My Opinion on The King 2 Hearts Episode 12

Yay! He proposed to her! Yay, yay, yay! What I looked forward to the most! I was so happy and filled with tears. Though I did find it funny when he said ‘I will never let you shed another teardrop’ because that phrase has been more than well overused. What a brilliant hour that was, filled with action after action and throw in some romance and you have a pretty amazing drama there! The more I watch this the more and more I am loving Jae Ha. I am also loving the cute little signs and interactions between the princess and royal palace guard.


My Opinion:

Guess who is in trouble this time? None other than Jae Ha of course! What trouble may you ask? Ummm…a planned assassination? No matter how much Hang Ah tries to cover her feelings it is not going to work because Jae Ha will always be in her heart. So when she hears of an attempt to assassinate Jae Ha she can no longer hid in her shell any more. She has to face it – she really does love Jae Ha. So what better way is there than his queen to save him?  Oh, and with the help of her WOC friends. As she puts on her heroic suit he face tells us that she is more determined than ever to rescue the guy that she loves. Bong Goo is wild enough to plan the assassination in an amusement park and with a gazillion bodyguards around the king. I just find it amusing how Bong Goo has literally no emotions except for his not so funny laugh. Vroom, vroom, get ready for some action! Of course Hang Ah has to arrive in style to rescue her Jae Ha. She arrives in a motorbike, in style much!? Her fighting skills kick in and she takes down Bong Goo’s minions in seconds, of course saving Jae Ha. Then she leave without even looking back. 😦

Hang Ah is so cool sometimes. Her face can tell another story altogether. This was basically her when she left after taking down all of Bong Goo’s minions –> -.- She can be so tough yet so can also be so queenly. I like her acting, especially her expressions. They just tell so much. When she is annoyed/pissed at Jae Ha it shows. When she is happy her smile portrays that. It’s not stiff or anything, it’s not even natural. It’s better than natural. It’s just there. I think when I smile, my smiles are not natural. Her reaction was so natural as she stood there watching Jae Ha propose to her. Her facial expression immediately soften, so natural! I loved how her tears fell so freely and yet so beautifully.

Okay, beautiful proposal. It might not be the most perfect but to Hang Ah it is more than perfect. (: He tells her that she will be the only woman he loves until her dies. (What about your mother and your sister!? Ahahaha) What’s more sweet is when he drops to one knee, takes her hand and calls her ‘Your Majesty the Queen’. Then he tells her that he is officially proposing. SWEET! One of the most beautiful proposals that I have ever seen!

What’s wonderful about this drama is how the side characters allow the main characters to shine and not just plain side characters. The Queen Mother shows her concern to her children and how much she adores Hang Ah but she isn’t afraid to get her own way and feelings across. She may have had some indifferences with Hang Ah at first but I think that she realises that Hang Ah is the one who can make her son happy. You know, every time I look at her I seem to see that sadness from Jae Kang’s death within her. Hang Ah’s dad is always ready for Hang Ah to come home any time. Whether as a politician or a father, her daughter’s happiness will always come first.

Throughout the entire trip from the palace to the public memorial concert for the late Jae Kang, Hang Ah is with a straight face. She is going to make her first public appearance. I love how the writers show that she is a strong woman but yet she is anything but ordinary. Her facial expressions just tell so much.

With an IQ of 187, Jae Ha sure knows how to toy with Bong Goo. He gives Bong Goo a gift that can only be opened with the correct password. Oh, our of kindness he gives him a clue – it’s something that Jae Ha has that he doesn’t. The password is ‘people’ because Jae Ha has the heart of his people while he no one. I love how Jae Ha manages to get his message across to Bong Goo in a way that it shows him how much he understands his opponent. I also love how symbolic this password is. Hmm…what is exactly in that box!?

The trip to North Korea seems to have brought Shi Kyung and Jae Ha closer and Shi Kyung and Jae Shin further apart. Shi Kyung is still investigating on the assassination of the late king so they can pin Bong Goo down. He is told that the princess was the only eye witness and that her memory serves an important part to all of this. So pushes for her to regain her memories but this upsets her and she decides to change her personal body guard. Yes, yes, I know that Shi Kyung is well immersed in his work but I would have thought he would be more understanding towards the princess, but I don’t know… It just doesn’t seem like him… I like him more as the understanding one… Anyway, the two friends have grown closer that they can almost, almost talk their hearts out to each other. Hehehehe, Jae Ha and Shi Kyung just have this cute brotherly interaction with each together. However, they also manage to maintain that work ethic between each other.

Jae Ha and Hang Ah will always be bickering between each other, forever and ever. But they have each other’s best intentions at heart. This is what makes this couple unique and different from the others because they will always be at each other’s end.

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