The King 2 Hearts Synopsis

North and South Korea are on the verge of reunification. Only this is set in the imaginary modern-day South Korea where it is governed by a monarchy.

For the very first time, North and South Korea are in the talks of reunification so they decide to enter the World Officer Championship (WOC) as one. The WOC team compromises of 3 members from each side of Korea.

The current crown prince, Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi – remember him as Cha Dae Woong from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho?), is a very materialistic, smart and humorist playboy who takes no interest in political matters. So of course he wasn’t happy when he was deceived by his brother into entering the WOC right after his anticipated release from mandatory military service.

Upon entering, Jae Ha discovers that the leader of the South Korean WOC team is Eun Shi Kyung (Jo Jung Suk), the son of the king’s chief secretary.

So the six members are whisked off training in preparation for the WOC.  During his training, Jae Ha comes to meet Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won – remember her from Secret Garden?), a top secret agent from North Korea and the leader of the North Korean WOC team. She may be a tough woman on the outside but really she has a soft heart and is longing to find that one man who truly loves her. She was reluctant to enter the WOC, however after some persuasion and a promise from her general to help her find the man in her life, she agreed to join the WOC.

Jae Ha never wanted to participate in the WOC so during the training he threw many tantrums causing tension among the two teams. Luckily, Shi Kyung was there to help him along his way. Hang Ah, being the tough woman that she is, was not afraid to give the prince a lesson or two. She gave him many hard times but little does he know of the hard time that he gives her.

Jae Ha soon finds himself falling for Hang Ah. Before long, they are a couple to-be-wed. Jae Ha’s sister, Lee Jae Shin (Lee Yoo Ji), returns back to Korea to especially participate in her brother’s engagement. She is a free-spirited person who soon finds herself falling for Shi Kyung.

Jae Shin only wants to live a peaceful life but everything gets overturned when the royal family got more than they bargained for.

However, the path for Jae Ha and Hang Ah is not easy-going because a major meltdown occurred in the palace causing greater tension between the north and south.

Will this be the cause of the reunification of Korea? Will love be able to surpass the tensions between north and south Korea?

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  1. Blue Saint Kpop | Kdrama | BSK October 29, 2012 at 5:33 pm Reply

    […] above synopsis is part of an extract from 'A Fairy Take World'. Click here to read […]

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