In Time With You Episode 13 Recap

This so happens to be my favourite episode of the drama because You Qing and Da Ren gets to be together! I counted a total of 14 kisses between them! However, what I didn’t like what how the first half of the episode was so slow going. I just wanted them together asap. At least they get to be together in the end.


Da Ren goes to You Qing’s house but doesn’t knock. Instead, he sits outside her house and writes her a note. Oh, on the side note, it it pouring heavily. He writes her “I’m back. Using the pen you gave me, I am wishing you well in my own handwriting. Even though it is difficult because there is little space to write. The words that I can’t bring myself to write, I am sure you will understand. I am heading back to Singapore. I am sorry that I can’t attend your wedding…but I’ll make sure the red packet is definitely there.That’s right…I lost. I lost to you, whom I love so much. But it was really worth it.” He leaves the note in her letter box and when he turns around, he sees the high school Cheng You Qing. He walks up to her and asks her “Can you let me wipe your tears away? Can you let me listen to what’s in your heart? Can you let me be your friend? But not just a friend. Can you let me love you?”


Present You Qing comes home and cries in the pouring rain as she reads the note that Da Ren left her.

Knowing how she really feels, she goes up to her parents’ room and wakes her mother telling her that she can’t bring in any doubts to marry Li Wei. Her mother tells her to cancel the wedding then. She tells her that she can’t because all of the invites have been sent out and how it would embarrass her parents and make them lose face. Her mother tells her that face and embarrassment doesn’t matter, only her happiness does. Cheng Ba, who has been sleeping throughout all of this, wakes up and tell her that she has to go and beg for Ding Li Wei’s forgiveness. Her mother and father offer to accompany her but she tells them that she has to do this alone because she was the one how wronged Li Wei.


In the middle of all this, Uncle Bai goes to the Li’s house to confirm that Li Ma is still there because he had a nightmare. (Cute!) Uncle Bai asks if he can stay and sleep on the sofa. When Li Ma doesn’t answer, he starts to walk away. Li Ma then calls him back saying he can sleep in Da Ren’s room instead. Da Ren is watching this from outside the gate, happy that everyone he loves has found their true love.    

You Qing goes to Li Wei’s house to explain everything to him. He jolts up when he sees her there. He asks her why she is here. She starts to explain and then a lady, his secretary, wrapped in a towel walks out of the bathroom… He starts to explain that the secretary means nothing to him and begs for her to believe him. You Qing realises that the mysterious caller was the secretary. You Qing thinks “So…neither one of us should feel like we have done the other wrong,” before she faints. This makes breaking up with him a whole lot easier.

In a voice-over, she says “Li Da Ren, I know you’ll understand. So…ever so gradually, I began to understand that the things that I was never intended to have is destined to belong to another person.” She goes travelling the world for eight months, constantly keeping Da Ren up-to-date by sending him postcards.


Our other friend couple are just…well friends. Ping An is leaving to go study abroad at Europe for a year. Ling Kai and Ping An exchange a hug as she leaves. (Ohkay! I really wanted these two to be together but noooo, they have to be separated. I still think that Ling Kai likes her or else why would I feel jealously from him?)

Uncle Bai and Li Ma get married and lived happily ever after.

Cheng Ge and sister-in-law are on the verge of a divorce again. Cheng Ma and Cheng Ba take out the divorce settlement paper that the couple had supposedly signed during their first year of marriage asking them to sign it. The two wouldn’t sign it and so they too, live happily ever after. However, Cheng Ma and Cheng Ba keep the papers for the future.

You Qing is at a job interview when an urgent phone calls comes which brings her to the hospital to find out that her father broke his leg just like Cheng Ma falling into the bath tub. You Qing gets to witness her parents all lovey dovey, so they too, live happily ever after.


You Qing is working overtime at IKEA on her 31st birthday. She happily receives a rose from one of her colleagues. She receives birthday wishes from her friends however she is missing the most important one from her best friend.


She goes to oversee one of the showrooms – which greatly resembles the home she was in with Da Ren in her dream – and suggests some improvements to it. Suddenly the lights go off. Her colleagues wish her a happy birthday and she turns around to see Da Ren. He walks in like it is a tired day from work. He sits down on the couch and moves over to make space for her to sit asking her what is for dinner. She says that like this is very comfortable. He asks her if she would like to sit like this for the rest for their lives. She tells her that he can, he just needs $387, 650 to sit here forever. He asks her if that includes her. She tells her that she has to consult her best friend so she takes out her phone and calls him. He asks him what he thinks about Li Da Ren. He tells her that her taste in men has finally improved and that he is certain that her relationship won’t reach any high peaks or earth-shattering moments, but it will certainly be long lasting, never fade or feel stale because for the past 15 years, they have never run out of things to say so for the next 15 years, the next next 15 years, the next next next 15 years, they still won’t run out of things to say. She tells him to stop and promise her that if Li Da Ren leaves her side, he will promise to stay by her side. “I will always be by your side.” He tells her happy birthday and then leans in for a kiss. It is awkward because the two lean in on the same side. He tells her that he has never kissed a good friend before and she tells him that she hasn’t either. The two adjust to the kiss they want to kiss and finally, we get kiss number 1!

