My Opinion on Gloves Come Off Episodes 1-5

I am more of those girls who are into romancey-comedy-policey-forensicy-lawish dramas. I never thought I would find myself falling in love with such a masculine drama. Kevin just never fails to impress and he is doing a great job as a father. Raymond suits his cheeky, rebellion role well. It reminds me of him in When Lanes Merge. Selena is much more prettier with long hair and her acting has gotten better. Oh, and beautiful fashion! ❤ Natalie’s acting has sure improved a lot! It is much more natural but it isn’t quite as smooth yet. Short-medium hair just doesn’t suit her. Every time when I look at her, she looks older than her real age. Is it just me who thinks this? I know that she is supposed to be younger than her real age…


My Opinion:

I breezed through these five episodes and everything just seemed to flow and fit in so well. I especially loved how the flashback brought the whole story together. It’s not too long yet it seems to answer all the questions. I also really like how the boxing ties in our besties together. Sure, they had some misunderstanding at first but somehow their external and internal passion for boxing brings them in together. At first the two had a huge misunderstanding but their bromance just seemed to happen so naturally. It was just a very smooth transition from foes to friends.

My first impression was Sap Yat was that he was a justice and a person who abide by all rules but little did I know that there was such a story behind his external impression. He always had that cool, stern facial expression and is always so controlling. I knew that there had to be a background story behind all of these because everyone contains their own background story don’t they? However, as he befriends Ka Sing, he starts to drop off some of his stern and cool personality. This is even further evident when he befriends Chai Pak Fai. Kevin is actually doing a good job portraying his character. This is also my first time seeing him as a father and he is also doing a good job at it. He has this connection with his son where they have a mutal understanding with each other.

Once again Selena is given those rich, office-type roles. And they suit her well. I can see the spark with Kevin, but it is not there yet though they do look cute as a couple. I am pretty sure the sparks are growing on them. For now, they are pretty close friends and I like how this friendship is going. Selena’s acting has actually improved a lot. The way she interprets her script has feelings and emotions packed into it. I like how she is always on the look out for Sap Yat. I especially loved how he was caring for her during her drunken breakout with Patrick. This just proves friendship is not about time but the feeling. Argh, they are so cute together! I can’t wait to see their chemistry build up! (: Oh, have I mentioned how much I love her clothing in every single modern drama she has been in these recent years, especially this one and Wish and Switch. All of her clothing suit her well.

Oh, and I loved the cameo appearance by Kate Tsui. TVB should do more this! Hmmm…Kate Tsui and Kevin Cheng or Selena Li and Kevin Cheng? I prefer Selena with Kevin. They just look more adorable. But, Sap Yat matches well with both of his leading ladies.

Kevin and Raymond’s bromance are on the hit. They seem so free, so comfortable with each other. Doesn’t it feel like they have known each other for years and years? Whereas Kevin’s bromance with Kenny Wong isn’t there. They seem more like co-workers/colleagues or something. They just don’t have the connection. I like Kevin and Raymond’s friendship, it’s manly but just soft.

Natalie’s role always tend to be Raymond’s other half isn’t it? I like them together. They are cute. (: I must say Natalie’s acting has improved a lot. The way she executes her lines are much smoother and contains emotion though it isn’t quite there yet, but it’s getting there. I just felt that her friendship with Raymond grew too fast for my liking. Maybe it’s just me. Anyway, I am looking forward to her interaction with Raymond. Oh, Raymond’s obsession with Super Junior is so hilarious! LOL, I just love the mention of Super Junior in this.

Hong Kong is really exposing themselves to a wide range of cultures.

More importantly, I am looking forward to Sap Yat getting back into the boxing ring.

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2 thoughts on “My Opinion on Gloves Come Off Episodes 1-5

  1. hey1308 May 1, 2012 at 7:00 pm Reply

    So, do you like Gloves Come Off or Sergeant Tabloid better? I’ve read most of your mini (recaps?/ opinions?) and I’ll think that you like Sergeant Tabloid better. Maybe it’s just me.

    • misscupcakees May 1, 2012 at 8:45 pm Reply

      Hmmm…well I can’t say I am torn nor can I say that I am leaning towards either drama. I guess I like Sergeant Tabloid better because I am more of a rom-com sort of girl. (: Yeahh, you know me well! But, I really like the concept of The Boxing King, though I guess I would like it more if it wasn’t so serious and if there was more romance.

      Which one do you like better?

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