Skip Beat! Episode 8 Recap


After Nan Qing slaps Gong Xi, Gong Xi looks and Nan Qing and remembers Nan Qing telling her to cooperate with her. Gong Xi is ready to return the slap back but she takes a look at Nan Qing and everything drops for her. Nan Qing is crying, she then drops to her knees and looks up at Gong Xi. Gong Xi says the one magic word: ‘Sorry’. Nan Qing just cries but you can see and feel the emotion between Nan Qing and Gong Xi.

After the act, Nan Qing sits alone and recalls that Gong Xi really did it, Gong Xi gave out a performance that she had in her mind. However, she asks herself is she already had unconscious confidence in Gong Xi when she made Gong Xi her partner. Still pondering of this statement, Miss Self-righteous suddenly comes up and asks Nan Qing if she is satisfied but tells her that this luck won’t happen again since Nan Qing won’t have the skills to lead her partner’s acting. Miss Self-righteous doubts that Nan Qing’s friend, Gong Xi, will be able to accomplish the next round as it is a reconciliation that has to be initiated by girl B. Miss Self-righteous continues to mock Gong Xi. Finally, Nan Qing can’t take it any more, stands up with a chair in her hand and tells Miss Self-righteous to shut up. You go girl! Nan Qing tells her to not underestimate Gong Xi because what Gong Xi could possibly be more than what she and herself has. She then warns Miss Self-righteous to not speak ill of Gong Xi. After Miss Self-righteous leaves, Nan Qing recalls how Gong Xi wants to be her friend as soon as she entered Love Me department. She then wonders why she is like this.

So Miss Self-righteous comes to see what Gong Xi is up to. She sees Gong Xi putting a weird act… (Yeahh, weird!) Miss Self-righteous comments that Nan Qing’s partner is a retard.

The judges are just telling the director that they should just use Fei Li Hwa and the girl in the pink overalls with long hair. The director disagrees saying that if it wasn’t because of the girl in the pink overalls with short hair’s reaction then there would be such a spectacular performance. If the first performance was accidental, then the second performance would be skills. The director wonders if the performance just then was accidental or of skills.

Miss Self-righteous is still looking to see what Gong Xi plan is. Gong Xi wonders what to do, to look at her expression, to use her own ability and to not use any lines. How can she do it? Gong Xi then stares at a soft drink can and then starts laughing hysterically. Miss Self-righteous wonders why Gong Xi is laughing like that. She then smiles with a smirk on her face.


Miss Self-righteous tells her partner of her idea. Her partner comments that it is a great idea but what happens if “they” copy our idea? Miss Self-righteous tells her to relax; they are the first ones to perform. The ones that follow are copycats. She says this sentence referring to Nan Qing and Gong Xi.

Miss Self-righteous and her partner go up to perform. They ask the judges if they can they can use a drink for their performance. Gong Xi is shocked that they are also using a drink for their performance too! COPYCATS! Anyway, the copycats does a beautiful singing and dance. (I really enjoyed the performance this time, probably because of the song. I really like the song!) The judges comment that the performance is really good, however, the reconciliation part is not so… The girls end the performance by sharing a drink together. The director comment that this idea is very good. Tsk, tsk.


Gong Xi and Nan Qing go up to perform. Gong Xi goes up with all her spirit gone. Nan Qing asks her what’s wrong. She tells her that Miss Self-righteous’ performance was exactly the same as what she had in her mind. Nan Qing recalls what Miss Self-righteous said directing to her. The director wonders could it be that their idea was stolen? One of the judges ask if they are going to pass but Gong Xi tells the judge that they are ready. Gong Xi goes and ask the judge if she can use the soft drink. Nan Qing goes ‘Oh crap! We can’t use the same concept. They will think that we are copying” Gong Xi then asks if she can have a bottle as well. One of the judges point her to the boxes at the back of the room. The director wonders if she could have a new idea already. Gong Xi turns her back towards the audience and appears to what is shuddering or maybe she is shaking a bottle up? 😉 She then hands over the bottle to Nan Qing and tell her to cooperate with her. Gong Xi turns her back towards the audience and once again appears to what is shuddering or maybe she is shaking up her soft drink? 😉 Gong Xi then turns around with a vengeful face and opens up the shaken can in front of Nan Qing with liquid splashing all over Nan Qing telling her that this is for revenge. Nan Qing thinks revenge? Why is it like this? Gong Xi then brings on a smile and tells her that she is kidding and wonders if she thought she was serious. Taken by this, Nan Qing wonders how she is supposed to react and recalls Gong Xi telling her to cooperate with her. Nan Qing then calls Gong Xi ‘despicable’ and shakes up her own drink. When she goes to open it, it splatter all on herself. The two girls then break into a hysterical laughter. The judges and the director is greatly impressed. Nan Qing asks Gong Xi to forgive her which she does and they cheers their drinks together. They receive a great round of applause. They pass Miss Self-righteous as they leave, each giving her a face.

