Skip Beat! Episode 11 Recap

Ep 11! Yippee! I waited an entire week for this! However, this episode did not do enough to improve from last week.

Gong Xi tells Shang that she never knew he had such talent in making girls to stop crying. However, it seems like that she was the only person that he couldn’t use that talent on… Are you talking about when you were little? She explains that every time she cried, he would only stand and watch. Never did he comfort her once. He tells her that he wasn’t just purposely standing there doing nothing but that he really didn’t know what to do. She tells him that she knows so that is why every time she wanted to cry after that, she would leave to not let him see her sad face.

She walks away saying that she can only leave to a place where he would not see, find a corner that belongs to herself and cry there. And that was where she met Corn.

Shang catches up to her, stops and asks her if it was like that; whenever she disappeared it was because she was hiding somewhere crying? She tells him to not ruin her beautiful memories with Corn. Suddenly rings and guess who it is? Lian!

Gong Xi’s tone immediately transits from anger to a sweet angel. She apologises for her phone acting up weirdly. Then Shang snatches the phone and tells Lian that Gong Xi wanted to tell him that she was filming his MV and how her popularity is going to sky rocket now. (Do I see some love here Shang?) Gong Xi angrily asks Shang why he did that explaining that it wasn’t easy for Lian to find time in his busy schedule to call her. He asks her isn’t the one that she hates is Lian? She irritably tells him that the one she hates is him before storming off.

Realising that the voice belongs to Bu Po Shang, Lian is very very very unhappy about it.

Gong Xi’s sole is clearly elsewhere (I’m hoping it’s with Lian’s soul!) because she can barely concentrate at work, constantly thinking about Shang’s phone encounter with Lian. Maria comes to find Gong Xi. Seeing the state that Gong Xi is in, Maria asks her if she did something that is irreparable. Gong Xi then lets out a sigh. Maria informs her that every time she sighs, she loses a bit of luck. (I like this phrase!) She tells Maria “Something like happiness, regardless of whether you sigh or hold your anger in, if it wants to leave, no matter how hard you try, it will still leave.” She sighs again and tells herself that she is already not a person who can hold onto happiness so can losing a few happiness do to her? She then recalls herself when she was little having so much fun with Shang. With a voiceover, she says that since being dumped by that pig head, all the happiness that she has accumulated when she was little has been leaving one by one.

She wonders if she should call Lian and apologise. “Sighs some more.”

Maria is looking at Nan Qin’s profile and suggest that they throw a celebration party for her. Gong Xi asks her a celebration party? For what? Maria tells her that it is for her debut as an actress. Oh! Right! Gong Xi realises that she has been leaving Nan Qin to the side. Gong Xi is about to happily take Maria to go shopping for a present but then she realises that she doesn’t know what Nan Qin likes. Nan Qin then goes all depressed claiming that she doesn’t even know when her birthday is. Then Maria passes her Nan Qin’s profile. She decides to take Maria to Nan Qin’s place.

On her way, she meets Lian in the lobby. She says hi to him but he just walks off with Maria. Gong Xi goes to apologise to Lian. Lian says that he heard her voice mail and knows that “that person” really immature and has nothing to do with her. She asks him if he is mad which he replys no. He turns around with his back facing her and asks her if she enjoyed working with that jealous person. She turns around and asks if it is for revenge? (Oooo, jealousy!) The manager goes ‘revenge’?  She tells him that it is not for revenge.

So Lian decides to take his anger out elsewhere – on the production crew of a new drama. Manager Du reminds him that he must be so impolite. He has already approved of the script before and now he has attitude. Manager Du asks him if his anger is due to Gong Xi’s relationship with Bu Po Shang?


Gong Xi decides to go do some snooping with Maria on Nan Qin. They follow her to an amusement park and see Nan Qin having a fun time with a guy. Gong Xi grows jealous. As they leave, they see that Nan Qin has changed her clothes and has gone on to the car of an old man who seems quite rich. Maria mentions that the man could be Nan Qin’s father. So Gong Xi comes to the conclusion that Nan Qin is from a rich family.

