Heartbeat Love Part 3 Recap

Each time I see this, I can going to complain about how short ten minutes is. It just doesn’t satisfy my cravings! Arghhh, I especially loved this episode, partially because their misunderstanding has been solved and partially because I love seeing Rainie get drunk. LOL, wonderful things seem to happen whenever she is drunk. Now I am starting to think that coincidences only happen is dramas.

Next stop – the pretty city of Melbourne. Coincidentally Xiao Yu and Wei Chen meet once again at the same place, at the same time. She accuses him of stalking her although I have no idea whether is is stalking her or not. She had already told him that they were going their separate ways at the airport and he has to tell her now, once again to enforce this ‘don’t stalk each other’ rule. So she sets off in the east and he sets off west.


Before long Wei Chen meets Xiao Ru once again. He turns around getting ready to walk away but instead he doesn’t because she tells him that she wants to make amends with him. She tells him that things shouldn’t be this way because God allowed them to meet again so she should apologise to him. Wei Chen goes really!? She tells him to start with a handshake. You know things aren’t going to turn out well when the camera zooms in on the handshake… Ahahaha. She grips on to his hand and puts it to her throat as if he is choking her attracting the attention of many onlookers. He runs away as fast as possible. Oh Rainie, you are always so cheeky in every drama you are in!


Wei Chen is at a cafe and coincidentally he sees Xiao Yu. What would be the first thing you do if you see the person who tried to sabotage you? Hide! What’s more is that she enters into the same store as him! Once again she accuses him of stalking her. (Missy, Wei Chen walked into the cafe first then you came in. So who is stalking who?) She continues her accusation. He tells her not to go overboard and not to make things bigger that what it really is because one day she might request help from him.

Tsk. Help? She starts to walk away but she sees a man peculiar man walking in and she staggers and quickly run into hiding. He asks her what’s happening and she tells him to shush. He realises that she is hiding from someone so he decides to make it know. But before he could do that, she begs him for help. Not much persuasion was required for him to jump on board because his essence for her overrides everything else within him. So with the help for Wei Chen, Xiao Ru manages to escape from the man safely.


Apparently this is all that is required for a friendship to blossom. He asks her if he is still mad at her. She tells him that actually he hasn’t done anything bad and she can see that he isn’t a bad person however what she most hates is people who lie. He tells her that she is contradicting herself because what hates the most is people who lie yet what she loves the most is to lie to people. She asks him when has she ever lied to him. He tells her that ever since he met her, none of her words have been true and that he is learning photography so he can read people really well. Really!? So she decides to test his skills by firing a bunch of questions/statements about herself to which he gets all correctly, including where her tattoo is located on. LOL! She tells him that actually she is a very self-enclosed person and he tells her that it is true.

After a cup of too many wines, she hears a song that she likes and invites him to dance with her. (LOL, I love her drunken state!) They stand on the dance floor while she leans on his shoulders. He tells her that she has never told her why she decided to go on vacation alone. She tells him that it is already 2012 and that if she does not go out and have a look at the world for herself she won’t have a chance to because the world is going to end. He tells her so what if it is 2012, as long as they are living happily, that is all that matters. She then drunkenly walks off to find herself a seat.

He tells her that it doesn’t matter if the world is going to end because he will be by her side. (Nawwwws, nice) She just looks at him.

They are out on the bridge overlooking the beautiful Melbourne. Looks like she has sobered up. He stumbles to get his words out but ends up doing so. He asks her if she remembers what he said to her just before. Just before? Fireworks suddenly light up giving her the chance to avoid his question. She walks ahead. He catches up to her…and pulls her in for a kiss.


My Opinion:

Yeah, 10 minutes isn’t enough. However, I felt that this episode was sufficient. I have to say something about the kiss. So unreal ): It’s more of a hug with their cheek pressed against each other. Oh well, at least I get to see Rainie and Show together again.

I love Rainie, especially when she is drunk. So many things seem to happen to her when she is drunk. LOL, so many interesting things. Her clumsiness is so cute!

I loved the part when she made it as if he was choking her. So cheeky, reminds me of her in many ways.

Show’s acting has improved a lot. Just the way he looks at her brings fire to the world. His emotions are deep and meaningful. You can really read a lot from his eye motions. Also the way she looks at him is so real. These two have a great mutal friendship with each other in real life to bring out such great chemistry. Even on-screen they are so casual with each other.

Argh, one week’s wait for 10 minutes. It better be worth it!

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