In Time With You Episode 10 Recap

Another first in this drama. It starts off with Da Ren and not You Qing!

The episode begins with Da Ren lying on his bed agonising over what Li Wei screamed into the phone during his failed proposal night. His phone rings but he ignores it. Shortly afterwards, he gets a text from You Qing telling him not to make a fuss over Li Wei. However, he isn’t fussed about him – he is fussed about himself.

You Qing gets a call from a scamming company posing as the Transport Adjudication who tells her that she has a fine to pay by today or else she would be in trouble. She starts rattling off a series of questions to give her he car license plate and place of residence etc. She ends off saying that she takes public transport because she doesn’t have a car. And so the scammers end the call. HUH! Trying to cheat a woman like her!

Da Ren and Uncle Bai chat the Japanese restaurant. He tells Uncle Bai to take good care of his family while he is at Singapore. Uncle Bai tells him that it is not bothersome and that he is more than happy to do so. The chef asks Da Ren where is girlfriend is. Da Ren hesitates before answering “She…is busy. Uncle  Bai asks him what he is going to do about You Qing. He answers that he doesn’t need to worry about her because she has a girlfriend already.

Li Ma is picking colours to paint the house when Da Ren takes this opportunity to tell her to go to Tao Tao’s music competition. He then tells her that he is going to be transferred to Singapore. Li Ma is upset and doesn’t want him to leave but he tells her that it’s been confirmed.


Uncle Bai, Li Ma and Da Ren go to see Tao Tao’s music competition. Tao Tao is surprised to see her mother there.


During the performance, Da Ren gets constant texts from You Qing claiming that he is avoiding her. He explains that he hasn’t been avoiding, but is busy preparing to leave for Singapore. This prompts her to call him. He leaves to answer her call. Then she is there-but-not-there. She asks him why he decided to go to Singapore after his rejection. In his mind he thinks “Because I have to work hard…” but instead he tells her that it is because she told him not to give up. He tells her that he doesn’t want to be trapped in Taipei so he wants to move to another city. Even if he is trapped there, he would be able to have the travel-like feeling.

You Qing doesn’t answer and starts to have tears forming in her eyes. She then answers that they need to change or else they would soon be dull. Our Da Ren gets even more depressed.

Da Ren and his mother return from the competition. She keeps on complaining – maybe complaining is too soft of a word – about how her daughter didn’t place and what kind of lyrics that was. She tells Da Ren that she hopes that the lyrics is not about her. Da Ren reassures her that it is not because the lyrics are about a boyfriend’s mother who doesn’t like her son’s girlfriend. Ahhh, so she realises that the girlfriend is Tao Tao. She then says how that mother has no taste because he daughter is a good find how how the judges have bad taste because the song was definitely worth a place in her opinion.


You Qing is wondering why she is all depressed. She tells herself that it is not because of Da Ren but really, it is because of Da Ren.

Tao Tao returns home drunk. The wonderful brother of hers gives her a piggy back.


You Qing is in the bathroom asking her reflection why her mood is so down. (Let me answer that – you are sad about Da Ren!) She tells her reflection how everyday is the same.

You Qing is doing some work with Li Wei. Her reflection has popped out of the mirror and is a You Qing twin. Her twin tells her that if she doesn’t want everyday to be the same, then she has to change. She tries to “change” the moment by asking Li Wei to go for a walk with her, whether he wants tea or if he wants to eat pancakes.


She decides to get a “change” by going to the hair salon. She returns home with her new hairdo, turns out it was what I suspected – it was a wig. Phew! I liked her long hair. She takes a picture of herself and sends it to Li Wei. Li Wei calls her to scold her for getting a haircut with discussing it with him. (Really? So now she has to discuss with you that she wants to get a haircut? What next? She has to discuss with you when she does her number 1’s and 2’s, what she wears and what she eats?) She gets pissed off and tells him that it is HER hair and not his. (Well, why don’t you consult with her that you want to comb your hair!?)

She goes to work and her colleagues all compliment her. Nic walks in and says that she is always making big changes.  She tells him that that is the best compliment that she has heard. He tells her that it is not a compliment, it is a fact. She asked him what he is doing her and he says that the boss called for a sudden meeting. I don’t think You Qing knew about this sudden meeting because she seemed surprise.

