Sergeant Tabloid Episodes 11-15 Overview

First of all, I’m going to start off with quick quick recap. If you like this, please tell me and I would be more than happy to do so. 🙂 It’s been over half the drama and I am disappointed because I have yet to see some romantic progress with the lead couple. I am pleased that they are slowly getting over their ‘dislikeness’ towards each other. I am annoyed at Madam Kui’s father. Can I call him sexist? One more annoyance is Oi Oi. It’s her voice, her acting and everything in between. However, I do find her voice more tolerable.


My Opinion:

Just a quick, quick recap (: Madam Kill has finally gotten herself some friends, with Lui Hap of course. Yay! With the help of her friends they persuade her to go on a date with Tze Tsuen. She discovers that she has missed out on a lot of things because of her respectfulness to her father’s opinions. Long Leg gets coined for something that she didn’t do and subsequently had an unsuccessful date. Lui Hap lent a helping hand to Yat Yat’s mother. His mother has since changed her views on Lui Hap.  Oh, Lui Hap and Yat Yat are still at each other’s necks.  Lui Hap and Oi Oi broke their neck and arm respectively while saving a baby. Out of coincidence, Yat Yat has to go to Lui Hap’s house and be the chef for the night. And bad things keep happening to Lui Hap’s friends. Madam Kill’s father is not happy that she is dating Tze Tseun because, primarily, he is of a lower status than her. With all that is happening in Lui Hap’s world, she breaks down. Luckily Yat Yat is there to help her back on her feet. Yat Yat decided to run a story about the policewoman stalker. (Sorry, not necessarily in order but you get the gist right?)

I was so glad to see Madam Kiu having some friends who support her and encourage her. Lui Hup is suck a  kind-hearted person. She didn’t even feel a ting of jealously since breaking up with Tze Tseun and she even encouraged her to go on a date with him. Her friends helped her to strip off her coldness and harshness. They transformed her not only internally but externally. They gave her the courage to go on a date. During the date, she is able to free herself from her tied and isolated world. She is finally able to do what she wants to do without other people’s opinions. Or is she? Madam Kiu is much more at ease whenever she has someone with her. However, when she is alone, she seems more tense.

However, her father doesn’t like her dating Tze Tseun because he is of a lower status than her and tells her to dump him. Can’t a girl not even choose her own love life? But since dating Tze Tseun she learns that she has to unwind herself from her father’s expectations. She then tries to stand up to her father to make her own choice but her father’s expectation still overrides what she wants. I understand that because her father is such a big influence and plays such a big factor in her life, she feels that she is inclined to whatever she can to please him but I think that she is too tied by her father’s expectation even allowing it to overtake her life. She is strong, maybe too strong because of her father’s expectations. But why can’t her father let her dictate her own life?

Oh Tze Tsuen. Why do I feel that every time Tze Tseun is with Madam Kiu he is very childish? In reality they are of a similar age, but on-screen they are like 10 years apart. She is more realistic while he is quite childish. They are adorable together, but their personality just clash. He just under complicates everything. His childish ways of pursing her is cute, I would have been squealing if it was in a Korean or Taiwanese drama but it doesn’t work in Hong Kong dramas does it? His baby-ish face makes makes him even more childish with Madam Kiu. Acting wise, Matthew is improving. It isn’t as smooth sailing yet but it getting there. I like his execution of his lines but I am not a fan of his emotions. I think this is the main problem with Hong Kong actor – their emotions don’t portray the emotions. It doesn’t move you.

Lui Hap and Yat Yat are still going to be at each other’s ends, reminding me of Hang Ah and Jae Ha in TK2H. (: I like them as a couple. They complement each other in so many ways. I just love how fate always bring these two together. They can be kind and nice to each other for two seconds then they will find one way or another to start a new argument. She will go out of her way to help him while he has plans to publish a story about 10 something…women, one of which includes her. (Sorry, I don’t know the literal translation of the actual title of the planned article) These two are just cute together! They are probably my second most favourite couple this year after Kenneth and Tavia.

I just love Lui Hap’s group of friends. They are always so supportive of each other. They really are a wonderful group of friends. Even though Madam Kiu has the highest status of the group, Lui Hap still seems to be the leader of the group. (Yeah, bad comparison) Lui Hap is who ties this group of friends together. Even as the videos of each of her friends’ lives get posted online, they are all supportive of each other. However, the incident between Ga Bo and Mei Ki, well as a friend there is only so much that she can do. I really like how Lui Hap is always doing her best to help anyone in need. Niki always seem to get those naive, kind-hearted and going to of her way to help people roles.

I have to mention something about Lui Hap’s clothes! The poncho-jackets really suit her. (: She is constantly wearing them. Gahhh! I want one of those now! Ahahahaa, I just can’t seem to get my eyes of her poncho-jackets.

Oh, and I can’t wait to hear the theme song. Having seen parts of the MV, I am curious to see how the music fits in with the MV. (:

Waittttttttt! There is a planned sequel for this drama. Yay! I don’t think 20 episodes is enough to cover everything.

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