Later that day, Gong Xi is back working at her former restaurant. She sees an old man calling Nan Qin ‘Xiao Hua’…

Gong Xi is left pondering which one of the men is actually Qin’s father. The next day at work, Gong Xi asks Nan Qin about her dad. However, Nan Qin just slams a door in her face. She then hears people gossiping about her and Nan Qing labelling her as number 1 and Nan Qin as number 2. While Gong Xi is at work, Nan Qing goes to find her after what she did this morning.

Gong Xi has a sleepover at Nan Qin’s place. Nan Qin explains to Gong Xi about her large large large family. Later that night, Gong Xi tells her how happy she is to sleepover at her house. Gong Xi decides to play a game with Nan Qin – one where they exchange a secret. Nan Qin tells her that because of her large family, she has to take on a part time job to subsidise her expenses so what she saw today is actually her job. Having fun with the guy at the amusement park? Nan Qin tells her yes and including the man that she thought was her dad. She explains that she is a role-player (as the name suggests, she is a role player) and that this job is perfect because it allows her to practise her acting as she is role-playing. It’s Gong Xi’s turn to share a secret but she backs out saying that she has no secrets. Nan Qin is understanding and doesn’t push her. Before Gong Xi sleeps, she asks for the courage to be able to be like how Qin allowing her heart’s secret to be told without the fear of judgement.

The president has called Lian to have a talk with him. The president tells Lian that his affectionate scenes have been done horribly. This is because he is constantly keeping his feelings out and not allowing anyone to enter him heart and has therefore lost the chance to understand women.

Gong Xi is informed that she has been selected as one of the main leads for a remake of a huge hit drama twenty years ago. Gong Xi is shocked that she has been chosen. Manager Shen explains that the president of Queens Records recommended her to the director after her filming of Shang’s MV. Secretly, Gong Xi is pleased that she used Shang as a springboard. Gong Xi’s mood is really really happy but that turns to the total opposite when she is informed that the male lead is Lian. (Her eyes literally grew larger!)

Gong Xi goes to find Nan Qin in the locker room. Nan Qin is about to leave but Gong Xi’s spirits pull her back.

While in the car with Lian, Manager Du mentions that he is preoccupied lately. Lian tells him to not mention her. He tells her that his judgement is valid. His attitude can’t possibly be because of work. Accepting such a heavy drama, he should be happy yet he is quite unhappy about it. So it must be because of Gong Xi isn’t it? The light turns green and Lian starts off his manic driving.

Gong Xi is crying her hear to Nan Qin. So Gong Xi finally got the courage to tell Nan Qin all of her secrets. Nan Qin is helping to think of what Gong Xi should do. She suggest that she sell Shang out to the gossip magazines. However, Gong Xi disapproves of the idea because how long can it last? A year? Two? She wants it to be long term. Nan Qin then suggest that she accept the drama because wasn’t the cause of her entering the showbiz industry to get revenge? So she must make the most of it and accept the drama because the more popular and outstanding she is, the more that Shang will have to take notice. Okay, problem on solved. Now onto problem two – Lian. Nan Qin admits that the problem is strange since she has already explained and apologised to him. Nan Qin suggests that it could jealousy and that maybe he has fallen in love with her. (Spot on girl!)

Nan Qin’s word is left pondering on her mind but she is persistent that Lian is angry at her for lying to him. She recalls herself as Coco Chicken and Lian telling her to sincerely apologise. So that is what she decides to do. She is in the lift and screams out loud when she sees Lian and Manager Du. She immediately shut the doors on them while continuing to scream. She runs out to the corridor and says what an idiot she is. So she comes back and sincerely apologises.

The president has invited the director of the new drama over to his place to have a chat. The director is feeling awkward having this conversation in a bathroom. To make things more awkward, the president makes him sit in the bathtub with him… The director tells him that he would really like Lian to play the male lead. However, the president tells him not to use Lian.

