Skip Beat! Episode 13 Recap

Yay! This episode has really picked up from the last ūüôā

So Gong Xi has bought Lian an obento box but he just pushes her away. The manager is happy that Gong Xi cares so much for Lian’s and Lian cares so much about Gong Xi’s acting. Ahahaha, the manager laughs and says the more you look at the two, the more they are¬†compatible¬†for each other. Manager Du then lets it spill that Lian stayed up all of last night to watch An Yue’s DVD. ¬†Gong Xi asks him if he isn’t afraid that he will get affected because she is and that’s why she wouldn’t dare to watch it. Lian lets it slip that since she already knows how to interpret the role of Wei Xu, even if she watches it now, she won’t be affected. Gong Xi wonders why he watched the DVD.

Could it be that Lian hasn’t figured out how to surpass An Yue’s Jia Yue? However she pushes that thought away because he is none other than Dun He Lian.¬†

CUT! The director tells Lian that he couldn’t feel his feelings towards Mei Yue. The first part is caring and the last part is cherish, however, the director sees no difference with his feelings.

Lian takes a break while Gong Xi goes through the script and the manager just wanders back and forth.

Lian films the scene and it’s another CUT!

Gong Xi and Manager are left with worry. Manager Du tells her that although Lian may look clam, he is actually quite frazzled inside.

The director has a talk with Lian. He tells Lian that his acting is actually quite good but he is looking or realism. What do you mean by realism? The director tells him that he should probably know that the reason that Mei Yue and Jia Yue can’t be together isn’t just because they are teacher-student but also because Jia Yue’s father caused the death of Mei Yue. So that is why he is constantly reminding himself not to fall in love with Mei Yue. On one hand, he keeps on putting his heartbreak in his heat while on the other, he is deeply affected by Mei Yue’s strong and cheerful personality. The realism that the director wants to see is the suffering in his heart.


Shang’s manager says that Shang doesn’t usually get impatient or furious however, he did when he saw the news of Gong Xi acting in the same drama as Lian. She wonders if he really has no interest in Gong Xi.

Meanwhile, Shang has a dream that Gong Xi has bought Lian an obento box and then they go all sweet and lovey-dovey with each other. L.O.L He wakes up from his nightmare and wonders how close they are.

Lian continues to NG.


Lian’s phone rings however he is preoccupied in his thoughts to answer.

Gong Xi asks the director if it is true that he asked Lian to take a few days off work. He explains that he took the opportunity to tell Lian yesterday boy, did he have a saddened expression. The director tells Gong Xi that he does not know what has weighed Lian down.

So Gong Xi is wondering what she can do to help Lian.


While Gong Xi is rolling the chicken head out, she sees Lian. An idea suddenly pops into her mind. What better way is there to talk to Lian? Become Coco Chicken! She manages to get some words out of his mouth. He asks her if she has ever been in love. She thinks that he must be asking her about this because he is stuck on Jia Yue’s love scenes. She asks him if it could be that he has not been in love. :O He admits that he hasn’t been in love. Lian explains that the when the director of LME learned that Lian would be participating in Dark Moon, he advised him not to take it because of him lack of love experience. However, he thought that he could take on this role. Never did he think he would be in his current state.

Clearly knowing that he can’t love her, yet he is attracted to her is a feeling that Lian has never experienced before. Accidentally¬†touching¬†someone that he shouldn’t have touched causing his heart to have a shaken experience is also something that he has never experienced before. Because of this, he decided to watch An Yue’s DVD to figure out how to play the role of Jia Yue. However, when it came to the time to perform, he didn’t know how to interpret the role so he would look back at Tian Ming’s performance. In the end he sabotaged himself. He tells Coco Chicken that if he knew what would have come, he would not have watched the DVD.

Lian sighs and explains that no matter who hard he tried to act the role, he doesn’t have the right feeling. While listening, her concentration diverts to a cockroach. Lian almost strips her chicken head off…

The director of LME has come to pay a visit to the director. He wonders where Lian is. The director realises that he can’t tell the truth because the director was so reluctant to allow Lian to¬†participate¬†in Dark Moon so he tells him that Lian has another task to go to.


After what happened before with Lian trying to pull her chicken head off, he finally manages a smile which makes Gong Xi extremely happy. She still wonders how she could comfort him. In the elevator, Coco Chicken tells Lian to rest assure and that he will definitely get his grip on the character and that she will stake her reputation on him making Lian recall the same thing he said for her. As they walk, he tells her that if there was a book on love, that would be great. He takes a turn and asks her if she knows what love is. She tells him that love is when two people are doing even the most¬†mundane thing and would still be happy together. She further explains that love is when he sees a gir’s actions or looks¬†¬†that made him think that she is really pretty or cute. She asks him if he has had an experience like this. He wonders and guess who pops up in his mind? Gong Xi! He asks her what does it mean if there was. She tells him that this is the beginning of love. Lian is left to wonder about her words. She tells him to face it bravely. He tells her that she is still young and just started university. Gong Xi is happy because that is just like his character in Dark Moon. She advise him to get close with her because this will definitely help with his acting. However, he tells her that right now he doesn’t want to date anyone because he doesn’t want her to become the most important person in “here”. So Lian is still left to ponder.


Gong Xi wonders what “here” means and who the college girl is. ūüėČ

Gong Xi gets praised for her acting. Mei Yue also praise Gong Xi for her acting and dispraise Lian for his acting. Hearing this about Lian, Gong Xi angrily says she doesn’t want to hear this any more and stalks off. In the bathroom she angrily complains about how her acting can better than that of Lian’s. Gong Xi calls Manager Du to ask for Lian’s schedule for tomorrow which Manager Du happily gives her thinking that she may have a plan.


He tells her to go and eat at Lian’s place when she has the time which she happily does. She even goes shopping! On his way home, he sees Gong Xi with bags of shopping and is recalling what Coco Chicken told him about a girl making his hear flutter. A night long, ever since the car ride, Lian has been giving her the sweetest smiles.

As he takes her home, he is still smiling the sweetest smiles. He thanks her for the dinner. She tells him that it was her who delayed his time. Before he goes, she tells him that in her heart he is the most skilful actor compared to everyone else.

Lian finally comes to the realisation that he has fallen in love with Gong Xi. Woot woot!

Director of LME has come again. He decides to give Lian another day.  If he is still unable to grasp the role by that time, the LME director will have Lian replaced.


My Opinion:

Is this a comeback episode or what? I absolutely loved this episode! Lian has finally come to¬†realisation¬†that he loves Gong Xi! Yay! Now he better take some action!. What more can I say? I can’t wait for next ep!

Oh, is anyone also confused with the plot of Dark Moon like me?

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4 thoughts on “Skip Beat! Episode 13 Recap

  1. hikarinokibuo March 19, 2012 at 9:40 pm Reply

    me too, the plot of Dark Moon started out really confusing..but you’ll expect in the future episodes that it will slowly unravel..especially the twists the director will add. ūüėÄ

    Can’t wait for the next ep!
    thank You for the update

    • misscupcakees March 19, 2012 at 10:15 pm Reply

      It’s still just as confusing. It’s a drama within a drama.

      I wonder how much eps this drama is going to be…

  2. Rie Chan July 29, 2014 at 5:06 am Reply

    I was very confused by the plot of dark moon! Had to rewatch the anime and the drama episode a couple of times haha ūüėÄ
    I’m looking for 1 episode where Gong Xi goes to ‘Ren’s’ house to practice her character… but I can’t find it ūüė•

  3. Raven July 7, 2018 at 7:28 am Reply

    You misspelled some words and completely left out some too

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