Daddy Good Deeds Synopsis

Ko Yee Man (Ha Yu) is a pawn shop owner who regards his pawn shop to be a people-helping business rather than a profit-making business. He also believes that there is no problem that can be left unsolved; always there trying to help people solve their problems. His is a beloved 24/7 father to his three children however, they sometimes can give him a headache. 

His oldest son, Ko Wai Ting (Evergreen Mak) is in a very healthy and loving marriage with his wife Wan Yun Han (Nancy Wu). However, their careers seem to cause the couple some problems. His eldest daughter and second child, Ko Yue Chu (Linda Chung) is a tough police constable who later goes on to become a CID. Although her career may be running smoothly, her love life heads in the opposite direction. She almost finds herself as third party in a relationship. Luckily, her bickering friend Lam Fat (Steven Ma) was there to pull her back to her feet when she was at her lowest self. His youngest daughter, Ko Yue Bo (Cilia Lok) is a typical talker and slacker with no sense of integrity.

When Man’s employee Lam An Nui (Chow Chung) and apprentice Yip Gwai (Edwin Sui) are faced with troubles, Man feels that it is his responsibility to help them because they are after all his loved ones.

Man is always there to help and support anyone who is in trouble. However, soon his pawn shop starts to go into a meltdown. Now he is in trouble, will everyone band together to help him after he has helped them all through their problems?

Just when things couldn’t go any worse, events threatens to reveal a secret that he has kept from everyone – one of his children aren’t really his! Unable to allow the truth to be revealed, he does everything in his power to prevent the truth from coming out. Will he be able to be good father that he is?

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