Gloves Come Off Synopsis

When the TV King of 2011 stars in his first  and possibly his only drama of 2012, it is bound to have some high expectations. When he comes together with one of TVB’s hot male star, Raymond Wong, well they are sure to make a great drama. Oh, did I mention that these two have some abs? Just by the look of the promotion poster, these guys are going to have some brotherly chemistry! I am sure these two will hit it with the female co-stars. I especially look forward  to the Raymond-Natalie paring ever since their cutesy pairing in A Watchdog’s Tale. (Though, I must admit Natalie isn’t the greatest actress of all, but she is improving.)

Tong Sap Yat (Kevin Cheng) is an amazing Muy Thai boxer. He trains with his senior Ko Wai Ting (Kenny Wong) far out in Thailand. Money lures the pair to enter boxing in Thailand’s black market. As a result of his decision for money, he made a mistake that would haunt him for life – he accidentally kills his opponent and as a result he was jailed seven years for manslaughter. During his sentence, his wife died of an untreated illness leaving behind their only son, Tong Gat (Leung Chi Ho).

After his jail sentence he decides to turn over a new leaf and return to Hong Kong eager to leave his regretful past behind. He finds himself a job in the security department of a good sports company. His outspoken and out going personality has caused him to become the centre of attraction in his superior’s, Chai Pak Fai (Selena Li), romantic life.

All along he has been hoping to lead a simple life out of the boxing ring however that all changes when he encounters an assistant manager, Pat Ka Sing (Raymond Wong) working in the same company as him. At first the two have a misunderstanding between them but that cleared up and soon enough they were turned from foes to friends.

Ka Sing has a strong passionate love towards Muy Thai boxing ever since Wai Ting saved him from being beaten up by muggers with Muy Thai boxing. Since discovering that Sap Yat was once a brilliance in Muy Thai boxing, Ka Sing is more than eager to convince Sap Yat back into the boxing world.

The two friends share a very definite love for Muy Thai boxing and this proves that Sap Yat is unable to let go of his passion for Muy Thai boxing, he enters the boxing world once again.  He enters Dragon Fist Hall as a determined mentor for Ka Sing and deaf and mute but talented boxer Ting Yan Chi (Nancy Wu), determined to train them to becoming successful boxing champions. Not only did Sap Yat overcome and freed his past, but he managed to build up a great friendship with Ka Sing.

Ka Sing proved to be skilful and a natural talent in Muy Thai boxing. At first he was doing boxing out of physical defence, but his skills has persuaded him to fight. He soon falls in love with this experience gaining himself the purpose and direction of life that he previously lacked.

Although Ka Sing managed to fulfil his love towards Muy Thai boxing, does he have the luck in his love life with Yam Hou Ka (Natalie Tong)?

Just when Sap Yat is reached the height of his life, his Ka Sing turned into a very different man. He envy for Sap Yat has assimilated into power that he never thought he could have. He is a man that would chase for heights that he can never reach. Will this be the end of their friendship?

This pair of friends have a long and heated rivalry ahead of them. Will all this friendship conclude neatly in the boxing ring with the rope in place or will it have snapped? Is boxing what cause the disruption between these people?

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