You Qing runs into Li Wei at the airport. Here we find out that Li Wei is hooking up his new assistant. I guess he just loves his assistants too much doesn’t he? Or wait, maybe he is cheating with his other girlfriend? Anyway, she tells him that she is very happy and is going to Singapore.


You Qing arrives at the airport but Da Ren is too busy for her. He tells her to go to his apartment first. At the house, he leaves her cute notes everywhere – this reminds me of FTLY. He comes home to find her asleep so he takes this chance to give kiss number 2.

The two have a long-distant relationship, flying back and forth from Taiwan to Singapore and communicating via digital means. One day they share a virtual kiss – kiss number 3!

You Qing comes late to meet Da Ren is Taiwan. There they share kiss number 4!

She goes to Singapore. They talk and share kiss number 5!


One day You Qing gets mad at Da Ren because he doesn’t appear on video chat. She calls him and he apologises. She tells him that she applied to be transferred to be Singapore. However, he doesn’t sound so excited. He tells her that he applied to be transferred back to Taiwan. Whoops.She tells him that anywhere is fine as long as they are together. He comes and asks her if they are together now? HOW CUTE! They flip a coin to decide whether it is Singapore or Taiwan. It is…Taiwan! Here comes the exciting part! He tells her to apply for transfer back to Taiwan, he needs a solid reason. He can’t possibly write ‘I miss home’ or ‘I want to eat Taiwanese street food’ so he wrote ‘marriage.’ She starts crying and tells him that this is the worst proposal ever. He tells her that she hasn’t seen the ring then because it is a fake ring. Of course she accepts. (According to me, it is one of the sweetest proposals ever!) Then they share kiss number 6 and 7!


The two finally get married. The marriage seems more like a party than a marriage to me. All the friends go to the couple’s hotel suite to play. It ends up that Xin Di is divorced and together with Mei Nan. And it seems like our Maggie has lost her Romeo. Anyway, the couple goes to sleep on the couch and when the wake up, they find the friends all asleep in the room. You Qing hasn’t removed her make-up so Da Ren says he will do it for her, recalling the steps word-by-word.

The friends all head over to the Li household. The friends are all rampaging for some dumplings. Sweet Da Ren got some for his wife just in case she didn’t get any. He gives her a peck on the cheek – kiss number 8!


On the flight to their honeymoon in Singapore, Da Ren sings her the song that he wrote for her, rather off-key which she found embarrassing and I found cute and embarrassing. He ends it off by saying “I can’t live in a city without you.” She laughs and tells him to never do it again. Then they kiss – kiss number 9!


At the hotel Da Ren is spraying perfume claiming that there are mosquitoes.  He then quickly disappears into the bedroom. She then goes into the room and sees him sleeping on the side of the bed that she likes so he switches with her. (How considerate) They are nervous and he tells her that he has never been in bed with his good friend before.

They switch off the lights and Da Ren tells her that he is coming. She tells him that she wants to wait two years before having kids… He can’t find condoms in his room so he leaves to find them in the living room but he trips on a wire and hurts himself. You Qing has bandage himself.

He back hugs – not strangle hug – her and tells her not to be mad. She accepts his apology and they share kiss 10!

They go to the ferris wheel and Da Ren asks her that if tomorrow is the end of the world, what would be the last thing that she would do. She tells him she would want to go a deserted beach and go skinny dipping. She asks him the same thing. He tells her that he just wants to make sure that he is with her at the time. They kiss number 11!

So the couple has a pet dog. They live like any normal couple would, occasionally giving each other silent treatments. When they are having fights, they have their “good friend.”

You Qing gives a call to her “best friend” explaining what the fight she had with her husband as she is going back to her parents place. He finds her and tell her that his principle is that in this life time he will never leave her life. They make up and share kiss number 12!


They leave in the taxi sharing kiss number 13 and 14! Happy ending!


