Skip Beat! Episode 15 Recap

After a long three and a half months, this Skip Beat! has finally come to an end. Argh, why didn’t Gong Xi end up with anyone? And what sort of role does Dong Hae even have? He only appears for like two seconds! Argh!


Lian starts to play some sloppy notes that does nothing to resemble Chopin’. Yi Mei realises that although the notes that he is playing are sloppy, wrong and does not resemble Chopin’, it does resemble ‘Cat Steps’. She wonders why Lian is playing Cat Steps because Jia Yue is supposed to be the perfectionist pianist who can play Chopin’. He then gives her a smile that invites her to play along.

Gong Xi is growing more and more anxious because this is getting further and further from the script. In her imaginative eyes, it would have been like this – Jia Yue inspects the cut on Mei Yue’s hand then the two have a happy, easy-going chat in a harmonious atmosphere. Then Mei Yue goes back to the kitchen to boil a pot of tea. But this isn’t Gong Xi’s imaginative world is it?

Lian and Yi Mei has come to a gradual smooth rhythm and they are even playing in sync! The two then speed up the rhythm and are playing in harmony. (Okay, for two people are at kindergarten level, I am amazed at how quickly they learn. If only I could do that…)

Jia Yue tells Mei Yue that it really corresponds well with her image. It really corresponds well with my image? Jia Yue then lets out a laugh and Mei Yue realises that he was just toying with her. She pushes him backward and he steps onto a piece of glass. She then unwittingly follows the script. She goes to the kitchen to boil so tea while Jia Yue says a line that really corresponds to Lian’s life, “Right now, the distance between us is actually growing more closer. Originally, I wanted to make her hate me. She was supposed to stay away from me.”

The media is overly satisfied with Lian’s performance. Hmmm…but is the president satisfied? He calls everyone over to have a talk.


The president tells Lian that … he wasn’t bad but compared to his usual acting standards, this time is just so-so. Then the president and Lian start to have a telepathic conversation because I have no idea what is going on. Lian thanks the president. The president tells him that it seems like he has completely grasped hold of the role of Jia Yue. Furthermore, he didn’t rely on his brain but his heart. Manager Du secretly comments that the president is truly amazing because by one look at Lian, he already knows that Lian has someone he likes. The president then explains that in order to find the Jia Yue that belongs to him, he needs to have a partner’s cooperation so he deliberately provoked Yi Mei and forced her to agree with him…

Once again, we are back to Gong Xi’s imaginative world. She tells Lian that he is really scary. Even though she knew that he had this all planned out, she never thought Yi Mei would also fall into his trap. No wonder he said all those proactive words to her. She even goes as far as scolding Lian for being so treacherous.

…Fortunately, Yi Mei acted in coordination otherwise, the Jia Yue that Lian wanted to presented would have never been brought to life. Lian turns to Yi Mei and sincerely thanks her. He tells her that the reason that he has full confidence in himself because him partner is her, the one that he is acting with is her. Watching this speech, the manager subconsciously comments that if Lian is able to face the person he likes and say such beautiful words, then that would be good.

Also watching this is Gong Xi. After hearing his beautiful thanking speech, Gong Xi appears to be a little bit depressed.

Lian comes to see what is wrong with Gong Xi. She tells him that it’s nothing. However, when he takes a step towards her, she backs away. He asks her what’s with the backing away. She tells him that it’s nothing. Just before Lian could question her any further, Manager Du and the director comes in and the president invites Lian for a private talk. Manager Du invites Gong Xi to buy some things with him.

The president tells Lian that compared to five years ago, he is much more stable now. He also tells him that he remembers him saying that he never wants to fall in love. Lian asks him to please not bring up things of the past. However, the president knows that Lian has someone he likes. He asks him who the person is but Lian just denies that he likes anyone. (Argh, Lian! Just admit it! You like her!)


