Skip Beat! Episode 12 Recap


Qing Jie tells the reporters that she is very happy to be able to play a role in the remake of Dark Moon. She also mentions that this press conference makes her feel like she has returned to the press conference of Dark Moon 20 years ago.

One of the reports ask Director Xu Fang that many viewers think that the title should remain as the original An Yue. The director bravely answers and all of Gong Xi’s worries about the director disappears.  Suddenly, the reporter informs the director that the original director of An Yue, Yuan Da Zun , is his father. He asks the director why he changed his name. Director Xu Fang struggles for an answer and the overwhelming demand for a response cause him to faint and find himself lying in hospital.

The director tells Gong Xi that since he fainted at the press conference no one would want to care about him, right? Gong Xi tells him that it is not true. He tell her that she doesn’t need to comfort him and wants to be discharged now. She tells him that Miss Chun Shu has already gone to check him out.  (Who is this Miss Chun Shu!?)

Gong Xi calls Lian but it has gone to voice mail. She tells him that the director is fine and that Miss Chun Shu told her that when the director came into this industry of work, the others would say that because of his relationship with his father his work has been going to smoothly. So the pressure on Xu Fang is so big. Gong Xi realises that at the press conference, the director was worried about when someone would ask about questions regarding his father.

Later that night, Gong Xi is tossing and turning in bed thinking about what she can do to help the director. She recalls Lian asking her if she plans to succeed Qing Jie. She jerks up and takes her script out while commenting that what she can do for the director is to familiarise herself with the script and the character to create a Wei Xu that has been reborn.


Gong Xi sneaks up behind two girls. The two girls run away exclaiming that she is a ghost. Manager Du and Lian come by. The manager exclaim that the special effects make up is so well done, so realistic. Gong Xi says that it is lucky that she does not need to get it done everyday because she had to sit there for three hours for the scar to be applied. The director comments that beside from her make-up giving him such a big shock, she also gave him a shock. He tells her that when she scared away the two girls, she really has the Wei Xu feeling and the the Wei Xu described in the script should be like this. Gong Xi feels very saddened and ashamed because she wasn’t even acting! Manager Du says that she must have a hate filled jealousy side in her heart. Lian thinks about how she entered the industry for revenge and concludes that her hate filled jealousy side must have been caused by Shang.

Seeing that Gong Xi is very down, Manager Du asks her what’s wrong. She tells him that from last night she was constantly reading the script trying to figure out the character of Wei Xu. However, the more she tried to figure it out, the more confused she got. Lian comments that the class at university should have taught her how to figure it out. Errr… Manager Du guessed that she must have skipped classes because she got too busy with filming. She complains that she doesn’t know how to figure out the role of Wei Xu. Lian asks when she called him at midnight was it for this matte. She apologises for disturbing him. The manager notices that the two have have such a good friendship that they can have private phone calls. The manager puts on  a smirky smiles and subconsciously says that right now, between these two young people, he seems like an extra lightbulb. He announces that he has to go pee. AHAHAHA, you are hilarious manager Du!

So the two “lovers” are left to talk. He asks her how she plans to figure out this role.

Meanwhile, Qing Jie tells the director that when she is not here, she hopes that he won’t film Gong Xi’s part. (Is she a bitch or what?) He asks her why. She tells him that the role of Wei Xu has become synonymous with her and that they cannot be separated. “When Wei Xu is mentioned, everybody will think of her. However, Gong Xi is just a newbie and she hasn’t even acted in any movies. What if she uses rotten acting to downgrade the role of  Wei Xu? It would disappoint the audience who have loved Wei Xu for twenty years. My reputation would also be affected. Do you know how serious the consequences are?” The director tells her that he thinks that it is because of her unfamiliarity with Gong Xi that she will have such viewpoints. She asks him what qualification he has to tell her this considering that he is the director would fainted at the press conference. She rudely tells him that with such a useless director like him, Dark Moon will definitely be ruined in his hands. (Oh, harsh much?)

Okay, back to the two “lovers”.  Gong Xi asks him what is role-analysis. He explains that it is the actor must think about how the script does not account for the character’s life experience and state of mind. She gives a very confused face. She then imagines herself heavily shaking Lian telling him that what he said is the complete opposite of what Nan Qing said. In reality she just asks him to explain it a little bit more which he does. He tells her that everyone’s personality is different so everyone’s viewpoint is different. Even if it is the same lines and same reactions, because of the environment in which someone grows up in and the different encounters with different people, the reaction that will be expressed will be different, however, the character in the script will be the same. “As actors, we must enter the roles in the script.” He tells her that her task is to perform these specifics.