The boss called this sudden meeting because one of the district chiefs has decided to resign because she wanted to “change her life” but as to how she is going to “change her life”, she hasn’t figured it out yet. The boss is looking for someone to fill that position. No one volunteers but You Qing seems to be thinking about it as she recalls “If I don’t wish to keep living the same lifestyle, then I should make a change.”


Da Ren’s former classmates hold him a farewell party at Xin Di’s ginormous and extravagant  place. They all have a great time. Da Ren even gives You Qing a thumbs-up for her hair cut. One of Da Ren’s friend, Di Shu gets drunk and screams out asking who stole his youth before falling asleep. Zzzz… They drag him off to the side. Xin Di grabs the microphone and asks Da Ren about the song he wrote. He denies and mention some of his friends’ songs which everyone sings together.


Da Ren and You Qing have the honour of sending the drunk Di Shu home. From the balcony, Di Shu screams out for the two BFF’s to tell him that they love him. He then makes the BFF’s tell each other that they love each other. (If only they said that willingly…)

As they walk home, he asks her if Ding Li Wei harassed her today. She tells him that she didn’t pick up because sometimes, love needs a vacation too. Looking at her from behind he says to himself “This kind of Cheng You Qing is nice to look at. I can never get tired of looking at her. What a pity.” He asks her how she can bear to cut her hair after growing it out for so long. She spills that it is actually a wig.

As they are walking, we get a flashback to the time when You Wing was eating at the Japanese restaurant but forgot to bring her wallet. She ate a lot – $1280 worth. Luckily Da Ren came to save the day. He has enough to pay for her share but not for his share. The owner tells them that it is fine; they just have to come to the restaurant often which they obviously did.

Back at the present, the two turn up at the Japanese restaurant. She talks about the habits that she has to change to Da Ren – habits such as forgetting her wallet, loving to drink beer, eating late night snacks but most importantly, her habit for finding him to talk.

At home, Tao Tao is teaching her mother how to chat online. She hops onto her laptop to demonstrate how it works. Her mother tells her through online chat that she thought her song was  actually good. Tao Tao types back ‘This is better than getting first place’ because she is too shy to tell her face-to-face. Turns out that You Qing gave Li Ma the laptop so she will be able to communicate with Da Ren when he is in Singapore.

Da Ren and You Qing chat online. He thanks her for giving his mother a Viewpad. Da Ren was almost, almost, about to confess his feelings online but she intercepts telling him that her mother wants to host a farewell party for him tomorrow. (Bad, bad, bad timing again or he types too slow!)

Her mother tells her to invite Li Wei over. That means she has to call him. He immediately asks her why she was ignoring him the whole day. She tells him that she didn’t feel like arguing with him. He tells her that he actually likes her with her short hair, it’s just he misses her long hair. Anyway, before she could invite him to the farewell party, he invites her to a dinner that his boss invited him too. And she has to go because she is his girlfriend. Leaving her with no choice, she tells Da Ren that won’t be there tomorrow night. And we get to see another depressed face of Da Ren. 😦

She turns up for the dinner and he apologises for yesterday. He takes her to see his boss. The boss asks if she is his new girlfriend. He has to re-introduce that she is the same girlfriend from the success party. The boss encourages them to get married. He tells her that she only needs to resign when she becomes a mother. She tells the boss that she isn’t sure whether she and Wei has the same criteria for a “good wife” and “good mother”. So that’s probably why they need more time to get to know each other.


At the Cheng household, the dinner has finished and Da Ren is playing Mahjong with Cheng Ba, Cheng Ge andthe brother-in-law. They talk about what makes a good wife. Cheng Ge retorts that if is no wonder that You Qing can’t get married. Cheng Ba says that a wife like You Qing can be a friend, a mentor and also a lover.


Li Wei takes You Qing home. She has a talk with him. She tells him that if he needs a wife would resign for him, then he is wasting time on her. He tells her that she hasn’t even accepted his proposal so it would be better if they talk about it after they get married. She makes a comparison – if he would allow her to go travel for a year. He tells her that he wouldn’t allow it. He leans over and tells her that he never thought of her as a possession and that he only has one choice – to agree with her. She walks off tell her that they really can’t have this discussion. He catches up to her, pulls her into a hug and tells her that she has changed so much that he has no choice but to love her even more. He tells her that he will agree to her but “Except for one thing I will not give in. No matter where you go, you must take me along. Because I have no way to live in a city with out you.” (That is such a cute and romantic quote but I still stand by Da Ren!)  The two make out. Da Ren overhears the entire conversation and watches as they make out. (Poor, poor Da Ren!)