Meanwhile, Gong Xi is really depressed. She is sitting outside the store waiting for Manager Du while recalling the thanking speech he said to Yi Mei. She comments that she is jealous of Yi Mei because Lian said those words to her. She wonders when will she be able to deserve to hear Lian say those words to her. (Yep, you are in love honey!) While walking, she asks Manager Du thinks of how Yi Mei was feeling at the time of Lian’s acting. He tells her that Yi Mei resist Lian’s charisma. He asks her why she is suddenly asking this. She tells him that she remembers a director saying once that if you want your partner’s role to fall in love with your role, you must let the other person to really fall in love with you. Manager Du tells that that is what Lian is doing. Gong Xi gets mad and screams out ‘I KNOW!’ which knocks out an entire row of bikes. She then storms off claiming although she wants Lian’s praises, but she doesn’t want to act opposite him, recalling the time when he hugged her. She remembers her blood oath where she won’t allow her heart to beat for any man. (Nawwwss, well it’s beating for Lian already.)


Back on set, Gong Xi insists on waiting for Lian before eating. Manager Du provokes by asking if even eating she has to be with Lian. (Okay, now I have the impression that they even go to the toilet together…) What together!? A junior waiting for a senior to eat is only politeness! Manager Du manages to calm her down and tells her that she has been acting fairly odd today because she over reacts to anything that is Lian related. The manager gets pulled away to help Yi Mei with the video recorder giving Gong Xi some alone time to gather her thoughts together. She realises that Manger Du is right; when acting with Lian it is not hard to fall under his spell. She tells herself that Yi mei could do it, so being flustered is a normal reaction.

Back with the president and Lian… The president tells Lian that in today’s performance, he saw his ‘past’. Lian starts to grow anxious but the president tells him not to because if he can show his past, this means that for better or worse, he will be able to forgive his ‘past’.   So Gong Xi has decided to come and find Lian but she doesn’t want to disturb his talk with the president so she waits outside the limo instead. She then starts to walk like a drunken person… The president tells Lian that being a part of Dark Moon is the best form of healing for him. He asks Lian to release the burden in his heart. Huh? Cut to the point, the president tells him that the Tien Ming in An Yue… Gong Xi? They both spot Gong Xi doing a drunken dance. She’s not waiting for you is she? Lian turns and face the president with his eyes wide open. The president discovers that the one that Lian likes is Gong Xi. The president figures that Gong Xi helped Lian to grasp his role of Jia Yue. Lian is about to take off but the president stops him and asks him if it is because he feels that he doesn’t deserve happiness.

Gong Xi is happy to see Lian but Lian is once again acting cold towards her. 😦

After three months of filming, Dark Moon has finally wrapped up. At the press conference, the director once again gets questions about his father thrown at him. Unlike last time, this time he successfully answered them all, being able to face his fear. Will Lian be able to do the same?

It’s the premiere of Dark Moon and her friend, Wan Zi, literally had to drag Gong Xi out to watch it. Everyone was impressed with Gong Xi’s performance.

The president has called Lian in for a talk. He asks Lian if he knows that the Dark Moon viewership ratings is number one in the country. Lian tells him the moment that grasped onto the role of Jia Yue, he had already succeed so the viewership ratings doesn’t matter to him. The president tells him that he knows that for the role of Jia Yue, he put his career on the line because he wants to beat Tien Ming’s Jia Yue because that would mean he surpassed his father. OMG! (Really? I am a little disappointed. I thought he was holding some sort of life threatening burden that prevents him from falling in love. Does your father prevent you from falling in love?)


Gong Xi and Lian head off to channel 8 together. During the trip, Lian recalls the president’s words. “In order to surpass your father Tien Ming, you have always been strict with yourself. After some time, you even sealed off your tender heart. That girl that is walking towards you is probably the magic to your salvation.”

Shang’s manager sees the many praise for Gong Xi and decides that she can’t let Shang see this. Too late, Shang sees it. (Yay! Shang, you are back!) As Shang exits the lift, he sees Gong Xi walking with Lian. Gong Xi also sees Shang. She wonders how she should react. Should she greet him? But if she greets him, Lian might think that she still cares for that jerk. Or should she go and buy something? Does she still care for him? Gong Xi and Shang successfully walk pass each other without acknowledging either one.