Gong Xi, Lian and Manager Du are out for coffee. Gong Xi tells Lian to please believe her. He tells her that he believes her because if she was embracing the idea of revenge she wouldn’t have filmed the MV smoothly. Okay, so everything sorted? Nope, your hearts aren’t sorted!


Gong Xi overhears that the director telling Manager Du that Lian might not play the male lead because the president disapproves. Gong Xi then comes in and introduces herself. She mentions that ever since little, her dream is to play the role of a young rich lady.

Meanwhile, Lian is having another talk with the president. The president tells that if he truly exposed himself to his emotions and if he truly fell in love with the person, he would not have handled it so smoothly with them leaving.

Gong Xi then acts really childish when she finds out that the role that she will be playing isn’t that young rich lady who lived a princess life since childhood. Lian then comes in and announces that he will accept the job and the president reluctantly accepted it too. He offers handshakes to Gong Xi and the director.


It press conference time for the new drama, Dark Moon. (Gong Xi is dressed up so beautifully!) Anyway, Qing Jie, the former female lead of the former Dark Moon has come to play the female lead’s mother this time. Gong Xi goes to introduce herself but receives a very blunt and mean introduction from Qing Jie. Not happy about this, Gong Xi sends her spirits to Qing Jie. Hehehe, I wonder what they are going to do.

Gong Xi goes to find the director who is sitting alone and is pale like a ghost! He just tells her that the nerves is getting to him but from my drama experiences, there is something up with him. Something suspicious.

As Gong Xi is heading back, she sees Lian. She asks him if he is nervous because for the past few days, she feels that his nerves are wounded up and today he is quite solemn. Nervous? He isn’t the type who gets nervous. He asks her if she is serious. Gong Xi immediately says of course not, she was joking. He tells her that whether it is because of nerves or not, everyone is intimidated by the previous Dark Moon yet she sees no different from normal. She tells him that she is very happy to be able to act this role. He tells her that he means before she didn’t want the role of Wei Xu and even threw a tantrum about it and now she appears to be at ease. He asks her if she even thought about surpassing Qing Jie. He tells her that by looking at her expression, could it be that she never thought about surpassing Qing Jie?

And so the press conference begins.


My Opinion:

This episode was a huge let down from last week’s. Maybe it’s because I felt that there was more chemistry last week. This week just felt bland off that…

However, I did feel the friendship between Nan Qin and Gong Xi grew stronger. I really don’t know what is it about them but every time that they are together, their friendship seem to grow stronger. Maybe it’s just natural chemistry? They really seem like they have been friends forever.

There is definitely something going on with the director! Could he be Lian’s or Gong Xi’s father? Urgh, I don’t know. I can only wait until next week to find out.

Once more, I have to applaud Ivy for her portrayal of Gong Xi. 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Skip Beat! Episode 11 Recap

  1. meouwhollic March 6, 2012 at 11:28 pm Reply

    i loove ur recap
    cz actually it’s hard to find skip beat’s recap
    sooo thank you so much ^^

    can i ask you, where you get the skip beat episode with engsub? i want to download it badly 😦

    • misscupcakees March 7, 2012 at 4:16 pm Reply

      Oh, thank you! 🙂

      Ahahas, of course you can! But I’m not really sure… I just stream my dramas…

  2. Raine March 7, 2012 at 4:23 am Reply

    You know, I really liked how Lian is completely baffled by his feelings and I think he shows the unwanted attraction towards Gong Xi very well. I wonder what will happen at the press conference…I bet you something will go wrong…

    • misscupcakees March 7, 2012 at 4:18 pm Reply

      Trues, I like how Lian is falling for Gong Xi but he is trying to push that feeling away.
      Yeps, something is bound to go wrong at the press conference. Maybe it’s where the director faints?

      • Raine March 7, 2012 at 4:28 pm

        Lian needs to have control over everything. I’m guessing there’s something in his past where he either 1) lost control or b) had no control over the situation. Hence why he’s never opened up and loved anyone.

