Skip Beat! Episode 7 Recap

Skip Beat! seem to have come so quickly this week and it is time for another recap. I think this ep has got to be my favourite one yet. Siwon smiles so much! And his smiles make him so pretty! I love it! So, I present the recap of ep 7…

Hearing Shang play the piano,  she tells herself that he is a singer on top of the charts while she is just an unknown newbie. If she doesn’t want to keep suffering from this sort of disgrace, then she needs to step up then she needs to step up onto the same level as him.

After Shang finds out that the chicken is a girl who isn’t from the company, he realises that the girl is Gong Xi.

^Look at this smile!I am in love!

^This does not compare to his smile

Gong Xi goes wandering around, in her chicken suit, and finds Lian practising his script. Seeing that he hasn’t noticed her yet, she turns around to leave. She takes a look at his face commenting he has a troubled expression, looking completely different from his usual appearance when he is making fun of her. She is then stopped by Lian when she accidentally kicked some chairs.

He asks her for help – if he can borrow her phone. When she says that she didn’t bring her phone, he leaves with a depressed face. So she goes up to him and tells him that if he wants to make a call, he can use the public phone outside. He tells her that he doesn’t want to make a call. She then recalls the time that he had to search up who Shang is and realises that there must be something in his script that he doesn’t understand.  She asks him if there is something that he doesn’t understand in his script. He smiles (He smiles! He smiles! Ahhh, such a sweet smile! I think I am melting there!) and tells her no that it is not that. She insists that it is and then says some words to make him rid his beautifully and immersing smile.

<– Beautiful, sweet, immersing smile! I love you! ❤ Smile more please!

Oh no! She immediately apologises saying that it is not because she hates him that’s why she said those words. This brings a smile to his face (His smile! I have just melted!) He laughs (he actually laughs!), tells her that this is first time that someone said that they disliked him to his face and that she is amusing. He smiles yet again! (See why I love this episode?) Even Gong Xi is immersing by his smile, commenting that his smile is completely different from the normal and that this is his real smile. (Siwon, I love you and your smile! Please smile more! <3) She asks him if he is mad. He, in turn, asks her why he should be mad since she had sincerely apologised and that he also had wrong. He admits that he is just trying to hide his flaws as much as possible, trying to confuse other people’s focus and how it isn’t right. Gong Xi goes ‘Ohemgee! He admitted it!’


So she helps him to understand his script. She laughs that he doesn’t know what a sutra is (What is there to laugh about? Hmph, I don’t know what it is either…) She explains it to him and then sort of mocks him for being a foreigner and not understand proverbs. He then gives her a stare. She looks at him through her beak and recalls Shang playing the piano. She then falls. Lian helps her up and she tells herself that she must hurry to stand up and reach the same height as Shang.

He tells her to take off her chicken head so she will feel more comfortable but she refuses using the excuse that she just got fired so she wants to savour this costume some more. He tells her that if she cares for the job that she was just fired from, she won’t be able to climb higher. She tells him that he doesn’t understand her since he has never been fired before. He tells her that he has been fired before and starts counting that he has been fired over 20 times. (Wow! A lot of jobs he had had!) She tells him that he must have had a desolated past. Desolated? How so? He tells her that it was valuable experiences because if he didn’t have those experiences, there would not be the Dun He Lian standing right now.

Manager Du arrives. (I missed the Manager and his phone!) He wonders who the chicken is. Lian says that ‘it’ is his friend. The manager is surprised that someone as antisocial as Lian would have friends too. Lian and Manager Du go for rehearsal. Gong Xi turns around and starts to take off her chicken head when Lian comes to tell her that he forgot to tell her ‘thank you’ for helping him out. He pats her on her chicken shoulder and she wonders why he heart is beating so fast. (You have fallen in love sweetie!)

On her way to the balcony, she is daydreaming about what Lian told her before and wondering if she should go and thank him for when she is feeling down and then heard his past, she felt much better. She mentions that this is the first time that it is not Corn who has helped her.

She arrives at the balcony and says that tomorrow she will work harder to reach that place that she wants to go to.

Later that night she has a really weird dream that Nan Qing, Shang and Lian all want to ruin her.


The next day she sees Lian and realises that if she thanks him, he will realise that she is that chicken. She turns around to leave when Lian spots her and catches up to her. He stops her, telling her that it is rude to see him and not greet him. She apologises and mocks her even more. Manager Du comes and saves Gong Xi from having to deal with Lian.