Then Shang only gets to say like seven sentences in this ep. “Seeing gong Xi by Dun He Lian’s side makes me feel heartache. It turns out that I really can’t bear letting Gong Xi go. Dun He Lian, just you wait. I, Bu Po Shang, will work like mad steal the entertainment industry’s artist throne from you. Also, Gong Xi, wait for me. I will definitely let you see my success and my rays of light. When that time comes, I will use my most sincere to move you and bring you back to my side.” I correct myself, I mean two sentences.

In the lift with Lian, Gong Xi realises that she was able to look at Shang so calmly and her heart no longer flutters when she sees him. Could it be that she doesn’t hate him any more?

Manager Du goes to greet the program director; Gong Xi and Lian are left in an awkward position. Gong Xi breaks the awkwardness and thanks Lian. “Originally, because of revenge, my reasoning went blind. I didn’t know who I was and I didn’t know what I lived for. I just whole-heartedly wanted to defeat that person, hoping that one day kneel in front of me and apologise. But now I really do like acting. In the past three months that we filmed for Dark Moon, I am even more certain of this. I don’t want to get revenge any more. I also don’t care about that person any more.” Lian walks off while Gong Xi subconsciously says, “Also, as for the most important feeling to humankind, since meeting you, I have slowly rekindling it,” while recalling the moments that she had since meeting Lian.


Nan Qing is also very successful on her acting career. She had just filming a commercial for a water brand – Noitom – when Gong Xi comes to visit. Nan Qing tells Gong Xi that she saw the first episode of Dark Moon but got angry after seeing it…because she portrayed Wei Xu so well. She’s angry that she has so much talent and angry that she has such a successful friend while she has accomplished nothing. How could you have accomplished nothing? Didn’t you take up a very powerful idol drama? Anyway, Nan Qing asks her what her plans are for after filming Dark Moon. Gong Xi tells her that she wants to go on a vacation. Nan Qing lets it spill that Lian has gone up to Taitung to film for a new film. Hmm…where will she go for vacation?


Taitung of course! She recalls the time when she was learning tea making skills from Shang’s mother and how this place never changed. She reminisces her time with Shang and realises that being able to calmly reminisce like this represents that she no longer hates Shang. She goes to the rocky area and sees Corn (Lian) there. Lian asks her why she is here. She tells him that wanted to come and have a look at her hometown. She asks him the same question to which he replies that he was filming nearby and was on a break so he decided to come here. She asks him to take out his hand and asks him if he remembers her rock, Corn? (Hmmm…what must he be thinking? When they were little?) She tells him the time when she almost lost Corn but he was there to find Corn back for her. She gives him Corn and he asks her why she is giving him Corn. She tells him that he is constantly distressed and doesn’t know how help him relive the pressure so she thought that Corn can give him some encouragement. She tells him to put Corn up to the sunlight and it will change colours. She asks him if he thinks she is childish but he just smiles and puts Corn up to the sunlight. She tells him that it is magic and when Corn changes colour, his mood will become more relaxed because Corn can take away unhappy feelings. Do you not believe me? Lian realises that she is still as innocent as a child and that she hasn’t changed at all. He smiles and tells her that she does believe him. Seeing his expression and hearing his laughter, she comes to the conclusion that he doesn’t believe her. In order to make him believe her, she tells him a secret – The person who gave her Corn was a little boy and every time he wanted to meet her, he had to be furtive  because his real identity was…the Fairy Kingdom’s Prince. (She really hasn’t changed. Ahahaha) Lian just calmly and amusing listen to her explanation. He then lets out a laugh which gets her angry. She walks away. Lian goes to apologise.


She tells him that Corn flew up in the sky before and told her that he had grown wings several times before but every time he is about to fly high, his father would stretch out his giant hands and block him. Then his father would rip up his wings so he couldn’t fly. Although she hasn’t seen him for over 10 years now but she knows that Corn has probably grown up to be an extraordinary grown up now with wings more beautiful and brilliant than anyone. Lian recalls the president telling him that Director Xu Fang has found his own path and that he shouldn’t be living in his father’s shadow any more. She asks him if he thinks what she said made any sense. He tells him that it’s hard to say because this world contains a countless number of challenges and that many things aren’t easy to accomplish. She gets mad at him for splashing her cold water. But he insists that he is correct. She tells him that she believes that Corn was meant to be king; that’s why he was born to this world. She believes that he can because he is Corn.

