Fated to Love You Synopsis

Chen Xin Yi (Chen Qiao En) is an unfashionable office lady who is like a sticky note, convenient to run errands for people. She has the desire to tie down her boyfriend Gu Chi (Patrick Li) and after some advice, she plans and pays for a romantic cruise trip.

Ji Chun Xi (Ethan Ru) is the sole male heir to his family’s soap and cleaning company who has been is love with his ballet girlfriend Anna (Bianca Bai) for a very long time. The Ji family has curse of having only one male descendant in every generation. Anna is very focused on her career aiming to play the first Asian Odette in Swan Lake to fulfill her mother’s wish. She doesn’t want to settle down yet because of her career and the pressure of having to rid the Ji’s family curse so she has rejected Chun Xi’s proposal for twelve times in a row. Chun Xi plans thirteenth proposal on a romantic cruise trip.

Anna is on her way to the cruise trip when she gets a call informing her that she has scored the role of Odette on a contract of two years so she decides to reject Chun Xi for the thirteenth time and head to New York.

Xin Yi has taken some cold medicine which made her drowsy so she accidentally went into Cun Xi’s room. Someone added drugs into Cun Xi’s drink which made him disorientated. He returned to his room, unaware that Anna never boarded the ship. Xin Yi and Cun Xi end up having a one night stand. The two vows to forget about the whole event ever happened.

However, everything changes when Xin Yi discovers that she is pregnant. She confines in “Father” Dylan. Dylan feels special concern for Xin Yi because he is looking for missing little sister who is also called Xin Yi.  Xin Yi’s mother and Chun Xi’s grandmother force the two to get married.

Chun Xi who is still very in love with his girlfriend decides that he will make Xin Yi leave after she gives birth to the child. Xin Yi starts to fall in love with him but is burden with guilt of ruining Chun Xi and Anna’s relationship so she struggles to stand up for herself. Chun Xi is unsure of what to do when he realises that he is falling for Xin Yi. Xin Yi also finds out that “Father” Dylan is not actually a priest by a gallery owner.

One day Anna returns to Taiwan because she has lost her role of Odette so she decides to stay by Chun Xi’s side. However, when she discovers that Xin Yi is pregnant, she knows that she will never be able to truly have Chun Xi by her side. She creates a misunderstanding between Chun Xi and Xin Yi resulting in Xin Yi hitting a car and miscarries.

She leaves with Dylan to head to Shanghai to forget about her past and to get away from Cun Xi. She realises that it is of no use because she is already in love with Cun Xi. Cun Xi soon realises that the one who is truly in his heart is Xin Yi, not Anna.

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