Heartbeat Love Part 5 Recap

Sadly, all good things have to come to an end don’t they? ): Sad episode 5 but beautiful ending because they get to end up together so yippee! Everything finally gets resolved in this ep! I finally understand what is going on with episode 1 🙂 All is good now. Once again, I must praise Rainie and Show’s acting. Beautiful! Now I have this love for micro-films. Hehehehe. If anyone has any good suggestions for micro-films, please let me know!


Wei Chen is on the plane and he flashes back into the night when he and Xiao Yu had an interesting time together. She tells him the reason why she decided to come to Australia for vacation – Tasmania is a a heart shaped island and to her it is just like a heart. She tells him that she feels that when she arrives at Tasmania, she can turn a new leaf.


Xiao Yu makes a call, asks the person on the other end for a favour and to give her another three days and she will return back home.

It’s time to cast your minds back to episode 1! Everything will finally make sense. Wei Chen comes to meet a guy and he asks the guy why he has his number. Instead of answering, the guy shows him a picture of Xiao Yu and asks him if he remembers her. “Of course. You two should have been married already right?” The guy seems startled by the question. The guy realises that that was the excuse that Xiao Yu told him. The guy then gives Wei Chen a package, a letter and a flight ticket telling him that Xiao Yu wanted him to give Wei Chen that before she went into surgery. (Surgery! Wei Chen is just as shocked as I am) The guy tells him that after he finishes looking at the package, he feels that he should go to Australia to have a look.

The letter reads:

Wei Chen: So sorry for telling you this so late. The real me! Xiao Yu.

He opens the package and it is of a camera. He looks through it and it is of a message from Xiao Yu. Wei Chen is on the plane and he subconsciously reads ‘I have decided to embark on the unfinished journey from last year to experience again our heartbeats from that time.’


Wei Chen is back on the beach that Xiao Ru was at. He keeps on recalling Xiao Yu but she is not here. He plays the message from Xiao Yu and going to all the places that she embarked to.


Hi. Starting from now I have decided to tell you the truth. Allow you to know the true me. I still came here alone, to Tasmania. I always thought that here is the world’s heart. I know I owe you an explanation. Actually I have congenital heart disease. (She recalls the romantic ‘proposal’ that he said to her that night at the restaurant and the other times with Wei Chen). Over twenty years I have lived life very carefully. My family are very protective of me and also hope that I can grow up healthily. So during my childhood, half was spent at home while the other half was spent at the hospital. I don’t really know how the outside world is. Once I knew I have to undergo the heart surgery, I decided to keep it from my family and go out to Australia to have a look. (Side note: In the camera she records of herself discovering a church and telling Wei Chen that she wishes that they could get married here). But what was unexpected was meeting you. This surgery only has a 75% chance of success so I live my every day as it is the end of the world. Did you know a lot of people say that the world’s very end expect my world is walking towards the very end. And your world will continue to continue. (Meanwhile, Wei Chen comes across a photo of Xiao Yu at the market and recalls telling that if the world is to end he is stay by her side). So how can I have the heart to let you know … I love you. Sorry for lying to you. But please believe me. If the surgery is successful I will definitely come to find you. At that time we will return back here together. Okay? (Side note: They both go to the wishing tree and land a coin at the tree both at different times. Luck? Could this be a sign?) I always hoped that before the surgery I could have a beautiful vacation. But do you know that meeting you, falling in love with you is my most beautiful vacation. Li Wei Chen, if – I am saying if – my surgery is unsuccessful, I hope you can return to Tasmania – or what I said was the world’s heart – and feel the scenery that I saw at the time. And then please remember that even though our meeting short lived but I really do love you. 


Wei Chen has just made a wish at the wishing tree. He is walking along the bridge with tears when he suddenly hear a girl calling out to him. He looks around and sees…Xiao Yu! “Li Wei Chen, what was the wish that you made?”  As he runs – no, it’s sprint – towards her, scenes of their cute moments are shown. He stops, metres before her.

I told you before. If my surgery was successful, I would come to find you. But I didn’t know whether the vacation one year a go is an accident to you or is just as important it was to me. So I allowed my older brother to lie to you. But I still came. 

Wei Chen offers some cute sniffles and tells her:

Promise me. This is your last time lying to me.

She smiles and they run towards each other and embrace in a hug.


My Opinion:

I am so so so glad that everything got resolved! I really didn’t expect that she would have had such a big impact towards her life. Her with a heart condition was quite unexpected for me. Was it just me? This was why the start of the first ep didn’t make any sense to me. I’m just happy that everything is all solved. (:

Each part of this micro-film was brilliantly executed. The acting from Show and Rainie were superb and I loved the cinematography. And I love the dialogue. Each of the lines were meaningful and the way that the actors said it really touched my heart. I guess it was the actor’s chemistry and contact with each other that made this even more real.

Rainie’s acting improves with each drama that she appears in. Her emotions are so real that sometimes they are realer than real. Just the way she cries is not only realistic but beautiful too. 🙂 It’s not like she is trying to outshine herself but the way she takes on the character is wonderful. Her interpretation of the character is very real. She puts her heart into it like it is a part of her.

Show’s acting has improve a lot since I last saw him in HMS. He took on this character really well. His emotions have improved a lot. Every time I see his face, whether it be sad or happy I would feel that way too. Just the way that he looks into Rainie’s eyes has all teh connection and chemistry. I can never doubt the chemistry between Rainie and Show.

My most favourite scene from this micro-film was the wishing tree part when they threw a coin in at it both landed on the tree. This gives hope and luck and that anything is possible.

I can’t wait to see more of Rainie and Show collaborations. 😀

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2 thoughts on “Heartbeat Love Part 5 Recap

  1. Sarahita May 6, 2012 at 3:47 pm Reply

    I love the way how you wrote a recap and your own opinion about this micro film. very well said, well done!

    and I agree, Show and Rainie chemistry is unbeatable, make the microfilm more real and deep :”)

    thank you for the recap, it helps a lot to make me understand what the story is about 🙂 ❤

  2. ms auggie September 25, 2012 at 7:25 pm Reply

    Love your recap and screen recap! Thank you!

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