Backstage, the judges are impressed with the girls’ performance, especially Gong Xi’s performance. The director explains that while Gong Xi appeared to be shuddering, she was actually shaking her can. The director is especially impressed that Gong Xi could plan the whole performance in that space of time.

Gong Xi is extremely happy, not for their performance but that Nan Qing is her friend although Nan Qing won’t admit it herself. Nan Qing just says ‘I believe that the person chosen along with me will be you, my partner.’ Gong Xi smiles a very sweet smile like a child who has just gotten lollies.

Manager Shen goes to inform the LME director that Gong Xi and Nan Qing got chosen for the commercial.


Manager Du informs Lian that Gong Xi got accepted into the commercial. (Hello Manager Du! I missed you for the past few eps!)  Lian acts all unsurprised. ‘Oh? Really?’ Manager Du asks him if he feels anything upon hearing this news to which Lian replies he feels nothing. Anyway, Manager Du go on to tell him that she didn’t waste his expectations because she wore her LME uniform to make herself stand out. When Manager Du leaves, Lian thinks that Gong Xi is really brave and that she really listened to him. He wonders what she performed to make the judges take notice but tells himself that he must focus on his work.

The director comes to beat up on Nan Qing and Gong Xi telling them that during the duration of filming, they cannot get sick or hurt.

When they leave, Gong Xi tells Nan Qing excitedly that she is nervous. They actually got selected for the commercial. Nan Qing asks her if she planned that the bottle and the can would have different effects. Gong Xi tells her that she gave her the bottle because when it comes gushing out, it will only spill onto oneself and not others. (Okay, interesting. I did not know that) Nan Qing tells her that she didn’t know that. Gong Xi asks her if she got it out of luck then because she thought she knew of her plan that’s she coordinated with her. Nan Qing starts to say “I am…” She then realises that she coordinated with her unknowingly.

Gong Xi goes to buy a scoop of ice-cream. Nan Qing asks her why she didn’t buy two scoops of ice-cream. Gong Xi tells her that like this they can have the feeling of sharing. Gong Xi starts to eat the ice-cream. She watches as Nan Qing puts her spoon into the ice-cream and then into her own mouth. Gong Xi is filled with happiness. She tells Nan Qing that in the past when she saw two girls sharing an ice-cream together, she was really envious. She tells her that she is very happy to meet her. Looking at Gong Xi, Nan Qing thinks that she was initially going a little bit and then say bye bye to her and then leave in a flash. But why can’t she do that now? (I personally think it’s Gong Xi’s spirits) Gong Xi then asks Nan Qing if she is also someone who doesn’t have friends. Nan Qing tells her what of it? Gong Xi is filled with joy because she is Nan Qing’s first friend. (Guys, socialise! I would die without friends!) She then throws Nan Qing a hug. (I have to say, they are such a cute pair of friends!)

So after there long day out, they take the bus home. Gong Xi has fallen asleep on Nan Qing. Nan Qing takes out Gong Xi’s stamp book and gives her 100 points. In her mind, she says ‘Thank you Gong Xi. I am really happy to have you as my partner. Let’s work hard together!’


Some girl (I thinking it was the crying actress from the previous ep?) asks to each lunch with Lian which Ma Li agrees to. Ma Li hands the girl a lunch box with…spiders (fake) inside which scares off the girl. Lian goes all softie when talking to Ma Li. He asks her if she came here along. We soon find out that she came which her granddad who came with on a camel with a whole crew of people, or should I say an army? The LME director tells his that they were actually just passing by but Mary insisted on seeing Lian. He tells Lian that today is the final filming for the commercial. Ma Li tells Lian that they are going to throw a celebration party for her. Ma Li invites Lian to come and see Gong Xi film.

Nan Qing and Gong Xi are back in high school wearing uniforms and dancing around happily with each other. Lian is watching the commercial and recalls his past memories with Gong Xi about him having to move around. Young Gong Xi tells Young Lian that it is alright because she has Corn. Back at the commercial, Lian tells himself that he shouldn’t have come to the set.

They finish shooting and Gong Xi tells Nan Qing that playing tag with her is really fun and makes her happy.

Gong Xi is sitting with Ma Li. Ma Li tells her that Lian was just here and that she should go and thank him because he is just going to get his car.


When Lian and Manager Du go to get the car, Manager Du asks Lian if he is avoiding Gong Xi. What do you mean? Since we came all the way here, why don’t you say hi to her in person? Umm…I want to leave earlier because the afternoon’s performance is really important.

Gong Xi gets to the car park but Lian has already taken off. So she does the next best thing on her mind – chase after the car! (Okay, so the picture of Manager Du had nothing to do with this scene but I just found it so cute with his yellow phone!) Out of his rear-view mirror, Lian sees Gong Xi chasing after him. Gong Xi has one out of breath and can’t chase after the car any more. However, she is very optimistic saying that if she had her bike here, she would definitely outrun the SVU. (Such a cutie!) Meanwhile, Lian comments in his mind “I know that you will definitely do a good job. I also won’t lose to you. Press on Gong Xi. We…shall each work hard separately.”