Qing Jie is watching as Gong Xi is acting out the scene. Meanwhile, Gong Xi is questioning how Wei Xu would be. So immersed in her think, she doesn’t even know how to react when Lian calls out Wei Xu. The rest of the actors are left to laugh about Gong Xi’s flaw.


Gong Xi is sitting by the window wondering how Wei Xu should be speaking. Qing Jie walks up and tells her that sure enough, she is as worried as she was. She tells Gong Xi that someone young like her and can’t even act, she doesn’t have the qualifications to play the role of Wei Xu. The director comes and tell Qing Jie to not be angry. He tells her that Gong Xi is nervous that’s why she made the mistake. Qing Jie tells him that those are just excuses and that the role of Wei Xu is really important to her and how she doesn’t want anyone to ruin it. She asks her if she has figured out the role of Wei Xu. Lian walks in and she sneaks a look at him and answers that she has. The two “lovers” then start sending telepathic messages to each other. He asks her if she has already figured it out. “Of course I haven’t. Just earlier I asked you what role analysis means. How could it have been that fast?” “Then why don’t you tell the truth?” “Do you not see how fierce she looks? If I were to tell the truth to her, wouldn’t she be more harsh?” Qing Jie then asks her if she is willing to accept a challenge. She tells Gong Xi that since she has already figured out the role of Wei Xu, is she willing to accept her challenge? Gong Xi asks her what challenge? Qing Jie tells her that if she asks her any questions relating to Wei Xu and she is able to respond to all of them correctly, then she won’t underestimate her but if there is even one question that she cannot respond to, then she will immediately drop the role of Wei Xu. The director tells to not many any unauthorised decisions. She asks him if he knows how Da Zun guided the cast members. He doesn’t answer.  She tells him that if on the day, an actor is unable to figure out the role of the character, then they will be swapped out. Lian steps in and politely asks Qing Jie to stop talking.

The director then has an anxiety attack think about how people would downgrade him and compare him to his father. Lian comforts and calms the director down.


Gong Xi steps in and tells Qing Jie that she is willing to accept the challenge. She asks Qing Jie to agree to one of her conditions which is to respect the director more. Qing Jie agrees. She asks Gong Xi questions which she gets all of them correct – what kind of personality Wei Xu has, why has she never smiled, what does she like, how was her face injured, what is the real reason of her injury and who does Wei Xu despise? However, Gong Xi stumbled on the last question – why does Wei Xu despise of Mei Yue? She answers the question with a question – does Wei Xu hate Mei Yue? Since Gong Xi can’t answer the question, Qing Jie tells her to follow what they agreed upon.

Lian steps in and tells Qing Jie that there is actually not enough time to an new actor to play Wei Xu and that he is worried about her close relationship with Wei Xu that he is afraid that no actress will be able to perfectly interpret this role as she had. Qing Jie tells him to stop beating around the bush. He tells her to give Gong Xi another chance. He tells her that Gong Xi only needs a little bit more time to understand the role. He even stakes his reputation on it. (OH! Big, big! Gong Xi, he loves you!)

Shang’s manager discovers that Gong Xi is taking part in Dark Moon on the news. Just as Shang walks in, she immediately turns off the TV. Although after the filming of the MV, Shang never mentioned Gong Xi but she knows that he still thinks about her. She recalls during the filming of the MV how Shang said “Even up until now, I still feel that she belongs to me. It is my right to treat her this way.” (Sorry, she is Lian’s) On the way to the promo at Eight Channel, Shang’s manager realises that Eight Channel is the channel that is producing Dark Moon and that as soon as you walk into Eight Channel, there will be posters of Dark Moon. She suddenly slows down and decides to take the long way instead.


