Heartbeat Love Part 4 Recap

I like it when couples fall in love quick, like lightning quick but they have feelings for each other just like Xiao Yu and Wei Chen. I guess this only works if you have chemistry like Show and Rainie. (: This episode just brought on all the emotions.


After a wonderful night out at dinner, it is time to return home. They are parting and just as he is about to leave, she stops him and asks him where he is staying for the night. Oh, just some shabby place since she took his hotel. She invites him to stay at her hotel, but he is sleeping on the sofa.


The two are having a very difficult time getting to bed. They toss and turn but it’s no use. Coincidentally they both get up at the same time and decide to find each other. Xiao Yu opens the door and is shocked to see Wei Chen and vice versa. They quickly make up some random excuse on the spot; he wants to use the toilet and she wants to drink some water. Suddenly he doesn’t want to go to the toilet any more and she doesn’t want to drink her water any more. They say their good nights to each other and she closes the door.

On each side, both of them are puzzled and frustrated or maybe they are just hot on their heels after seeing each other? LOL, I love their crazy movements. They can’t handle it any more. The door slips open and suddenly she is in his arms. Well, what next? 😉 Hehehehe


Xiao Yu comes across and wedding boutique and sees a pretty dress that catches her eye. Her eyes are totally glued to it so Wei Chen decides to leave her to admire the dress while he goes and gets the car.

Her temptation takes over and she decides to try it on. She is admiring herself when a man walks in. The sales assistant tells her that he must be her fiancée. “Am I pretty?” she asks. However, as she turns around, her face deepens. The man tells her that she has had enough fun and that it is time for her to return home with her. Left with no choice, she agrees with him. She tells him that she will change the clothes first.

She is sitting in the change room and hears the beep of a car. Cheekily, she makes up a plan. She tells the sales assistant that she wants to but this dress and her ‘fiancée’ will pay for it. She then makes a mad dash for the car. Wei Chen, without knowing what is going on asks no questions and just takes off.


They make a detour at a beach. Just before they are about to take off again, Wei Chen asks her what she has to tell him. She tells him she has nothing to tell him. They take off again and he is will a dark face as he asks her if she can now tell him who was the person chasing her. She cunningly tells him that she is actually an undercover who stole some secretive information from their company. His anger explodes and he tells her to stop telling lies. (What are dark ride!) She asks him to if discovering other people’s privacy(?) is that important to him. He tells her that she that firstly he is not discovering other people’s privacy(?), he is just caring about her and secondly, to him she is not ‘other people.’


They stop, she runs off into the valley of trees and he chases after her. He finally catches her. He holds her shoulders and tells her that he only wants to hear her tell the truth and that it doesn’t matter what her past is, he is able to accept it. She tells him that she escaped from marriage to get here and that the guy that he saw was her fiancée. (Ohh, so the prologue in episode 1 makes sense now).  She asks him if he is satisfied that she has told him the truth. He eyes are then lined with redness and tears are forming. She tells him that she wanted to venture out before she got married and that he is just an accident during her vacation so don’t tell her that he loves her those rubbish words.

Things without an ending is not worth the effort. 

He tells her to look into his eyes and answer his one last question – did she have feelings for him in the days that they have met? She dishonestly tells him that she didn’t.

Both are filled with sadness. But what can Wei Chen do? Stick around like a puppy? He walks off dishearted. She is growing with tears.


My Opinion:

Okay, this better be resolved in the next ep! This episode got my hopes up but I knew it was going to come sooner or later. Something climatic was bound to happen. Wei Chen is good for you! Not your fiancée guy! You better go with Wei Chen!

Happiness, joy, blissfulness, excitement, heartbroken, disheartening, sadness. All of which was witnessed during this ep. I love the transition of emotions, especially from Rainie. Well, she is always brilliant with emotions. (: Oh Show, how I am immersed just looking into his eyes. When he is filled with tears, I just want to cry too! ): Xiao Ru, you cannot do this to him! You are breaking his heart! Please mend it asap!

I like the wedding dress. These type of dresses suit Rainie really well. It really shows off her beautiful neckline and hair. It makes her that much more elegant and mature. (: LOL, during the second time when I was watching this, her trail came off and I was like woah, what the heck!? Then I realised it was detachable. LOL

So, the finale next week. I hope everything is perfect, or as perfect it can be. (: Oh, I love the sons here. Especially the OST, King Meets Queen. It’s such a beautiful and catchy collaboration from Rainie and Show. Their voices work well with each other, they just complement each other so finely. (: I just love their collaborations together!

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2 thoughts on “Heartbeat Love Part 4 Recap

  1. Suti June 26, 2012 at 12:55 pm Reply

    whats the title of this song?

    • misscupcakees June 26, 2012 at 9:33 pm Reply

      The theme song? I think it’s King Meets Queen (王見王) by Show Luo and Rainie Yang.

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