Here comes my favourite part. KISS, KISS, KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! KISSSSSS! He returns her her Corn and tells him that he doesn’t need it because he has already found the magic that will save him – her. KISSSSSSSS! KISSSSSSSSS! KISSSSSSSSSSSSS! And they do just that. ❤ (Sorry, I couldn’t screencap it) And then my mood plummets because it’s just Gong Xi’s imagination once again. (Noooooooooooooooooooo! Why did they have to do that!? :'()   Lian tells her to work hard together and that in his heart, she is already a respected rival. (Noooooooooooooooooooooo! Why didn’t you tell her you love her!? WHY!?) In her mind she thanks him for allowing her to understand that her heart hasn’t been devoured by hatred and that she still has lots and lots of love to give through each and everyone of her performances to touch people.


Lian stands in the middle of the place where she auditioned and reminisces the start of her career to now. Suddenly Manager Shen comes and tells her to go and get changed into her uniform. She throws a tantrum because she still has to continue wearing the uniform. It ends with Gong Xi saying that she is going to keep doing her best working towards the ‘best actress’ throne; to love and be considerate of others and to have a heart that cares and gives.


My Opinion:

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! No, no, no! They can’t end it like this! They can’t! The very least that they could have done was allow Gong Xi to be together with Lian! Nooooooooooooo! I am so disappointed! The kiss got me so hyped up. But no, they just had to make it her imagination. Nooooooooooo! Why couldn’t they make it real? Why?

Aside from that, this was a fairly good episode. Everything ended up smoothly. It all flowed together and I loved how the ending didn’t feel rushed. It was so-going at first but after the first half of the ep, the speed increased. It just made me miss Shang that much more. He didn’t even get two minutes on-screen! I thought he was second male lead? He really doesn’t seem like it. Arghhh, I’m so pissed off at this! I really wanted to see more of Shang. Shang! Where have you been?

I must say though, Lian has really progressed since the start of the drama. At the start Siwon was much more stiff as an actor but then as the drama progressed, he seemed more relaxed. He expressions went through a lot of changes. Every time he smiles my heart still melts. 😀 I don’t know why but Lian gives me that relaxed, cosy feeling…

Ivy Chen is an amazing actress! All her scenes were delivered spectacularly. Each scene was filled with emotion. With each and every scene, I could literally fill the emotions that she was filling. She is an amazing actress to deliver such a great performance. I am still annoyed with her hair though. I liked it long. Fine, cut it. I liked it as a bob. Then they make it even shorter! I don’t think that style suits her well.

And Manager Du! He is cute and handsome and made all scenes lively. 🙂

As I was watching this drama, some questions popped into my head. Some of these are still not answered… Where are Gong Xi’s parents? Where is her mum? Her mum left her when she was young right? But that doesn’t answer the burden within Gong Xi. Where’s Lian’s father? What’s with Shang and his manager? Only Nan Qing had a ending with all questions answered.

Overall, good drama with an open ending. Could this mean that is going to be a sequel?

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28 thoughts on “Skip Beat! Episode 15 Recap

  1. Cheesecake225 April 4, 2012 at 12:38 am Reply

    I really do hope they make a second season. They can’t leave it off like that! D: I wanted that kiss scene to be real. ):

    • misscupcakees April 4, 2012 at 4:15 pm Reply

      I know! I was literally screaming for them to kiss. And then when I discovered that it was all her imagination, well, it ruined whatever happy mood I was in.

      I want a second season too. That would rely heavily on the manga though…

      • Cheesecake225 April 7, 2012 at 12:50 pm

        I hope the author of Skip Beat makes the story line go even further! :3

        But Donghae got so little screen time. ._.

