My Opinion on Sergeant Tabloid Episodes 6-10

What a fast 5 episodes.  Finally, Matthew makes an appearance! So much happened yet it all seem to flow in a way. Dating, fights, break-ups, friendships, you name it and it has probably happened. Niki is still as brilliant as she ever is in any of her roles. Surprising she really suits being a police officer but she has handled that more on the emotional side, which suits her well because she has done an excellent execution of her role. Michael can play any role! From serious to comedic, he really does a good portrayal of it. Urghhhh, why is Mandy always given the cool/fierce/determined role? 


My Opinion: 

Tze Tsuen is one out going and bubbly character, always jumping around. One look and he knows what he wants. From the very time he locked eyes with Lui Hup, he knows that he wants her and that he is going to get her. I think that Matthew suits more playboy, free lance roles really well. They seem more ‘him’. Maybe this is why he is able to handle it so well. He might not be the best actor but his character really suits him. Now this is what I think he would be in real life. LOL, he is actually very fit and very handsome. He is also quite childish and can make up a lot of gimmick. As thus, he started dating Lui Hap. Yeahhh, I didn’t even know that they were dating until she mentioned that they were dating for five days. LOL They seem so casual with each other, more like friends.

So Lui Hap was dating Tze Tsuen. They are cute together but they don’t have the essence and chemistry of a couple. They are so causal among each other that I knew that they were never going to end up with each other despite knowing all this beforehand. Hahaha, I loved their break-up scene. it’s actually not sad, but happy. She is drawing a realistic picture while he is drawing manga. Proves that people from two different worlds just don’t mix. It was also nicely said of Lui Hup. He was reluctant? with the break-up but he just went with the flow. Afterwards, he seemed upset but really that was just him unable to figure out his heart and one second later with some help from Yat Yat, he has figured out his heart and is once again very cheery. He is just so cheery that I can’t see sadness within him. Even during the sadness that he was supposed to be experiencing following the break-up just wasn’t there.

Madam Kill has finally go to a mutal understanding with Lui Hup and her group of friends. She is so strict and has no trust in anyone but her father unless she has personally experienced herself. I can’t wait to her befriend with them. They are totally going to strip her of her strict personality.

I love William Chak as Delay Gor. He is so funny. Just everything that comes out of his mouth makes me laugh. He doesn’t like to intercept a lot of circumstances yet he likes to claim credit. He is just hilarious. He also makes a fairly good newbie.

There is just something with Grace Wong that annoys me. I think it is either her voice or the personality of her character. She is just that weak girl. Arghhhh, not that I can blame her character but I don’t know, it just gets to me.

I like how there seems to be something that occurs to each one of Lui Hup’s friends. I love their friendship, especially with Lui Hup who seems to tie them together. Their friendship seems so friendly. LOL, they are so close and are able to tell secrets to each other. So nice.

Lui Hup and Yat Yat just love to bicker don’t they? They just can’t seem to get enough of each other. They are always at each other’s ends and sabotaging each other. LOLOLOL at the photos of her that he accidentally sent to her. Could it be that he is feeling something for her? Ahahahaa, for his cover-up he tells her that he has pictures of her because he is crushing on her. Hmmm…who would buy that after all that you have done for her? I seriously wonder what would bring them together.


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