My Opinion:

Greatest episode! I really like that they get to be together in the end. I swear, I would have smashed this drama if they couldn’t end up together. They are so cute! Ahahahaaaa, 14 kisses! I am pleased. But as I mentioned at the start, I really didn’t like the progress of the first half of the episode. It was so slow-going and I was eager to see them together already.

I am sad that the other friend couples didn’t get to be together. 😦 I really want them together and I can see that Ling Kai is jealous when Ping An is another guy. He should just go and tell her that he likes her already. Maybe they should make season two about them? This just tells that a girl and a guy can maintain a platonic relationship, or maybe not because because Ping An likes Ling Kai and Ling Kai just gets jealous.

I wanted to have a happy ending for everyone in this drama. But they just had to make Li Wei a cheater; once a cheater, forever a cheater. And he has to cheat, with his secretaries. Ohhh, wells. At least You Qing doesn’t have to end with him. Now I feel sorry for his future wife.

I was disappointed with how long it took her to discover what her heart felt. I mean, Da Ren spent 15 years loving her, doing special unknown things for her which she didn’t even know until now. Just glad she managed to figure out that she loves Da Ren or Da Ren would have been shattered!

What’s amazing about this drama is its creativity. I really like how the start began with the signs of an aging woman and how it ended with the charm of a woman. It it really smart and creative, and true too. This drama is also creative with the how the director makes them appear there-but-not-there. It is smart and portrays that the two are closer than what they really are. Even all of the photography is really good. This is really one of the better dramas. It is much more real and materialistic. It is different to other dramas – the lead are “normal.” They have a normal job – not the rich company owners that a lot of male leads are and not jobless or have a low-income maid-ish job that most female leads have. This drama actually does face reality, friends can become lovers and there are holes in a relationship.

I am going to miss this. I am going to miss Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen together. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a sequel? I cross my fingers.

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9 thoughts on “In Time With You Episode 13 Recap

  1. RoidKay May 2, 2012 at 5:24 pm Reply

    Thank You very much for all the recaps. It’s my 2nd time reading all the recaps. I have also finished watching the drama. It’s a drama that you will never get tired from watching it over and over. This drama is quite close to real life.

    • misscupcakees May 2, 2012 at 8:38 pm Reply

      No worries!
      Yeps, you can never get tired of seeing Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen! I am obsessed with In Time With You OST! ❤ What I enjoy about this drama is how close it is to reality.

  2. Fie June 7, 2012 at 5:07 pm Reply

    I really like this drama, Chen Bo Lin n Ariel Lin, also seeing they together was so cute..
    I was feeling so distressed that You Qing alaways didn’t realize that Da Ren loves her n she does, too! to be honest, i hate when You Qing n Li Wei were together.. ><
    However, same with you, i really really like the final episode..
    The family relationships, the conflicts n how the job environment that were showed in this drama is so realistic.. it is so true! I hope there are also Da Rens in the real world.. 🙂

  3. lifewithdramas September 4, 2012 at 10:46 pm Reply

    Haha! I enjoyed ITWY so much too and it i had horrible withdrawal synptoms!:) I agree i LOVED the directing!! Did you know the director for ITWY also directed It Started with a Kiss also featuring Ariel as the lead haha off topic but yeah i agree this drama was more real and believable and less like a fantasy and with the awesome directing it was a perfect match definitely one of my top 5 dramas!!!! 🙂

    • misscupcakees September 5, 2012 at 10:51 am Reply

      Me toooooooo! This is one of my fave dramas all time. I am still loving this drama. Ahahahahas!

      Ahhh, really? No wonder both dramas are amazing. (:

      This drama really is quite real and believable and had amazing acting from Bolin and Ariel. ❤

  4. regine lobina darauay August 4, 2013 at 6:06 pm Reply

    ariel lin im regine lobina darauay i want to see you in the phillipines i have your all collection im sad because im not to see you your all movies is so beautiful and the in time with you chen boli and you is so very sweet argine cute ka ariel>3

  5. regine lobina darauay August 4, 2013 at 6:09 pm Reply

    im happy my wish is im wanna see you my birthday is ocyober12 you is october29

  6. teiisha March 22, 2015 at 4:02 am Reply

    Hi, thanks so much for your recaps. I just started and finished watching In Time With You in 2015. It’s been an amazing ride. and your recaps and comments kept me company while watching the drama.

    thank you 🙂

  7. natasha April 21, 2015 at 2:22 am Reply

    seriously, i’ve just finished watching this drama and i wonder why i didn’t find out about this drama earlier! da ren is surely the ideal type of boyfie i love to see how caring he was towards you qing! i wonder if i could get a boyfie like that in real life? haha anyway, i really can’t move on from this drama but great that i found the movie “lovesick” in which they acted together too!

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