In Time With You Episode 12 Recap


This episode starts off with Ping An watching our male lead drown his sorrows in beer – I really wonder how his liver is going to hold up – while our female lead who is also having a beer voice-overs “Each moment is staged with laughter. Each time is also staged with tears. And those, there are those who are heartbroken. And there are others who suddenly become flustered. Yes, that’s right. I said ‘Yes, I do’ because I love Ding Li Wei. So it is not possible for me to be in love with Ding Li Wei and at the same time think of Li Da Ren. Therefore, I love Ding Li Wei which equals it is not possible for me to be in love with Li Da Ren.” (Oh gosh, even saying this means you love Li Da Ren!)

Da Ren gets himself fully wasted so Ping An has to carry him home. He pukes all over the bathroom and ends up falling asleep in the bathtub with his clothes on. Ping An has to rescue him from catching a cold. She helps him change into a new set of clothes, with a towel covering certain areas of his so Ping An doesn’t have to her eyes ruined. She then piggy back him to his bed. (What a strong woman!)


The next morning Li Ma calls him up all worriedly because she couldn’t contact him last night. She is all ready to catch a plane to Singapore so she can look after him. Uncle Bai protested what would he do if she moves to Singapore. So her plan to move to Singapore doesn’t succeed. (While I was watching this, I was wondering what she would do about Tao Tao if she moves to Singapore)


The Cheng family is all happy because Cheng Ma finally has her cast removed – yippee! – when Li Wei announces his is going to come over. Cheng Ge is trying to get his sister to invest in his business but she refuses. Li Wei butts in saying that he can invest in his business. Cheng Ge tells him that this is family business but Li Wei tells him that it is not a problem when he announces that he and You Qing are getting married. Cheng Ge then blurts out that Cheng Ma’s plan failed.


Later that night Cheng Ma explains to You Qing that she didn’t object her getting back together with Li Wei was because she wanted her to realise that the one she actually likes, the one the suits her best is Da Ren.

You Qing lies in bed telling her mother to stop thinking about her and Da Ren getting together because he already has a new girlfriend, thinking that it is Ping An. After Cheng Ma leaves, You Qing is left trying to convince herself that the one she loves she loves is Da Ren Li Wei and not Li Wei Da Ren.

Da Ren comes to thank Ping An awkwardly after what happened that night. She reassures him that she didn’t see anything that she shouldn’t see. LOL. They have lunch and they both admit that they are on the same boat – loving their respective best friends. She blackmails Da Ren not to tell Ling Kai or else she will tell everyone that he let her take off his pants. LOL. They both fear the same thing – if the relationship doesn’t work out, they can’t even be friends.

Li Wei takes You Qing to announce to his family about the marriage. Because they are really busy people, they are going to skip the engagement. His grandmother wants to Li Wei to get married on the 28th of next month. You Qing is all pissed and pulls Li Wei over for a talk. She tells him that it’s too quick and how marriage is a tedious process. (Or maybe you should just tell him you don’t want to get married to him) He tells her that his 90 grandmother wants him to get married so quickly because she is afraid she won’t be able to live to see the day he gets married. So You Qing has no choice but to agree to this because who wants to offend a 90 year old grandmother?


Li Wei has inboxed her the schedule. I am surprised she even has time to breathe.

They start planning their life together but don’t agree on anything together – the house, the wedding invitations or the wedding dress. He wants an outrageously big house but she wants to divide the cost and get a smaller house and he wants to get her a custom-made dress from Paris.

Xin Di manages to find room in her busy schedule to hold a bachelorlette party for her making it another class reunion.

Da Ren gets a call from Maggie asking to meet. Turns out she is here to on an advanced honeymoon with her Romeo – really, his name is Romeo. He asks her if she is getting married and she says that she hopes so. She even makes her Romeo tell Da Ren “Thank you for having such poor taste so Maggie and I can be together.” LOL. Romeo leaves and Maggie asks Da Ren if he has made any progress with You Qing. She spills that she told You Qing everything – how he loves her – and Da Ren realises that is the reason why he hasn’t received any calls from her.

Maggie, Romeo, Da Ren, Ling Kai and Ping An go out for a lunch. Here it is revealed that Maggie has met Romeo for 28 days and they have been dating for 7 days. LOL, I found that so funny. Maggie urges Da Ren to call her telling him “She didn’t take any steps, but why don’t you take the next step?” He tells her “What should I say when I call her? Congratulations on your wedding?” Maggie is surprised that You Qing is going to get married.


Da Ren leaves to take a breather with Ping An trailing behind. (For once someone is trailing Da Ren not the other way around). When he spots Ling Kai from afar her tells her “Ping An, no matter what please don’t repeat the same mistake I made.” With that, he leans of Ping An telling her that they are making a bet and then saying “At least it is better than not doing anything.” She asks him what they are betting on. He replies “Let’s bet to see if somebody will like you from now on. The wager is ten thousand.” Ping An goes all cutesy asking him if it is in Singaporean dollars or Taiwan dollars. He tells her that it is in Euro dollars. He lets go leaving wondering how she is going to pay up if she loses. Meanwhile, we see Ling Kai getting jealous and sulking off.

Da Ren gets invited to the bacholorlette party telling Ping An over the phone that he is using the excuse that he can’t take leave from work. Ling Kai is hiding behind the door, witnessing how Ping An and Da Ren appear to be. Hehehe, Ling Kai, go after Ping An and prove to Da Ren that the relationship will work out.