Gong Xi has a talk with Manager Du. Gong Xi is frustrated that Lian actually staked his reputation for her. She is worried what would happen to him if she can’t do it. Manager Du tells her to just work on thinking about why Wei Xu would hate Mei Yue. She tells him that Lian seems to already know why Wei Xu hates Mei Yue. It flashes back to Lian and Gong Xi talking. Lian helps her to understand why Wei Xu hates Mei Yue. He asks her what kind of person she thinks Wei Xu is other than an introvert. She answers that Qei Xu is very solemn and dark. He asks her if growing up in a rich family something to be envious of? Of course it is. However, from the way he sees it, no matter how rich or luxurious her family is, this Wei Xu is to pitied. He grabs her ball and chucks it to someplace magical… Hehehe

Gong Xi complains that she doesn’t understand why he won’t tell her the reason. Manager Du has to explain that like a maths problem, if she doesn’t find the answer herself, she won’t know how to do the problem the next next time. So she thinks…

…and thinks…So Wei Xu has has developed an optimistic and happy outlook and she is a kind and gentle girl. AHA! So in Wei Xu’s eyes, the fact that Mei Yue never lets her tragic life bring her down and is always smiling happily is the complete opposite of herself. Because of this, Wei Xu is jealous and envious of Mei Yue and that’s why she started to hate her. However, she has yet to figure out why she has to go and compare herself to Mei Yue. She walks to the pond and sees the ball that Lian chucked there. She looks at Wei Xu’s reflection in the water picks up the ball and happily tells Manager Du that she has found the Wei Xu that belongs to herself.

Manager Du runs to inform the crew that Gong Xi has disappeared. Lian, with concern on his face, asks him what he means. Qing Jie concludes that she has run off because she doesn’t know how to interpret the role of Wei Xu. Manager Du tells them that he heard Gong Xi say “I have found the Wei Xu that belongs to me”. Lian asks to the director to film the parts that does not include Gong Xi first because he believes that Gong Xi will definitely return.


Gong Xi finds that her feet has taken her in to a hair dressers. She thinks about Lian giving her a big lecture. Just thinking about it makes her terrified however, her heart tells her that she must do this. So she takes her wig off and tells herself that she is not Gong Xi but Wei Xu.

Finally, Gong Xi arrives back to the film set with a new haircut and personality. She plots herself down at a chair and deeply concentrates in her book. Qing Jie gives her a scolding. She scolds her for using this styling to act out Wei Xu and how this cannot cover up Wei Xu’s scarring. She continues to scold her and says that Wei Xu is introvert and doesn’t want other people to see her scarring and that’s why she grew her hair. However, she doesn’t reply. Lian then puts a hand on her back and says “Gong Xi, what’s wrong? This isn’t like you.” However, she just shakes his hand off. She looks up and gives a very immersing, scary stare. Lian then realises that this isn’t Gong Xi any more, it’s Wei Xu. (I swear, these two are a couple already! Look, they can even have telepathic communication!) However, Qing Jie doesn’t believe that this is Wei Xu because if it was, her hatred would be kept within. Lian explains that if it was Qing Jie who played Wei Xu, then yes, that would be how Wei Xu would be but…

Everyone is sitting on the other side of the room watching Wei Xu completely ignorant to her surroundings. Lian asks Qing Jie to talk to Gong Xi to bring out the Wei Xu that is within her. Qing Jie goes to talk to Wei Xu but Wei Xu just walks away. Qing Jie calls out “Wei Xu!” She turns around and asks if she was just calling her. Even the director realises that this Wei Xu is not introvert at all and that she is an elegant, well bred lady. Wei Xu tells her sorry, she didn’t know how much she loved her older sister, because if at the time, she gave her a name that differed more from her older sister’s, she wouldn’t be constantly be made fun of. Qing Jie turns around and tells them that the Wei Xu that she is acting actually dares to make guilt trip to her mother and that this isn’t the way to act Wei Xu. She tells the director to please correct her acting. However, the director just looks down. Wei Xu smirks a smile and says to her mother that she keeps on wanting her to hid her scar because, she, as her mother, feel that she is very ugly and shameful. She tells her mother that actually she feels that the scar on her is great because this way, her beautiful older sister will see the ugliness inside her heart. Everyone, including Qing Jie is taken back by this.

The director goes to take a breather. Lian asks him what’s wrong. The director just says that he was taken back by Gong Xi. He tells Lian that before he had no way to accept Gong Xi’s Wei Xu because he felt that there was too much distance compared to the original An Yue. However, Gong Xi’s acting just now allowed him to feel the darkness and rage trapped in Wei Xu’s heart appear right in front of his eyes. Lian asks him if he has accepted Gong Xi’s Wei Xu. He tells him that hasn’t accepted it, but he has been inspired by her.


