Heartbeat Love Part 1 Recap

Wahhhhhhhh, ten minutes isn’t enough! I wanted more! Argh, their chemistry was there from the very second they looked at each other. Rainie just never fails to captivate any of her male co-stars!


The micro-movie/mini-film starts off with a flashback. Li Wei Chen’s friend advises him to go to Australia and have a look. His friend shows Wei Chen a photo and asks him if he remembers her. (Hmmm…that photo looks a lot like Rainie Yang!)

On the plane Wei Chen subconsciously says ‘I have decided to embark on the unfinished journey from last year to experience again our heartbeats from that time.’

Meanwhile, Xiao Yu is recording herself saying ‘I have decided to tell you the truth now.’


So Wei Chen’s friends has stood him up on this trip and Xiao Ru is on this trip in avoidance of someone. She must not use her credit card to avoid being found. He wonders how he is going to rent a room but no need to fear because his friends have got all of this sorted out. His friends tell him to call them when he arrives in Australia.

They tell him to check his e-mail and boy, does he get a big shock!

Hello. I am Yang Xiao Yu. I am very pleased that for the next few days we will be working together for this Australian trip. After arriving at the Four Seasons Hotel, please contact me.

Wei Chen is too busy capturing the beautiful sites of Australia to notice that his luggage got switched with someone else. Whoops! Or maybe you were checking a certain someone out?

Our couple has arrived at Four Seasons Hotel. They sit opposite each other and give each other a nod as respect. Then they divert their eyes elsewhere except on each other. (Nawwwwws, how cute!) They text each other not knowing that they are directly opposite each other. Finally, Wei Chen picks up the consistent notification ringtone between their phones and realise that she must be Xiao Yu. Yang Xiao Yu? Ahahahaa, she just stares at him blank-mindly. LOL He enthusiasticly tells her that he is Li Wei Chen, the one from online who will be sharing a room with her.

She tells him that the person who is sharing a room with her is called Mu Zi Wei. Mu…Zi…Wei… (Mu and Zi make up the word Li) She lets out a fake-ish laugh and tells him that it is impossible because the person sharing a room with her is a girl. She even shows him proof. LOL He tells her that the picture was from when he was from cross-dressing. She calls him a pervert for pretending to be a girl to deceive her into sharing a room with him.


He goes to look for his wallet and opens his luggage to discover…that it’s not his. (Show’s expression was priceless). He realises that he must have swapped it when he was too busy taking pictures.

Seeing this, Xiao Yu goes to tell him that she understands because she has many types of those friends and every time they go travelling they always bring her along because they don’t want to share a room with those stinky guys. Ahahahas! Driving yourself into misunderstanding? He tries to explain but before he could even get a word out, she shushes him up.


‘The world is so big. Why did you choose to come to Australia for vacation?’ ‘I was born to travel. I’m a small staff at a company. All the money I earn I put towards travel.’ (Nice, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House).

Wei Chen and Xiao Ru spend some cutesy time together at a park. She asks him what type he likes. He plays along saying that he likes A types. He asks her the same question in return. She tells him that she doesn’t have the right to like anyone.


Wei Chen secretly calls up the person to get back his luggage. Xiao Ru comes out wrapped in a towel while he is ordering tickets. She puts on lotion when her towel unwraps. She feels no embarrassment and even tells him to pick it up. He lets out this fake-as cough and picks up the towel while trying not to look at her.


My Opinion:

Cute, cute, cute! Ten minutes just isn’t long enough! I can’t get enough of them. Their chemistry is just off the radar! I have nothing to say but SWEET!

Show and Rainie feel so free, so casual with each other. This is why their chemistry is so amazing. They are able to just be friends in front of the camera rather than be robots. (:

I wonder what the flashbacks are all about and I am curious to know who the girl in the photo is.

Arghhhh, why is this so short!? 😦 Anyway, I can’t wait for the next ep! I am already really loving this. ❤

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