My Opinion on The King 2 Hearts Episode 10

This episode left me speechless at least for the last ten-ish minutes. I knew it was coming after their intimate moment together but I really didn’t expect it to go there. A baby! And she had to miscarry! 😥 I can’t believe it, I just can’t. I really would have much preferred it if they just left it as it is and that Jae Ha will finally realise his love for Hang Ah, but no, I guess this baby will really help bond these two now. Princess Jae Shin and Shi Kyung really should more screen time! I barely even see them for more than 2 minutes! Arghhhhh, but every single time they share some screen time the chemistry is there.


My Opinion: 

So has Secretary Eun finally come to his senses? I really have difficulty classifying whether he is good or evil because one minute he will be good and the next he is ready to turn his head around and backstab the royal family. Okay, that may be a bit too harsh but he is just a man for himself. He doesn’t care for anyone but himself. I don’t why he is supposedly helping the king. Is it for himself? He is one tough man to decipher. I am glad that he actually came to his senses to tell Hang Ah the truth, that it was him who wanted her to go on a public trial. (Hmmm…isn’t that a little too late for that now?) So Jae Ha finally managed to figure out the password to access his brother’s vlogs and discovered that Club M and Bong Goo has a big connection to all this so he goes to conduct his research. Secretary Eun comes in and Jae Ha takes the opportunity to question him about Bong Goo, to which he provides him whole-heartedly with information. Then Jae Ha asks him if Bong Goo could have killed the late king. He tells him maybe but there are many more people as wider suspects. I really don’t understand whether he is doing this out of duty or selfishness.

Jae Ha orders to meet Bong Goo. Then he CONFESSES to killing the late king and that he motive was that Jae Kang banned him from entering South Korea. Is that stupid or what? Now I really don’t understand this, what exactly does he want? This is so urghhh! He just wants Jae Ha to fear him right? And he wants to be king?  Jae Ha actually remembers Bong Goo but he pretends that he doesn’t and blows off his confession. Then Bong Goo leaves and Jae Ha’s emotions change dramatically and he is ready to put him to his very end. (Gossssshhhhh, Jae Ha’s emotions changes are so realistic!)

Seriously, when Shi Kyung discovers that his father has been accepting bribes and was a part to cause the late king’s death, this father-son relationship is not going to end well. Secretary Eun is ready to step in and make decisions for the king – he tells the king that Club M is rich and powerful and that the only way to destroy Bong Goo is to rekindle the connection between North and South Korea. Shi Kyung was outside and overheard all this. He confronts his father about Club M but his father just tells him to do his job as a soldier and contradicts himself. I really don’t get Secretary Eun. Now I am more than happy to see Shi Kyung and his father’s relationship break.

You know what I enjoy the most about this drama? The chemistry between every one. It seems as if every one has known each other since, well forever. However, every time when Bong Goo enters, he just cuts off the chemistry. It’s like he is a bucket of water while everyone is fire. I don’t know, maybe it is my own biasness towards him being the antagonist but I just don’t feel the chemistry between him or anyone.

Speaking of chemistry, bromance on the run! Jae Ha finally summed up the courage to tell Shi Kyung ‘Let’s be friends’. I was beaming with happiness as soon as Jae Ha said that. I was so looking forward to their friendship. Ahahaahahaa, Shi Kyung was so stiff at first but he accepted it. (: Ahahahahaa, I really see some brotherhood between them! I am so hapy that Shi Kyung is ready to help Jae Ha topple Bong Goo!

I can’t believe that Jae Ha actually had the heart to send Hang Ah back to North Korea. Urgh, but I guess it is all for the best for them to  realise their love for each other. I wished it stayed like that but no, they just had to add in the baby-miscarriage plot in. Urghhh, I guess it is because I have seen too much baby-miscarriage plots being overused that I have a sort of prejudice against it. I just hope this will be able to bring them together. They do love each other, but they have a unique way of showing it. Hang Ah actually expresses it while Jae Ha seems to hid it within. OMG, if I just realised that Secretary Eun told Jae Ha to strengthen the North-South Korean ties by marriage and when Hang Ah finds this out…OMG, please not, please!

Sparks just fly between our secondary couple. I can’t wait to see more of them! (:

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