You Qing returns home to find that Da Ren is still there and witness her making out with Li Wei. She is embarrassed but he just teases her that by repeating the “I can’t live without you” sentence from Li Wei.

He takes his leave and for the next few days, he imagines her world without her. 😦 (Poor Da Ren! You make my heart ache!)

The boss tells You Qing that the most compatible person to take up the position for their branch office is You Qing. Coincidentally, the new branch office is located in Singapore! Her first instinct is to call Da Ren but then remembers that she has to change her habit of talking to him. So she calls Nic to have a chat with him.

She gets a text from Maggie reminding her about the work farewell party.

She tells him of her dilemma – she wants to go but her boyfriend doesn’t want her to go. Nic tells her that she doesn’t seem like a woman who would be tied down by love. She tells him that to keep a relationship going, you need to sacrifice and have compromises. She tells him that if the location was elsewhere it would be okay, but it’s Singapore where her best friend will be soon. Nic solves her dilemma by telling her to pick what comes up on her mind first – boyfriend or Singapore. She doesn’t answer but he tells her that if she has an answer in her heart, then she should move on towards that answer. Just then, Nic’s boyfriend came. Nic and his boyfriend share a kiss as they leave. (Oh Nic, you are such a cutey!)

You Qing goes to find Li Wei in his office. He is pleased to find that her long hair still exists. She tells him that he has to accompany her somewhere since she accompanied him to his boss’ dinner. She tells him that it is a farewell dinner for Da Ren. He was reluctant at first but after some persuasion from her, he agreed. She then drops the bomb-shell of Singapore and asks him for two years. He tells her no. She tells him that she really hates her repetitive work and how this is a rare opportunity to allow her to know what else she can do. He tells her that he can get her another job at another company or whatever she wants as long as she stays in Taipei.

She cries as she tells him that she wants to prove herself what she can do by gaining it herself, not with his help. She asks for a year and then half a year. He tells her that the only way she is going is if they break up. (Break up, break up, break up!) She continues to cry as she tells him “I know I am selfish. I know I am greedy. I want you but yet I also want myself. But I think…it should be impossible.” She was about to leave as she pulls her into a strangle hug and tells her three months.


You Qing brings Li Wei to the farewell party. Li Wei gets jealous that she is close to Da Ren’s colleagues. Maggie then calls You Qing to sing a sad love song with her. Li Wei even congratulates Da Ren for his promotion.Maggie still obviously loves Da Ren because she keeps looking at him.  During a break of the song, Maggie tells You Qing that she finally knows the reason why Da Ren decided to go to Singapore – “Because he can’t love you.” She thinks that she got it all wrong but Maggie explains that he told her and that was the reason why they broke up. (I don’t know why, but I cried here. Probably for Maggie or Da Ren or that You Qing finally knows the truth. Or maybe it was for all of it.)


My Opinion:

I actually felt bad for Maggie in this episode. I disliked her from the beginning but now I like her. It is obvious that she still loves Da Ren but she can’t have him. Maggie can’t have Da Ren, Da Ren can’t have You Qing, You Qing doesn’t know she loves Da Ren and Li Wei doesn’t get You Qing. *Sighhhh* I really hope Maggie gets someone in the end.

Da Ren, Da Ren, Da Ren. Poor Da Ren. This is probably the episode that I have seen Da Ren the most depressed in. I have lost count of how many times he got depressed. It is so unfair how Da Ren has to be depressed while You Qing is all happy with her boyfriend. Come on You Qing, work out who you really love in your heart. Make life happier for people, for Da Ren and for yourself. Poor Da Ren. I just can’t stand to see him depressed any more.

I think I am in live with Nic and his smile. So cute! After Da Ren, I really thinks that he would match You Qing as a couple. I feel as though he has matured after what he did to You Qing. He thinks great advice! I am glad that Nic and You Qing are friends.

The preview of episode 11 just broke my heart. So shattering. Da Ren. Poor Da Ren! 😦

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  1. deborah joy ong (@xDebja) April 9, 2013 at 8:10 pm Reply

    thanks for the recaps! may I know which episode when Da Ren is holding the signboard of Chen You Qing? thanks! it was the flashback in this episode

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