Gong Xi has finally cracked out of her Wei Xu and the first thing she does is…apologise. The director actually thanks her for inspiring him. Qing Jie is unsatisfied though, because the Wei Xu she played is very very different from the original Wei Xu. However, the director actually found the courage to stand up to Qing Jie telling her to bring on a different acting style as Wei Xu’s mother which she agrees to.

So Gong Xi is standing waiting for Lian. (Very annoyed with her hair style now). She apologises and imagines herself handing him a knife and telling him to do as he pleases. However, in reality, he cries as she apologises for making the crew wait for her. Instead of yelling at her, he tells her that he is very happy that she returned with the new Wei Xu which she acted really well. He tells her to work hard together which makes her happy.

At Eight Channel, Shang overhears people talking about Gong Xi being in Dark Moon. He goes to see a news letter on the Dark Moon and sure enough, there is Gong Xi.

Lian finds himself waking up to a long sleep of thinking about little Gong Xi. (You are in love hubby!)

Gong Xi has acted her part well, with the director praising her. Qing Jie just walks past her. Gong Xi chases up to her and Qing Jie tells her that she is jealous of her and that she has never thought of her being able to have this kind of acting ability. She tells her that although that she is not willing, but she admits that she has lost fair and square.

So Gong Xi has brought Lian a box of obento box.


My Opinion:

Omg, I think this recap has took me the longest to type! Arghhh, it has been a long ten hours with a lot of frequent breaks. Nonetheless, it is here. Enjoy my darling readers!

I don’t know why, but I felt so draggy with this episode. I was quite reluctant to write this recap and hence my many frequent breaks and taking 10 hours to write this. Arghhhhh!

This episode doesn’t seem to be as good as the last one, or maybe it’s just me. I think it’s just me. Ahahas, so anyway, I am actually kind of glad that Gong Xi and Lian are subconsciously falling in love with each other – midnight phone calls, telepathy and constantly thinking of each other. How cute! I seriously think they should get together already! But I guess that will only happen on the last episode because it’s typical Taiwanese dramas. 🙂 That is, if Gong Xi gets someone to end up with. Which I really hope so. *fingers crossed*

I have to mention Manager Du! He is so cute! Not to mention adorable! And he realises that Gong Xi and Lian are in love while they know nothing. Boy, does this manager knows what to say at any time? He is sure the best manager! I found it very cute when he said I need to find a toilet for it. Hehehehe! Adorable!

This recap may be a bit confusing with the Wei Xu and Gong Xi. Yeah, I get how Gong Xi has to play the role of Wei Xu but yet, I really can’t feel Wei Xu. All I feel is Gong Xi…

I really hope that Shang can play a bigger role in the next episode. Put on some fire Shang!

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5 thoughts on “Skip Beat! Episode 12 Recap

  1. KStyle March 13, 2012 at 3:57 pm Reply

    Aww yes yes yes thank you thank you thank you!!!

    I love this show so much. I don’t want it to end like ever!!!

    Thanks so much for the speedy recap.
    Can’t wait for Sunday!!

    Skip Beat Hwaiting!!!

  2. dina March 15, 2012 at 5:20 am Reply

    thanks for the recap~!

  3. Alexandria March 16, 2012 at 3:49 pm Reply

    This drama recap is awesome I hope you do more

  4. JL March 26, 2012 at 4:39 pm Reply

    You watched this off of ViKi, right? It’s kind of nice to see my wording and a number of my subtitles quoted in here, lawl. ♥ c:

    I must correct a misinterpretation of the subtitles though. I figured some people would misunderstand when I subbed that line. When Lian explains to Gong Xi that “the characters in the script are the same,” he means that they’re the same as people in real life, because like real people, they will act differently.

    To make it clearer, I’ve changed the actual subtitle on ViKi to “The characters in the script are also the same.” That “also” should’ve been there in the first place. Apologies for my error.

    Have fun recapping ep. 14, which aired today. It was a really good episode. (:

    • misscupcakees March 27, 2012 at 4:43 pm Reply

      ahahaha, yeahs. I do. Thanks for the sub sweetie!

      Ohhh, no worries. But the Dark Moon stuff is still confusing.

      Thanks, I’ll either recap it today or sometime this week. Keeping up the subbing!

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