My Opinion on The King 2 Hearts Episode 9

This was a tense episode based on the theme of trust. Considering the tension between North and South Korea, our star couple ought to have immense trust with each other if they want to make it out together as a loving couple. Now the north-south tension are really hot on the wire. Our side couple are getting warmer and warmer each time they meet! (: Surprisingly, it is not Bong Goo who gets on my nerves but Secretary Eun.


My Opinion:

So Bong Goo has just met the King but Jae Ha has no recollection of him. Bong Goo then looks at the late king’s portrait and lets out a fake cry. Then he enjoys a lunch with our King and brings up Hang Ah calling her as the ‘North Korean woman’. Of course the king chides him for calling her that. Then Bong Goo leaves and continues his plan. Okay…I get that his motive for sabotaging the royal family is because he wants to be king (that’s not really logical any way, because -touchwood- if something is to happen to Jae Ha, no way would Bong Goo be able to claim the throne as king) but the question is why? Since young, he has been targeting the royal family, but why? That’s what I don’t get. Maybe if they explained the motivation, this will make more sense.

What is with Secretary Eun!? One minute he is evil and the next he is nice. But now, he seems to be all for himself. It doesn’t matter who the outcome would do harm to, it is a man for himself. Argh, why is he doing this!? I sincerely thought that he would be helping the king but now he just seems to get in the king’s way. I mean, he would even go out of his way to report false information/not report at all to the king! Sometimes it seems as if he is the one running the nation instead. He is supposed to be the king’s adviser, not make the decisions for him! Argh, he is so selfish! When has the late king ever treated him badly!? He even brought the Bong Goo guy in and he knows what trouble he is!

With literally the whole of South Korea pointing at North Korea for assassinating the late king, of course Hang Ah is going to be the target of all this mess. Stupid Club M guy even planted a phone supposedly made by North Korea at the late king’s memorial park. This all leads to the tension between north and south Korea.

Again, Hang Ah is made the centre of attention because she is made to face a private trial to determine whether she was a part of the assassination. So it has been discovered that North Korea had nothing to do with the phone but North Korea does not want to make it public that they could not develop the phone because they fear another war is about to happen. Secretary Eun once again pushes Hang Ah to the edge by making her go to a public trial. As if one is not enough already! She doesn’t want to face the trail again but she has to prove to Jae Ha that she is indeed sincere to him.  But Jae Ha did not have a second of doubt of her so he decides to make a public announcement that North Korea was not a part of this to prove her innocence. Sadly, the announcement does not get made public fast enough and this pushes Jae Ha to push her back to North Korea. Noooooo! Even when he was telling her to go back to North Korea you could see the pain within his eyes. And when she asked him if he even loves her, he didn’t have any doubt and immediately, sincerely told her that he does. That was so real, but he ruined it by telling her to go back to North Korea. 😦

Another drama with what must be the worst timing ever, because when she wants to see Jae Ha, Jae Ha is supposedly busy as noted by Secretary Eun and when Jae Ha wants to see her, vice versa happens. Arghhh, Secretary Eun! Why do you have to keep on interfering! Just let them be a happy couple!

Jae Ha and Hang Ah really have the chemistry of a loving couple but the tension between their two cultures does take a toll on them. He is ready to do whatever it takes to protect her but with all of this tension it is hard to do so. I am sure that Hang Ah’s strong personality also contributes a lot to their relationship. She just lets whatever she is thinking about out of her mouth. Maybe this is what is causing their timing to be all wrong?

A short short scene from Jae Shin and Shi Kyung but that was enough to satisfy my cravings. They are slowly growing to become friends. It was so cute when he bought the bird for her! What’s even more cute is that he doesn’t know what to say to girls! I can’t wait to see them grow from friends to lovers.

Ahhhh, the preview! I think Jae Ha is going to deeply regret the decision he made to send Hang Ah back to North Korea.



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