They all leave together. He asks her if she is out of her spirit today because she is not wearing her pink uniform today. She tells him that the uniform is to eye-catching so she doesn’t want to wear it. He then gives her the advice that if she wants to stay in the showbiz industry she will have to make herself stand out. As long as she is able to catch the eye of someone, no matter what it is, she should use it wisely. She informs Lian and Manager Du that she is going to enter a commercial competition. Lian tells her that no matter if she likes it or not, she should make herself stand out.

Gong Xi goes to inform Manager Shen that she has participated in the commercial competition. He tells her that the manager from the TV show told him that the broadcast received a great reaction and the audience really liked the Coco Chicken’s behaviour during the show so the manager wants her to stay and be a permanent. However, the chicken is a masked role so even if she gets popular, she can’t reveal herself. She says that it is a good thing then because she doesn’t want ‘those two’ to know that she is Coco Chicken. Huh? She tells the manager that she actually means that she doesn’t want others to know she is Coco Chicken. He asks her if she wants to brag about it? She tells him that there is nothing good to brag about since she is playing a chicken. He then tells her to go and compete in the commercial competition then because which girl doesn’t want to debut beautifully?

Gong Xi arrives at the competition to find Nan Qing being mocked by Fei Li Hwa, Nan Qing’s former classmate. Gong Xi goes to stand by Nan Qing but Nan Qing just tells her that she has always treated her as an enemy.

Gong Xi finds out from some nearby girls that Fei Li Hwa comes from a rich family who is a large investor in this commercial company.

Gong Xi turns around and Fei Li Hwa tells her that by the way that she treats Nan Qing, she doesn’t understand her at all. Li Hwa tells Gong Xi to find out how the real Nan Qing is.

Nan Qing leaves with Gong Xi trailing behind her. Gong Xi asks her what she is running away from. Gong Xi said that Li Hwa said that she only played small roles. She asks Nan Qing if this is true and how she doesn’t believe it. Nan Qing turns around and tells her that she doesn’t want to play small roles.


It is competition time! However, one of the judges, the ‘black dragon’ director, is not present. Li Hwa did a ballet dance (reminding me of Anna in FTLY) and when she finished she “bribed” the judges to use her by saying that she is the daughter of the Fei group. The judges decide to use Li Hwa. This causes the other girls to create a promotion, each saying some of the things they can do like back flips while Gong Xi and Nan Qing stay seated in their seats.

The judges go into discussion and decide to use Li Hwa because of her good family background and that she is pretty and dances beautifully. They put Gong Xi and Nan Qing into the out pile.


The next part of the competition is to say what the most brightest and memorable moment in their life is. Bright and memorable memory? Both the girls are pondering what to say. None of them have a moment that is bright and worth remembering. Meanwhile, the “black dragon” director has come and is watching the two girls. (STALKERRR!) Nan Qing tells Gong Xi that she is going to give up and is not going to come tomorrow since she knows the result already. Gong Xi tells her that she shouldn’t give up. Nan Qing asks her what she can do then? Everyone can be bought with money. No matter how hard she works, she cannot compete with wealth and power.

This angers Gong Xi and she slaps Nan Qing. (Ouch! Though I agreed with that slap) Gong Xi sternly asks her why she has no trust with herself and everyone in this world. No matter if Li Hwa can buy the judges with money, she can’t buy her talent. Gong Xi tells her that if she gives up now, she have handed her talent over and admit defeat to money. Gong Xi tells her that she once wanted to give up but she got into LME didn’t she? She will use every method in her power to not give up or else she won’t be able to fulfil her dream.

Gong Xi manage to convince Nan Qing to stay in the competition. Nan Qing throws her a hard question – how shall they proceed from now on? Hmmm…how shall they proceed. Gong Xi thinks and thinks and then remembers Lian telling her that no matter what she should make herself stand out. Bang! This gives her an idea. They have a have a free and effortless method to make them stand out. She makes Nan Qing pinky swear that she will do the same thing as her tomorrow. This makes the director wonder what the free and effortless method is.

