My Opinion on Sergeant Tabloid Episodes 1-5

I think that it is kind of ironic that Michael Tse is playing a reporter. I was kind of expecting him to be playing some kind of police officer because of his now famous Laughing Gor role. Niki Chow is once again given the emotional role of Lui Fei Hap. Not that I have anything against it, but I would like to see her with some challenging role. And hi Mandy Wong once again! She is ubiquitous! She is in every drama that I have seen recently. And it’s nice to see Matthew Ko back on screen. I missed his handsome face. It’s interesting how both of his dramas are warehoused dramas – The Greatness of  a Hero and this drama. I also like Lui Hap’s group of besties. I actually like this drama.

Throw in some romance and police and what do you get? A wonderful drama!


My Opinion:

This is one of the better starts to a drama that I have seen from TVB. Interesting and symbolic. She thinks that the make on the boat with her is her current boyfriend but from what I see, it’s our Laam Yat Yat. (:

Niki really portrayed the role of an emotional girl really well (actually, she portrays it well in every drama). I felt so sorry for her. She is just a woman looking for love. Just when she think she has found it, she looses grip of it. She thinks she has found her perfect man Tung Siu-leung. He even proposes to her which she accepts. However, never did she once suspect that he is a drug baron. She catches him but what choice does she have? She is a policewoman and he is a drug baron. Her righteous out rules her love, so she has no choice but to arrest him. That scene was so compelling. She just stood there with tears slowly coming out of her eyes while she listens to his pleading. You can see the heartbreak in her. She loves him but the law her sense of righteous outrules her. With each and every tear, you can feel her heartbreak. Poor Lui Hap! But if that didn’t happen, she would have never got to have her fate with Yat Yat. Niki always manages to pull of great crying scenes and this one was no exception. Her crying scenes seem natural and not forced like many actors.

Never did I thought that Niki and Michael would make a great couple but now I have changed sides. They definitely have chemistry. They are so adorable together.  I can’t wait to see more of them. They have so much sparks together.

I loved the part when Yat Yat tricked Lui Hap to be an emergency model. Of course she agreed. All was working out at the photoshoot then he goes and pours a bucket of water on her. LOL, I don’t know what’s special about that scene but I love it.

It is also apparent that Niki always gets given the role of a girl who gets conned easily.

Having seen Michael in numerous serious roles, I was surprised to see how well he could pull off a comedic role. He actually is suited to comedy. I also like how he has the ‘leader’ role. It reminds me of his previous roles. Although he isn’t actually a leader, he has that quality like how his reporter buddy is so obedient to him. LOL

Look, it’s Mandy again! Since seeing her in The Hippocratic Crush, I’m going to have a hard time comparing this role to her previous role. They are both so similar. She is still that strict character with the goal to be the very best of herself. She is also still as arrogant and likes things done her way. For now, she is the tough madam Kiu but I hope Lui Hap will be able to change all that. Once again, Mandy has to share the guy she likes. Mandy already has the leading lady quality.

Finally, time to see Matthew back on screen. He is as handsome as always. I can’t wait to see his performance.

Currently, Oceane Zhu’s portrayal of Laam Oi Oi is decent. She still doesn’t deliver her lines naturally. She needs improvement on that. However, I must say, her cantonese has improved. She has less of an accent now, making her much more understandable.

Ahahahaha, so I just have this thing for bickering couples. Yeahhhh, I find them amusing. I love to see how the transit to loving each other. I can’t wait to see the development of Yat Yat and Lui Hap.

Arghhhh, I’m just annoyed with the lack of an opening song theme. TVB will probably release it when it gets broadcast in Hong Kong but why shouldn’t overseas viewers be allowed that advantage? I can see the MV at the very end of each episode just no music. 😦

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One thought on “My Opinion on Sergeant Tabloid Episodes 1-5

  1. Don May 11, 2012 at 2:18 am Reply

    hi, anyone can tell me how can i watch this hong kong drama? Sometime i managed to watch it but when i click the next episode, somehow i can’t watch anymore. Can someone please tell me how / where to search for it? I liked to watch hongkong drama, very interesting, much better than local show. thank you.

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