      • misscupcakees April 8, 2012 at 12:05 am

        Same, give it some romance yeah?
        According to the manga and anime, Shang doesn’t appear much…

    • cheesecake225 April 19, 2012 at 12:35 am Reply

      At least Shang appears more then 3 times in the manga. -____- I honestly thought this was a 2 in 1 package, since Siwon and Donghae are two my biases in Super Junior. T^T I hope the Korean version of Skip Beat will be WAYY better. T^T Get a lot of TOP appearances. c:

  2. sophichan April 4, 2012 at 1:41 am Reply

    Probably, they do this end because the manga isn’t complete. Thats is why they couldn’t end up together (but they will be nearer and nearer ).Moroever, i think than SUJU fans wanna kill ivy because of siwon. I have many siwon fans as friends, they became mad when some people talk about the kissing escene. what a nonsenseless situation, girls understand job is job .I support siwon oppa!!!!!!! do your best at acting while we envy ivy.
    I also believe they show more than the anime and explain more things thanthe manga; for example, that she doesnt “hate” shang/shou (jerk number 1) anymore while she still wants revenge and dark moon filming is longer and have its own problems (including harrasing) .
    If there is a second season, it will be a great gift for skip beat fans like me (we are waiting so long each chapter.please realease it sooner!!!!). Also, if there is a second season i wanna see who will play Reino (the one with powerful ESP abilities) and the vie ghoul (The Beagles hahaha), Lian’s father, Kijima-san (making Lian/Ren tsuruga jealous), aman. The both main characters acting as the heel siblings and the most important thing the event that changed tsuruga’s life for ever: the reason of using the broken watch….. kyakya I agree wiith you about gong xi past but also the manga doesn’t have any about her mother (i wish the mangaka doesnt go crazy and make a marmalade boy-situation because i surely become madder than anyone)
    Now, I’m just waiting for the next manga chapter: unfortunately, fuwa fans will be disappointed because he will not apearing much because tsuruga’s past is too complex and heavy that hides him.
    Please mangaka work harder and finish the manga in order to have second season with happy HAPPY end. Anime studios please make the second season of the anime there are enough manga chapters to do second and third season you know it very well i think. Producers of the live action wait a little bit, but dont forget to give us the second season with at least gong xi/ivy, lian/siwon, shang/donghae (same actors). And if you can the same actors will play: manager Du, qin, director of dark moon and the president.Moreover,
    i will enjoy if also appear Kim Hyun Joong oppa, Lee Min Hoo oppa, Kim Bum oppa, Kim Joon, Joe Cheng, one of ss501,Won Bin, Rain (after finishing military service),Kim Jae Won,Song Seung Hun,Kim Ki Bum, Jo Ji Hoon, Lee Wan, Daniel Henney,Kwon Sang Woo, SUJU, Wu Chun, Jiro Wang, Mike He, and other korean and taiwan actors at least to play short roles.

    • misscupcakees April 4, 2012 at 4:13 pm Reply

      I know the manga isn’t finished. I guess they just wanted to follow the manga so they left the ending open.
      Ahahahahas, I can’t say that I agree with you since I don’t read manga or watch animes…

  3. ROYLOVE April 4, 2012 at 4:42 am Reply

    I feel so ambivalent towards the ending! It’s like hopeful but depressing at the same time cuz she doesn’t get together with Lian!!! Hopeful in that Gong Xi has finally let go of her past and finds a purpose for herself. She re-learns how to love and establishes her own identity. BUT OMG she doesnt end up with Lian T__________T, they didn’t even hint that they were gonna end up together :((. I reckon Gong Xi is totally ready to love again and Lian is obviously an important person in her life now and vice versa! HAHA I guess we can all assume they will end up together in time!! 🙂 And Shang OMG he sorta touched me too cause he realised how important Gong Xi was to him and decided to ask for Gong Xi’s forgiveness once’s he is more well established in the entertainment industry!! OMG the love triange was just starting :’(( But Skip Beat is an awesome drama! I’m so sad that it’s ended 😥 I HOPE THERES A SKIP BEAT 2!!
    But everyones been saying that Lian and gong xi still arent together in the manga (which has been ongoing for 10 years) so… 😦 to the manga artist/writer , please finish the manga 😀

    • misscupcakees April 4, 2012 at 4:11 pm Reply

      Yeah, I agree. I was disappointed that she didn’t get to end up with Lian. 😦 I was even more disappointed that the kiss was only her imagination. I guess I was relieved that Gong Xi was able to let out all of her hatred and is able to open herself to love once again. However, I am disappointed with Lian though. He didn’t open himself up to love. If he did, that kiss would have been real! Oh, and Shang? He didn’t touch me. After everything she did for him, he now comes to realise how much she means to him? Pffft!