        I don’t watch the previews but he looks like the fainting type.

      • misscupcakees March 7, 2012 at 5:07 pm

        Hmmmm? Maybe it’s to do with his parents? Just taking a guess here. Oh, have you read the manga or have seen the anime?

        Yeah, there is definitely something going on with the director!

      • Raine March 7, 2012 at 11:10 pm

        I haven’t seen the anime but I started the manga. I’m not very far… Soooooo I still have no clue what will happen.

      • misscupcakees March 7, 2012 at 11:13 pm

        Oh okays, keep reading! 🙂
        Hmmm…would you want to spoil yourself or not?

      • Raine March 8, 2012 at 2:49 am

        I’m so totally anti-spoiler. I never watch previews for the next week’s/day’s episode. I will even edit my comments people write and write ***spoiler*** if they put spoilers…haha. It’s part of the intrigue for me. The only time I like to know what is happening is in a musical or opera because then I like to know the music really well (but I’m a musician….)

      • misscupcakees March 8, 2012 at 8:51 pm

        Oh, wow! Every time I finish an episode, I like to watch the preview. It gets my hope up for the next episode.
        There are many times that I try not to spoil myself but sometimes it gets very tempting and I end up spoiling myself. 😦
        Ohhhh, a musician? What type of music?

      • Raine March 8, 2012 at 10:21 pm

        I’m a classical cellist. I actually have a master’s in music. I’m also in an Americana rock band. It’s pretty fun. I actually started a series (which I have to update…I’m working on a song from What’s Up right now) where I arrange tunes for cello from kdrama.

      • misscupcakees March 9, 2012 at 9:14 pm

        Oh wow! That’s impressive!
        Do you really arrange songs for kdramas? That must be amazing, combining two loves into one – music and dramas!

      • Raine March 9, 2012 at 9:28 pm

        It’s just for fun. So far I’ve only finished one but I have like 4 or 5 in the works. 😀

      • misscupcakees March 9, 2012 at 10:01 pm

        Really? It’s that your job though? Good luck on that!

      • Raine March 9, 2012 at 10:12 pm

        No, I’m a private instructor, session musician, gigging musician and in a band for money and I only arrange for fun.

      • misscupcakees March 9, 2012 at 11:32 pm

        Oh, that sounds interesting and fun. Too bad I have no talent in music whatsoever, except for listening to them. LOL

  3. KStyle March 9, 2012 at 2:16 pm Reply

    Thank you so much for the recap. Unfortunately there are not alot of blogs that recap this awesome show which sucks for me because I really don’t understand what they are saying except for certain phrases and stuff.

    I was wondering if you knew of any website that has English subtitles because it is so hard to find this show subbed as well.

    Any who I’m so rooting for Gong Xi and Lian to get together/ get closer because of this movie, they are so cute when they interact with each other.

    Thanks so much!!! ^.^

    • misscupcakees March 9, 2012 at 9:17 pm Reply

      No problems! I appreciate your support.

      Yeah, generally you can find subbed dramas on youtube. However, I usually watch my dramas on because the dramas can be subbed in less than a day!

      Ahahahas, yeah, Lian and Gong Xi better get together! That’s why Lian and Gong Xi are the main leads! Ahahaha, I swear, if they don’t end up together, I am going to cry so bad!

      Once again, no worries!

  4. :O March 10, 2012 at 2:50 am Reply

    The Revenge ep was kinda the climax of the anime so in comparison to that episode, this would seem a little bland. ): Episode 11 felt more like a buffer episode for the next one. The Dark Moon arc is really something too look forward to. We’ll be able to see more epic acting from Ivy to come. Yaaaayyyyyy.

    I so soooo love her ^^

  5. Eriani Ramadhianti (@Eriani_30) March 11, 2012 at 6:13 pm Reply

    I like your recap…
    figthing for new recap about skip beat!!
    I’m waiting your recap….

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