An actress comes crying and apologising to Lian for delaying the shoot. Lian tells her some words that Manager Du think is too ‘romantic-comforting-earnest-gentle’ for Lian’s style. (Um…I don’t know how to describe Lian’s words in English…) Manager Du tells him that he is too earnest and gentle with everyone, even Gong Xi. Lian wonders if it is because he keeps recalling her when she was a child. (No, you have fallen in love with her!) Lian tells Manager Du that he will no be so careless any more. Lian looks in the mirror and says to himself that ever since he entered the entertainment industry, he has decided to say goodbye to his past.

Gong Xi’s free and effortless method is for them to come in their LME uniform. Nan Qing tells Gong Xi that even if she defeats the self-righteous woman, out of them two, only one of them can be chosen. Gong Xi tells her that it is okay as long as she gives it her all, it’s okay if she loses to her because she will have no regrets. Even though she will be sad that she failed, she won’t give up so easily.

So Miss Self-righteous walks in with her teletubies. She goes into shock when she sees Gong Xi and Nan Qing in a hot pink suit. Nan Qing finally stands up to Miss Self-righetous.

Meanwhile, the director is back and has decided to change the commercial to include two actors and the theme to friendship.

Miss Self-righteous has sent her teletubies in to bribe the director however, the director shoos them all out. He tells the red teletuby to tell Miss Self-righteous that you cannot but talent with money. (Go director!) So Miss-Self righteous gets annoyed that her plan has failed.

Nan Qing and Gong Xi are the last two to pick out their numbers. Gong Xi and Nan Qing picked out 3A and 3B.

The director arrives and is surprised with Gong’s free and effortless method. The director explains that they are going to use dramatic acting as a form of evaluation. People with the same number are partners. He further explains that there will be two people in this commercial and even though are to work in pairs, they will be evaluated separately. With their partner, in 60 seconds, they are to have a simple and vigorous argument. The reason that they are fighting is because they have both fallen in love with they same guy. When Girl A goes to confess to him, she discovers that he likes Girl B but he has hidden his affection. They are given 20 minutes to prepare.

Li Hwa files a complaint saying that Gong Xi and Nan Qing work in the same company and get to see each other everyday. Now they are even in the same group, so who will be able to match up to their act? So to be fair, Gong Xi and Nan Qing shouldn’t be allowed to discuss how to act out the scene. Gong Xi starts to tell that she and Nan Qing aren’t even friends.

To make things fair, the director allows everyone to repick however, Nan Qing stands up and says that they don’t need to discuss how to act out the scene.


Li Hwa gets applauded for her act. The director realises that Li Hwa really does have talent and wonders why she has to bribe people. He decides that if there is no one better, she will be Girl A of the commercial.

Nan Qing and Gong Xi go up for their performance. The seconds tick by and they don’t speak a word but stare at each other. Finally, Nan Qing slaps Gong Xi. (Must be pay back for before huh?)


My Opinion:

Have I said how much I love this ep? OMG, I serious cannot get my eyes off Siwon! I love love love his smile! I swear, he should smile more! He is so so so so cute when he smiles! My heart literally melted there! Smile Siwoon 😀

So our two main leads have fallen for each other? Hmmm, that it what it seems like. I can see the chemistry between them but I think it can be much stronger. I wonder when Shang will get in the picture.

This episode really shows Nan Qing growing as a character and friend. I am glad to see Gong Xi changing Nan Qing and actually trying to get her to be her friend. This shows how much she can influence people.

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  1. Anger Therapist February 10, 2012 at 7:13 pm Reply

    I rather enjoyed looking through Skip Beat! (AKA Extravagant Challenge) Episode 7 Recap A Fairytale World and bookmarked in my favourites so I could take a look at it again later on. There is some fantastic opinions right here and quite a few of the factors you discuss have got me thinking. Thanks.

  2. Raine February 12, 2012 at 5:06 pm Reply

    Awesome recap! The subs timing are so off that I had trouble watching it! I love Siwon’s smile too…*Squee!!!!*

    • misscupcakees February 12, 2012 at 8:19 pm Reply

      Ahahaha, me too! Even watching it the second time I couldn’t get enough of his smile!

      • Raine February 12, 2012 at 9:49 pm

        It’s like a kid’s smile. Totally unabashed and open.

      • misscupcakees February 12, 2012 at 10:05 pm

        I know! I really think that my heart melted when he smiled!

  3. joyyeejoy February 18, 2012 at 5:53 pm Reply

    I love his smile too! I love this ep. my fav ep so far!

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