You Qing tells Henry of her problems and how she hasn’t contacted Da Ren yet. Henry tells her that something must be up. He then gives her the best advice ever to solve all of her problems – don’t get married. (I really like how everyone around her is trying to get her to realise that she loves Da Ren while she is trying to tell herself that she doesn’t love Da Ren.)

So You Qing and Li Wei continues to argue about everything. It seems as if Li Wei is the one planning the whole wedding here. He tells her that the wedding invitations are all done and gives her instructions to write the addresses and then give it to the post office to mail it out.

You Qing returns home to see her mother crying over a drama. Her father immediately leaves to allow the mother and daughter to talk. You Qing tells her mother to raise some objections towards the wedding so she can have strength to go on because she is tired of all of this, of arguing with Li Wei.

Her mother makes a comparison – a marriage must have a lead singer and a back-up singer. However, both she and Li Wei likes to be the lead singer. So if the both like to snatch the mic, how will it work? You Qing asks her if she just has to pass the mic to Li Wei? Cede? Cede what? Her mother tells her that ceding doesn’t end with the wedding. She will have to cede the next 10, 20, 30 years and for the rest of her life. Her mother continues to say that there needs to be a mutual understanding in a marriage. She tells You Qing to carefully consider herself living with Li Wei.


That night she dreams of herself living with Li Wei in the outrageously large house. She cooks dinner and calls Li Wei out for dinner but he just walks off ignoring her. Then a couple comes claiming that this is there house. She walks off saying that she made a mistake. She then arrives at a cosy home saying that this is more like her type of home. She goes to the kitchen to prepare food when she hears someone coming in. She turns around to see…Li Wei.

She jerks herself awake saying that she is in love with Ding Li Wei and can’t be in love with Li Da Ren at the same time and that dreams and reality are opposites. (Just say it, you are in love with Li Da Ren!)

Da Ren is swimming when Ling Kai has come to have a talk with him. Ling Kai apologises to Da Ren on Ping An’s behalf if she has done something wrong in the past and tells him not to make Ping An misunderstand. He tells her him might pursue Ping An since the girl he likes is moving on so he should move on too. Basically, Da Ren is telling Ling Kai to determine his true feelings for Ping An.

You Qing handed her wedding invitation to Uncle Bai and Li Ma personally. Li Ma is stunned that is getting married to Li Wei and not to her boy. Okay, not that, but Li Ma is stunned. Uncle Bai and Li Ma called Da Ren to ask about the marriage. Li Ma is shocked that he knows about the marriage. Li Ma figures that Da Ren and You Qing does have problem. Uncle Bai gives Da Ren some advice – “There are some things which are never too late for.” However, Li Ma thinks it is too late since the invitations have already been passed out. Da Ren smiles and says that seeing his mother and Uncle Bai squeezing to get into the small screen seems like a happy wedding photo.

Da Ren listens to his Taiwan phone and finds many voice mails from You Qing telling him about everything. She tells him about her wedding, what kind of bride he wants, thanking him for not telling the truth about how he feels because otherwise she would have fallen for him. (AHA! There you go! She loves you too! Go back, go back so you guys can be a sweet couple.)

It’s the bachelorette party. You Qing runs away from the strippers. She gets a mysterious phone call and then another one asking her if she is sure that she wants to marry Li Wei. (I think that mysterious person is Maggie playing cupid. So good on her)

Da Ren has decided to fly back to Taipei. Good on ya! He calls to tell Ping An to tell her to do her best.

Ling Kai asks Ping An if she likes Da Ren. She tells him she doesn’t. He asks her why she looks so suspicious. She answers “Because of you.” Yippee, I guess this couple is together now. I hope to see them in the next ep together together.


At the party, Di Shu reveals that after Xin Di betrayed her, the boys’ gang almost broke up. After that incident, Da Ren went to beat up his friends because cheated to finally win something. When the fight ended, Da Ren told them “Friends are those who can be happy and be sad with me. They are those whom I should correct immediately when they make a mistake…as for whether we are still friends, it depends on your conscience.” Da Ren leaves like a saint. Back in the present, Di Shu says that as the years went on, they grew smarter and realised that love is greater than friendship meaning that Da Ren bashed up his friends because he couldn’t bear to see You Qing get hurt.

Xin Di apologises to You Qing because she was envious and at the time they weren’t friends so she had been keeping a trump card from her. She gives her a cassette tape and Di Shu gave her a cassette tape recorder/player.

The party disperse and You Qing stays behind to listen to the tape. She cries as she hears the song that Da Ren written about her. Ironically, the actual song plays over as she listens to the tape.

Da Ren has arrived looking for her. The waiter comes in and tells her that a man was looking for her. She immediately rushes out and screams out “Li Da Ren!”


My Opinion:

I can’t wait for You Qing and Da Ren’s relationship to move on already. I have already spent too long watching the unnecessary Li Wei and You Qing’s scenes. I can’t believe that I only get to see them together for only one episode. 😦

I hate You Qing for avoiding her feelings for Da Ren. Gosh, you already hurt him for 14 years, just let him be happy already. I don’t want to see him depressed any more. So everyone around her knows her feelings for Da Ren yet she won’t admit it herself. What? Is she afraid to break the friendship or something? Just tell him you love him already.

So ready to see ep 13!

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One thought on “In Time With You Episode 12 Recap

  1. Ali March 5, 2016 at 5:28 pm Reply

    They were both afraid of losing their friendship. That is what stopped them from pursuing romantic love. Romantic love is rare, friendship lasts forever. Its not hard to see why they did what they did

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