      Yeah, an open ending. Anything could happen in the future!

  4. lidy April 4, 2012 at 5:54 am Reply

    i spoiled myself with ep15. i flash forwarded to the end to get a glimpse of what happens toward the end and see the preview for ep16. and imagine my surprise that the drama is only 15 episodes long. well at least it ends after the ad lib scene, unlike the anime which ends with kyoko worrying about him and trying to help somehow.
    sigh, idk why they couldn’t just build on hints (further; moving along the story line of gong xi love lian) presented in the manga so far and started diverging from the story line to a 24 ep drama. eg the first fullmetal alchemist anime follows the manga half way before the story line diverges, bc the manga was unfinished. now there’s fullmetal alchemist brotherhood which follow the original story from beginning to end.
    guess my desire to see ren and kyoko become a couple will have to wait if and when the skip beat-non skip beat korean tv drama “celebrity” starting Big Bang’s T.O.P. (follows the skip beat story line of dutiful girl ditched by budding star BF and vowing revent by trying to become an idol) airs

    • misscupcakees April 4, 2012 at 4:05 pm Reply

      Wait, what!? You are making no sense to me. LOL What alchemist?

      Yeah, I heard about the korean version of Skip Beat. I don’t think I’m going to watch it though, one version is enough. Ahahahas

      • lidy April 6, 2012 at 12:35 am

        fullmetal alchemist is an anime based on the manga. i’m just using it as an example on what could’ve been done with extravagant challenge.
        there are 2 anime versions of the manga and that is bc the first anime series aired before the manga was completed, so half way through the manga, the story deviates and has a different story line from the now completed manga, which the 2nd anime version completely folllows. which is why to differentiate btwn the 2, the 2nd anime series is called fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood.
        basically just trying to say, that at least extravagant challenge could’ve been more than 15 episodes just by continuing from gong xi’s imagining being kissed by lian and developing the story of their budding romance, the entertainment world and shang’s interference

  5. lidy April 12, 2012 at 1:39 pm Reply

    to extravagant challenge/skip beat fans, did you know that there is a fanmade skip beat japanese trailer. when i first saw it, i thought japan was going to a drama version of skip beat too. well, boys over flowers was done 3x (technically 4x if you count the chinese mainland version). here’s the link to to the fanmade trailer:

  6. OpinionatedViewer April 16, 2012 at 5:30 pm Reply


  7. Siwon's Fan April 16, 2012 at 5:43 pm Reply

    I really wanted them to end up together! All the episodes from episode 5 to 13 were really good in my opinion, but then from episode 14 to 15 on, my whole mood just plummeted. I didn’t know how they would answer all the questions (Gong Xi’s parents & background, along with the Corn/Lian guy & why he lived there before & why he moved) but of course, none of them were answered. THEY DIDN’T EVEN KISS (for real). And the kiss was soooooo bad. ARGHGHGHGHGHGH. I wasted 15 hours for one lousy kiss?? I feel like the only reason I watched was because of Siwon’s heartbreaking smiles. I like died every time he smiles. And his hair. Oh god. It’s like a piece of heaven, lol. The actor of Gong Xi was really great, but she became kind of annoying, especially in this episode, because she had that baby pout and the baby voice whenever she talked to Lian. And how can someone be so stupid? (Sorry.) But it’s ridiculous how she hasn’t even realize he is Corn or that he likes he OR that she likes him! She knows subconsciously but I don’t think she fully realized it. And what is up with Dong Hae? He was barely in the movie! And he is sooo gorgeous! Gahhh, I thought this drama was a two-in-one special but I guess not. 😦 And when he says that he will work hard to steal the spotlight from Lian and win Gong Xi back? CRAP. BULL. Honestly, he can’t change his mind that fast. He can’t go years of neglecting and deceiving her to thinking that way after seeing her with Lian. There’s no progression to this change of feeling too, so this line just aggravates me more. I’m angry nothing I wanted to see happened (the fight over Gong Xi between Lian and Shang; the real KISS). Overall, this drama was bad. It had some high points, but mostly it was weird, greatly exaggerated, and had no subsequent meaning to it. The only good thing about it was the Super Junior members and the provoking acting of Gong Xi. I think there will be a sequel, but will probably have the stuff I want to see in it, but I’m afraid it’ll not that great again. They should have done more or cut the exaggerated and long script. WE WANT MORE MAKE OUT SCENES!!! Or at least more than one to exist.

