Heartbeat Love Part 2 Recap

Really, 10-ish minutes is just not enough! Well, technically it was eight minutes and 5 seconds minus the preview and credits.  Gaaaaaahhhh, they are so cute together! I know that this online series is supposed to showcase Australia to the encourage the Chinese world to visit Australia, but all I saw in this episode was the sweet as couple. Who cares about tourism when you have Rainie and Show together on screen? (:


Awwww, how cute! Xiao Ru has fallen asleep on Wei Chen. The phone rings but Wei Chen was careful not to wake her up. After the call he wakes her to tell her that reception wants her to bring down the enrolment? papers. They go down to reception and the hotel guy tells them that they are currently running an anniversary promotion for newly-weds where they are upgrading all newly-weds to the deluxe sea-view suite. Before Wei Chen could get deny it, Xiao Yu quickly tells the hotel guy that they are newly-weds.

Xiao Ru is quickly surprised by the hotel suite while Wei Chen is jut amused by the drinks. Some hotel guy comes in to deliver their luggage so she quickly rushes to Wei Chen and tells him to massage her legs so they can pretend to be a happily married couple. Cute!

They are walking along the beach and Wei Chen asks her why she decided to go on vacation to Australia. For her response, she asks him the same question. He tells her that he has always heard that Australia’s scenery is unique and wanted to go out and see for himself. However, he work was from morning till night so he never had the time to. But this year he has thought it all through; the time is his so he decided to come and have a look for himself so he would have no regrets. Can you tell me why now? She asks him if he knows Tasmania? Yeah, from Sydney to Tasmania it takes two hours. To some people it might be two hours but to others it is a whole lifetime.


Night falls and they are out dining. He comments that this is like a date. She jokingly replies that they are newly-weds so of course they are on a date. Then she seriously tells him to rest assure and even if they are on a date, it would be a sisters date.

A group of people on the table beside them asks them if they are a couple. Xiao Yu replies that they are newly-weds and they invite them to join them to which the newly-wed couple are hesitant to join at first. They are invited to talk about their proposal story.

Xiao Yu starts off saying that when he proposed to her, he took her to the western restaurant that they often visit. He took a piece of cloth and covered her eyes and took her to step on a floor covered with roses. Then he took of the cloth from my eyes. She remembered the restaurant was fully covered with 2000 roses wasn’t it? Wei Chen tells her that it was actually 2109 roses. Anyway, she continues to tell of her story… She remembered he had a dog and it ran to her wearing a cap. She removed the cap and saw a ring box. From there, Wei Chen took the ring from the box, knelt down and proposed to her.

The listeners were curious to know what he said to her when he proposed. She was struggling to tell of what he said so Wei Chen being the hero that he is finally participated in the conversation. He took Xiao Yu’s hand, put it to his heart and said that he said:

As long as my heart is beating, I will always love you.

She just looked as him as if he really proposed to her saying that. (I could see tears forming.)

On the walk home, she comments that his proposal speech was very romantic and how good it would be if he liked girls.


They walk into the hotel and Wei Chen’s face turns sour as he sees the guy who he swapped luggage with waiting for him. They exchange their luggage while Xiao Yu is standing with her back facing towards Wei Chen. After the guy leaves, Wei Chen tries to get her attention.

She turns and he tells her that didn’t she say before how good it would be if he liked girls? Surprise! Instead of a smile, she gives him a slap on the face and storms off. He is left to process what happened.


My Opinion:

LOL, loved the expression on Show’s face when Rainie slapped him. That just said ‘Wow, did I deserve that?’

The ‘proposal’ speech was so heartwarming. If only that was what he really said to her… Even I was moved by it!

I must say, Rainie has great emotions. She is able to evoke them so well, no matter what emotion.

Hmm…I wonder how Wei Chen will make up with her?

Can’t wait till next week when they head to Melbourne!

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2 thoughts on “Heartbeat Love Part 2 Recap

  1. riann April 21, 2012 at 10:52 pm Reply

    could you please tell me where( I mean, what site) were you watching heartbeat love? I really want to know. Thanks

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