Back at the set, Nan Qing tells Gong Xi that she has to change out of her uniform. This brings on a strong response from Gong Xi. Mary asks Nan Qing if Gong Xi really likes that uniform. Nan Qing says that it isn’t the uniform that Gong Xi likes but rather she likes the feeling of being a student. The LME president wonders if it is because of Gong Xi’s parents that she didn’t go to university.

So…Gong Xi stares at her uniforms and in her minds she says “Even though it was very short, but I thank you for giving me some happiness. Thank you for letting me experience the joy of being a student.”


Poor Manager Du has gotten himself sick so he has to take leave to rest for a few days. Manager Du tells Lian that someone has been sent to be his replacement manager. You will never guess who the replacement manager is. Everyone, it’s Gong Xi! Lian keeps on pushing her away telling her that he doesn’t need a replacement manager. However, Gong Xi doesn’t give up easily. She even throws herself on top of Lian’s car. Finally, Lian gives in and allows her to be his replacement manager. Gong Xi looks at Lian’s schedule book and finds that he is one busy man because he is booked until September.

They arrive at the place that they are supposed to go. Gong Xi and Lian has to get through a mob of obsessed fans. Lian cutely protects Gong Xi as they get through the mob of fans.

Inside at the place, Gong Xi thinks that this isn’t right, all she did this morning was pour him a cup of coffee. If this keeps on going, he will definitely look down on her. She starts to think of what she can do when a worker orders Gong Xi to go to the basement and do some work there.

Lian goes to the basement to find a worker scolding at Gong Xi for breaking some very expensive lights. Lian saves her once again explaining that she is his replacement manager and that his company will pay for the compensation. 😀 Gong Xi explains to Lian why she went to help the worker. He just tells her go to the reception and welcome the reporters. She promises that she won’t mess up again…

Lian goes to see what Gong Xi is up to. He asks her where the reporters are. She is more than happy with herself telling Lian that they left already because they wanted to “digest” the information that they just got. Gong Xi explains that since he hadn’t arrived yet so she allowed the reporters to see his schedule book and told them all about his plan. When one of the reporters asked her if she could copy his schedule, she agreed immediately. She even happily explains that she didn’t let them see next year’s plans so they can have another interview next year. (So, so stupid! Who just gives out personal information to strangers?) Seeing Lian’s face, she asks him what’s wrong. He explains that during an endorsement in September, one of the conditions of the contract was not to allow any leaks.

After hearing what Lian said, she drops to the ground and starts crying. Lian looks at her and recalls her also crying when she was little.  Back in reality, Lian wonders why is it when he said farewell to her, God brought her in front of him again because he clearly decided not to be bounded by past memories. Lian then goes to comfort her saying that this is his fault for not communicating to her well enough to let her know what she can do for him. But instead he chose to keep his distance from her. He was looking for an excuse to make her leave that’s why it caused this mistake. He offers her a handshake saying ‘Let’s work well together’ She shakes his hands. He tells her to stop crying.


Gong Xi is coming in with two bottles of water. She spots a poster of Shang and it hits her that all of her bad luck today is because of him. He vengeful spirits flare up. She goes to cat-scratch the poster. However, she gets towed away by the two security guards. The guards even comment that she is the reason that they keep transferring. LOL


My Opinion:

Gahhhh! Before I express my opinion, I have to say I can’t wait until the next episode! Finally, put some action in! Adorable Shang is back! Get in the picture already so you two men can fight for Gong Xi! I really want to see Shang’s change of view towards Gong Xi. I want him to treat her well for all that she did for him. I really wonder how this will turn out to be like.

I really felt the friendship chemistry in this episode. It really clicked it place. Although Nan Qing was reluctant to admit that Gong Xi is her friend, she finally did admit that she is her friend. At first she didn’t like Gong Xi but she slowly grew to like her. Before she knew it, Gong Xi already became her friend. I really like this pair of friends. I could really feel their connection. I can’t wait to see more of this pair of friends.

Shang? Shang? Shangggggg! Where are you? I miss you? Shang is supposed to be the second male lead but we barely get to see him for more than 10 minutes! I really hope that Shang will get more screen time. I really want to see his development with Gong Xi.

As much as I like this drama, I have to say, it is progressing quite slowly. I was just to see some connection with Gong Xi and either of the guys already! I can sort of feel her connection with Lian but it’s not quite there. They better put some romance into this!


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4 thoughts on “Skip Beat! Episode 8 Recap

  1. via February 17, 2012 at 6:46 pm Reply

    really really excited

  2. nitha elfishi February 18, 2012 at 2:26 am Reply

    i like it, ;D

  3. Britt Sacane March 2, 2012 at 9:59 pm Reply

    I was examining some of your content on this site and I conceive this web site is very instructive! Continue posting.

  4. Raine March 7, 2012 at 4:16 am Reply

    I marathoned from this episode on. I love having lots of Siwon and we get Donghae sooon…

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