My Opinion on The King 2 Hearts Episode 13

Jae Ha and Hang Ah must be really confident to put their marriage on WOC.  They have decided to risk it all; they won’t get engaged unless they succeed through to the second round of the WOC. As the drama progresses, Jae Shin is taking baby steps to overcoming her fear of…fear. Yay, yay, yay! What this drama was all about in the first place – the WOC and the unity of North and South Korea. The unity of North and South Korea with the marriage is sure going to shake Bong Goo. I seriously can’t wait to see him go down.


My Opinion:

What’s in the box? A usb with a video. Oh? So I guess Jae Ha likes to use this method to torture people too. It is a video of Jae Ha flirting with Bong Goo’s girlfriend/minion and Jae Ha gets out that she is only with Bong Goo because of her money. Bong Goo’s temper rises and gets a guy and shoots his girlfriend to her death. But one shoot is not enough, he has to add in another couple of hundred shoots. Arrrrghhhh, just one look at Bong Goo and he gets me angry because I can just see that he has something up his sleeve.

With a brave face, Jae Ha announces to his nation that his late brother had two wishes – for his nation to enter the WOC as a united nation and for him to get married to Hang Ah. He decides to sort of kill two birds with one stone – he will enter the WOC and get engaged to Hang Ah if they succeed to the second round of the WOC. Hang Ah’s expressionless face is in agreement with him. She is just that confident that they will succeed to the second round.

Jae Ha and Hang Ah will be gone for one month so who will run the nation while they are away? Jae Shin. But Jae Shin and her mother are not so sure about this. So it is up to Jae Ha and Hang Ah to convince them that this is the right thing to do. Although they are portrayed as leaders to the nation and the rest of the country, they are even more of a leader at home. At home they have this essence where they are able to direct and convince their family that everything that they do is for the best. No wonder why Jae Ha and Hang Ah are so compatible with each other!

Wow! The queen mother has probably the best side character of them all. She is very supportive and considerate of her children. Her character moves the other characters and influences them. Every time with the queen mother, I feel like she is going to burst into tears  because she looks weak but really she is a strong – if not one of the strongest – characters of all. After all she has gone through, the lost of her son and her daughter paralysed. All she wants is the very best for her children. She wants them to live happily without any harm. That’s all she wants but she is a queen mother and she knows that everything that Jae Ha does is going to best the best of the best. When Jae Ha tried to persuade her that allowing Jae Shin to be the regent while he is away at the WOC her weakness showed because she can’t bear to lose another son nor can she watch Jae Shin suffer again.

Jae Shin really has lost all ego and confidence in herself. She doesn’t even want to be seen in public. Nawwwws, my heart breaks watching her like this. I want to see her filled with pride and confidence again. I want to see her able to believe herself once again. Of course she is unhappy and very very very self conscious when she is informed she is to run the country while her brother is on. More than ever she denies this. But as we all know, Hang Ah is not a person to let go of things easily. In order to catch Bong Goo, they need a weapon and the only weapon will be her memory. Hmmmm…makes me wonder how Bong Goo will be treated once they catch him? Lock him in jail? Execute him? Really, can’t they just catch him already? Bong Goo even admitted this himself. I know this isn’t solid evidence but something really needs to done to him soon. Jae Shin has finally thought it all through, she will take the crown but not without the sacrifice of someone, Shi Kyung. She literally begs him to stay by her side. With the people she trusts going to the WOC, she needs him by her side more than ever because she can trust him. Baby steps, baby steps to discovering herself once again. Just the pain of watching her through all of this is aching me. Crisis after crisis for her.

Oh, Shi Kyung. Dedication is something that he has. Dedication to the king, the nation and the princess. His father? Not so… He looks up to his father but he is not going to allow his father to get in the way of the nation’s well being. When he discovers his father’s doings, he is going to be shattered.

Yay! The WOC! I love how this brings the couple together. If North and South Korea unites, they unites. If not, well they break up. This is what I love about this couple. Their feelings aren’t over the top but their feelings is there. The cute actions that they show to each other are just that – cute!

Poor Jae Shin has to make her first public appearance at the Peace Forum where Bong Goo is going to attend of course. Backstage, Jae Shin is trembling with fear. But Shi Kyung is there by her side. They are still FRIENDS. When can they get together already!? Gahhhh, this is driving me nuts! I want to see them together. Only will he be able to mend her fragile heart. Shi Kyung is all for dedication but whenever you see him around the princess he always softens up.

Everything is going to heart up at the WOC. You know that at the WOC when they are picking their team that they are going up against, there is going to be a mishap all on Bong Goo’s doing. Bong Goo! One minute he is targeting Jae ha and the next Jae Shin is his next prey. When he gets destroyed, he is going to go dowwwwwwwnnnnnn!

Faith – the central point of this drama. Faith. Without faith nothing in this drama will go to plan.

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