a cake. (Hmmm, pretty cake box. Do they always wrap up cake so beautifully in Taiwan?) As she is closing up Li Wei’s briefcase, she notices a ring box. She thinks that he is going to propose to her. She acts strangely as he pulls the ring box out, almost hyperventilating. Okay, not hyperventilating but scared, afraid. The ring is actually for his boss’ wife’s birthday. She breaths a sigh of relief after hearing that.


Da Ren makes it up to the two princess that he made mad. He apologises to his mother and gives her a bouquet of flower. He also tells her to choose what colour to paint his room since he has bad taste. He apologises to his sister by giving her a present. After settling two princess, there is still one more to please.


You Qing coincidentally run into Da Ren as they pay their respects to Teacher Meng. They left with Da Ren trailing behind her, just like the old days. She smiles to herself but is disappointed when she turns around to see him not there any more.

While she waits at the bus stop, Da Ren comes to sit beside her with a bottle of water. He asks her if she really didn’t receive his text message. She tells him that since she is not the centre of the world, he doesn’t need to report to her. He apologises and admits that he as a friend, he got jealous when she didn’t tell him that she reconciled with Li Wei. Whatever you say ‘friend’! So these two are on normal terms again. She tells him about Henry’s earth-shattering proposal. He asks her if she is envious. She tells him that of course she is, because who doesn’t want to have a person who is willing to do something earth-shattering for them? He asks her what she would do if someone did something earth-shattering for her but didn’t let her know. She tells him that if someone did something earth-shattering for her but didn’t let her know, then that person would be hateful because they made her lose the chance of being touched and mysteriously caused her to become an idiot who doesn’t know gratitude and happiness. She tells him that she will give that person two punches if they exist. (Awwww, poor Da Ren! He did many unknown earth-shattering things for you!) She looks over at him and makes him tell her what he did. He tells her that he slashed the jackass’ (the guy who went on over 100 blind dates) car tire twice.

Looking at You Qing, he thinks to himself “I will strive not to fall in love with you. I will try very very hard not to fall in love with you.”

LaLa asks You Qing if it would be rude to ask Henry’s ex-girlfriend, Sun Li, to be her bridesmaid. You Qing assures her that it is not. She asks LaLa why she didn’t think of asking her to be one of the bridesmaid. LaLa tells her that Henry said that she likes to be the “centre of the world” so instead they ask her to be the main person at the reception which she accepts. Paranoid, she asks her sister and friends why they didn’t ask her to be a bridesmaid in their wedding and they all answer something alone the lines of what LaLa mentioned.

She even asks Xin Di who reminds her that they weren’t on talking terms when she got married. They talk about Henry’s earth-shattering proposal. She asks You Qing if LaLa accepted the proposal. You Qing tells her that of course LaLa would agree to such an earth-shattering gesture. Xin Di tells her that she can’t be sure because she didn’t even care that Da Ren went to the same university as her. Xin Di tells her that his results could have gotten him into the media faculty of a prestigious university but he gave it all up to go to the same uni her.


Da Ren comes home to find You Qing waiting at his doorsteps for him. She punches him twice and then confronts him with the news she lernt from Xin Di. He tells her that they weren’t even friends in high school so why would he do that for her and he never wanted to study media anyway. She apologises for hurting him and offers for him to give her two punches but as a man, he denies saying that if he returns the punches, he doesn’t know how much apologies that he has to make to calm her down.

She leaves to get beer so they can drink and talk. He thinks to himself “I will try my best not to fall in love with you.”

In a flashback, Da Ren becomes the top scorer while You Qing flunked and couldn’t get into her desired course or uni. Her teacher suggested that she study marketing at another uni. He finds out which uni You Qing enrolled herself into and he enrolled himself there too.


After buying the beers, she receives a call from Li Wei asking her to buy him beef noodles because he wants to see her. So she has to cancel with Da Ren. (Poor Da Ren!) After receiving her call, Da Ren gets depressed and says to himself “I must…work hard…to not love you.”

