My Opinion on The King 2 Hearts Episode 14

It’s time to go into battle! They are actually getting into battle, with suits, weapons all all! (: I can’t wait to see what happens next. I really want to see how the WOC progresses with the very strategic team of Korea, united Korea. The WOC allowed the bonding between the team mates. Ahahahaaa, though it’s kind of awkward with that new member… I liked it with Shi Kyung but…well, now it’s time for him to shine by staying by the princess’ side. He actually has some significant screen time in this ep! I’m not saying that he doesn’t sufficient screen time, it’s just that I love to see his poker-ish face. 


My Opinion:

Nice and priceless reactions from Hang Ah and Jae Ha when they discovered that they were going to go up against the USA. Oh no, could it be the end for them? Nahhhh, they are a strong strong. They will make it through this especially with Jae Ha and Hang Ah leading. (: What better way to win than  to win over the strongest team of the WOC?  Ahhhhh, once again the doings of Bong Goo.

Every time when I see Jae Shin in the place for her, my heart breaks for her. Why does she have to keep suffering after all she has gone through? Why does Bong Goo keep doing this to her? She prepares for her first public appearance, shaken with fear. Finally, she brings herself together and wheels herself on stage. But Bong Goo is not the person to let things run smoothly in her forum. He managed to convince Secretary Eun to change the entrance music to one of his music. Coming on stage, Jae Shin is filled with fear and shock as she registers the unusual music, so her eyes stare straight at the back of the room. No, not at Shi Kyung but at Bong Goo’s minion, Bon Bon. Fear, fear, fear, she registers. Yeeeaaaahhhh, this minion scares me too. Pop, all she eats is her ‘drug’ chocolate. Jae Shin turns to go back before she could even welcome the forum. But no, she can’t even return safely. She trips and fall. Poor, poor girl. ): Her emotions really shows that she is afraid. She trembles with fear even as she speaks to Shi Kyung. Even as she looks towards him, her face is filled with fear.

Shi Kyung will never let a person who is going to harm his princess get away that easily. Nothing ever escapes his brilliant eyes. Bon Bon tries to escape but Shi Kyung catches her. He questions Bon Bon and he discovers chocolate on her and is sure that it is drugs. Bon Bon Bon eats a piece of chocolate to prove that it is just that – a chocolate. Seriously, why can’t she eat a chocolate like a normal chocolate. The way she eats it isn’t scary, it just makes it seem really unappetising. After questioning Bon Bon, he decides to detain her. He then goes to ask Jae Shin to identify her half-assinator. He shows her the photo but she barely looks at it before turning away. She is really scared, without even having Bon Bon in front of her face. She really shows her fear well and that makes me feel fear for her. She confirms that it is Bon Bon but she is not willing to testify yet. Showing his compassionate side, he tells her that he is not going to push her. Nawwwwwwwws, cute! I can fully understand Jae Shin. How can she directly look at Bon Bon after all she has done to her? Now it’s Shi Kyung’s turn to stand up to his father. He father betrates him detaining a foreigner and orders him to stop all investigation. But Shi Kyung stands by what he thinks is right and disobeys his father. I would like to think that this is all for the sake of Jae Shin… Hehehehehe

But he can’t detain Bon Bon forever. When Shi Kyung goes to release Bon Bon to Bong Goo, Bong Goo realises that Shi Kyung is Secretary Eun’s son! Anyway, Bon Bon toys with Shi Kyung and asks him if he slept with the princess yet. But he must have not because she is crippled. You would think that Shi Kyung would punch her but he resists this doesn’t do so because he is a well-mannered man while she is no where near. Cool Shi Kyung. So cool, calm and collected. (:  He mentions her mother’s death and she turns into a lunatic.   Shi Kyung would be a perfect match for Jae Shin. He will always be there for her and he will be able to comfort her well. 😀

Yay, yay, yay! It’s WOC time. But bonding time first. This doesn’t go so well with the Korean team… They really need to work on their public relations. LOL, I still find the new member sort of out of place here… I liked the team with the original six members. The WOC is not only going to bring out friendship and love, but it is also going to bring out faith and trust with all of the members.

Watching Jae Ha participate in the WOC, he is growing. Not only as a leader but as a man. He shows a responsibilities not only as a leader but as the man who is just a participant in the WOC. He isn’t over controlling. He pitches in just like his team mates. He respects each and everyone of his team mate’s opinions. When he stepped by in place of Kang Seok to apologise to the USA team, he was both a leader and a man. He may be maturing as a man, but he still shows he ‘old’ childish side of him where he is always looking for the easy way out. This shows that Jae Ha has changed but being King isn’t going to change the person he is. He is still going to be Jae Ha.

Oh gosssshhhh, the preview for ep 15! Is that Shi Kyung I see in tears there? ): I really hope he finds his love for the princess there! And poor poor Jae Shin. Why must she suffer once again? Shi Kyung, be the prince charming and save your princess! I am really going to dislike this drama. Let the royal family live in peace!

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