    • misscupcakees April 16, 2012 at 6:20 pm Reply

      Yeahhh, the kiss didn’t have the spark and it wasn’t even real. Arghhhhhhhh! Same, sometimes I felt that the only thing going for me for this drama was Siwon’s smile. I literally melted each time he smiled. 🙂 And Shang? Well he seriously can’t change like that. I don’t accept that either. He treated her like crap, now he wants her back because he sees her with Lian. Ahahaha, yeah, well he didn’t get much showtime so his feelings weren’t really explored.

  8. tinybubbles June 2, 2012 at 1:28 am Reply

    im planning to watch this drama however after reading this article ill pass..dont want to be disappointed.

  9. Larieza Camille Mae Valdez July 16, 2012 at 3:35 am Reply

    Thank you for all the review [first time to comment and I was a little late about the whole watching thing]. Hoping for season 2 and a possible season 3 🙂 I would like to suggest that you read the manga, since all of the scene are just from it. Skit Beat is at its chapter 190 🙂 as of now Sho/Shang and Kyoko/Gong Xi are sort of friends and Ren/Corn/Kuon doesn’t know of it 😮 and they were… 🙂

    • misscupcakees July 16, 2012 at 10:01 am Reply

      No worries! Yeah, it was open ended so this could hint for a possible forthcoming season…

      Ahahahaha, maybe 😉 But you see, I have never really gotten in manga… LOL

  10. Kayt November 16, 2012 at 12:39 am Reply

    I will be the weird one and say me personally I want her to end up with sho fuwa (shang?) instead of Ren (Lian). I have not read the manga in quite sometime but I may catch up on what is happening.

  11. betty December 17, 2012 at 1:56 am Reply

    i watched it hoping that it had a little more romance or at least a better ending than the anime but it wasnt like that T^T
    other than that i totaly loved watching this drama!!!

  12. anna May 26, 2013 at 8:23 pm Reply

    the ending is very disapointing ;(

    • misscupcakees May 26, 2013 at 11:40 pm Reply

      Yeahh, it was open ended! I guess it followed the manga!

  13. ginna balawen February 20, 2014 at 10:48 pm Reply

    it is really beautiful and a best drama i’ve ever watched,.,I just want that this drama must have a season two,.,jeje

  14. Jirorocker March 9, 2014 at 4:44 pm Reply

    arrggh! it was so dissapointing. my heart drop in my stomach. i felt the movie was great for the first to 13th episodes. what happen to 14 and 15? its only more on acting … it was hanging. i felt ive wasted all my time. i didn’t even study just to watch the whole episodes. did the director got tired of doing the ending? that’s too bad… what happen to shang? —- what is going on? CAN ANYBODY EXPLAIN TO ME ? things were not cleared up!!!

  15. aljen villalon June 21, 2014 at 1:19 pm Reply

    I do hope that theres a part 2 ……..

  16. Naj February 22, 2015 at 11:58 pm Reply

    I really hope they can make Skip Beat Season 2 . Uwaaaaaa

  17. Gina June 26, 2015 at 5:52 pm Reply

    Holy crap. I am so unsatisfied with that ending. Really wanted to see Shang try to get Gong Xi back and have some typical asian drama showdown between Shang and Lian for the girl. But if not that AT LEAST leave it with Gong Xi and Lian together >.> I’m actually really pissed. Also towards the end, Qin was barely in it…and I really liked Qin and Gong Xi’s friendship–which is kind of rare for Taiwanese asian dramas. If there is no season 2, which there probably won’t be since its been so many years, I hate this show so much. Not satisfying at all. #done

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