So she arrives at Li Wei’s place with the beef noodles that he requested but finds him asleep. She placed the noodles in a bowl, drank beer alone, placed a blanket on him and looked at his sleeping face before leaving. In the morning Li Wei wakes up to find a note from You Qing telling him to heat up the noodles. Brushing his teeth in the kitchen, he sees the beer cans and recalls what Da Ren said to him about when she wanted to talk, a beer was her best friend.

Cheng Ma finally returns home and insists on seeing the kitchen because she is sure it will be full of cockroaches.


You Qing is going to drive Da Ren nuts soon. He keeps hallucinating that You Qing is at his office, mocking him about this and that. He keeps on telling himself that he must try hard. (A sign that you love her too much)

To get his mind off of her, his goes drinking with his buddies. The friends are in different stages of a relationship but they toast to singlehood.


You Qing is waiting if the office balcony where Li Wei told her to meet him. She is staring at the earth-shattering balloon wondering if Li Wei is going to propose to her. Should she accept if he proposes? Li Wei comes and tell her that he got the case. You Qing breathes a big sigh of relief.

The party starts dispersing. The last guys asks Da Ren what You Qing is to him. He asks him if he could possibly love her. He tells him to quickly find a leading lady in his life and how good it is to have somebody who would care for when you are drunk blah blah blah, all of which Da Ren agrees to.


He goes home and pukes. He imagines You Qing giving him a glass of water and then kicking him off the bed because he smells. Back in reality, he tells himself yet again that he will try hard not to love her.


You Qing gets dragged by Li Wei to a party celebrating his success. Obviously, she is bored out of her mind. She texts him saying that she wants to leave first but he texts back saying that this is his night and how could he not be without her. So You Qing sits alone, bored out of her mind. She goes on Facebook and smiles when she sees a picture of Da Ren. Noticing that she is bored out of her mind, Li Wei sends his secretary to accompany her while he socialises with his friends.

Anyway, You Qing makes her escape and calls Da Ren. He is asleep but wakes up just for her. (Awww, cute!) Then he is there-but-not-there talking with You Qing. She tells him that what he said was right, she does like to be the “female lead.” However, this time she offers to be the “supporting role” in his life. She is willing to be his bridesmaid. Hearing this, his heart shattered – and mines too. (He doesn’t want you as a bridesmaid, he wants you to be his “female lead”!

So while You Qing is out talking with Da Ren, Li Wei thinks she is in the bathroom. He makes his grand proposal to her in front all of his colleagues. His proposes to her in front of the toilet. When he finds out that his soon-to-fiance is a toilet bowl, he storms out to find her talking with Da Ren. (Awks for him because he is getting married to a toilet bowl! And really who wants to get proposed to while they are doing there business? Worst memorable experience ever!)

He gives her a scolding. Meanwhile, Da Ren is more depressed than ever. He drowns his sadness in more beers. He screams out Cheng You Qing.


You Qing is preparing for work. As she opens the door, she screams as she finds Li Wei who has obviously been waiting for her the whole night. He proposes to her again – well not propose as he just grabs her hand and puts the ring onto her finger. The ring is too big for her and just slips out. Li Wei tells her that he will just go and change the size but she tells him that it must be a sign that they are not ready to get married yet.

As Li Wei is doing his proposal, Da Ren tells his supervisor that he is willing to take the transfer to Singapore. (My heart breaks yet again).


My Opinion:

My heart broke for Da Ren so many times in this episode. I even cried when she told him that she only wants to be his supporting role. I swear, if he just told her how he feels he would be a whole lot happier. He keeps only telling himself that he will work hard to not fall in love with her but we all know that it is not going to happen because he is crazy about her. If he doesn’t tell his feelings soon, his head is going to explode! Every time that I see Da Ren wanting to confess but gets interrupted, I feel so bad for him.

We all know that deep down You Qing loves Da Ren but she doesn’t see it yet. I really want her to tell Da Ren that she loves him because I can’t bear to watch him all depressed for her.

You Qing and Li Wei’s relationship is completely different to Da Ren and Maggie’s relationship. There is more love towards You Qing’s and Li Wei’s relationship. She is dating him because she feels love towards him while Da Ren was dating Maggie because he was trying to determine his true feelings towards You Qing.

Anyway, I hope Da Ren does the transfer so she can realise how much she misses having him around and then realise that she loves him.

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